Okay, this is a flik, because I just felt like it. Jesus Christ Superstar belongs to Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Avatar belongs to Nick.

Avatar: The Musical! "Herod's song: Avatar Style"

Monk Aang, it's an honor
To put together name and face
You've been causing trouble
All around the place
appeasing spirits

Trying to stop my reign
I'm not an understanding man
And you've become quite a pain

So you're the Avatar
the great Avatar
Let's see you put up a fight
Prove to me your side is right
Just defeat me or die

At least give a good try
C'mon Airbender boy

Aang you just won't believe
the problems that you make
You are giving hope
To prince Zuko, that mistake
I sent him to find you
in hopes he'd lose hope and die
Now you make think
That living's worth a try

So if you are the Avatar
Yes, the revolution's little star
Prove to me that you have power
Oh, don't just hide and cower
If you can take my crown
just try to bring me down
C'mon elemental lord

I only ask what I'd ask any mutineer
What makes you brave
or do you shake with fear? Oh, ho ho
I am waiting
I let you have the first shot
I'm dying to be shown
That you are not just some little snot

So if you are the Avatar
And really above bending par
Then defeat this simple mortal man
Surely, the great Avatar can
Though you did take so long?
Why did you let things go wrong?
Aw, c'mon Great Avatar

Hey! Isn't it your fault, Avatar?
Why did you hide so very far!
It's all your fault, you are like me
It's on your head that world isn't free
You can't even defeat one king
You are a fraud, a nothing
So die, little elemental..
Farewell, little elemental
Get out you, you thorn in my side!
Get out of here, you, you!
Get out of here, you!
Get out of my Life!

Any other songs you want done? I love suggestions!