Disclaimer: This is my first fic with this particular senshi.
If it seems out of character... let's just say I've only read like
one volume of manga concerning her and haven't seen any of the
anime episodes with her in it. So bear with me here ^_^;; I would
also like to dedicate this fanfic to those who have died in the
terrorists attacks on the United States, September 11th, 2001. And
I would hope that by the time people read this, their hearts would
not be filled with anger, hatred and fear, but with understanding,
forgiveness and hope. Domo arigato to all those who have supported
me in the past and all those who will support me in the future!


There is a calm darkness in the night; the way the wind
rustles like phantoms; the silence fulfilling the world... I hear
it in the echoes of memories dancing in the shadows, both born of
nightmares and of dreams. I can hear the sorrowful call of the gusts of the
restless wind tossing in her dreams, and the rustle of the sleepy
leaves in response.

The moon is low in the sky, hanging like an overripe peach.
Stars are almost invisible now, and only darkness circles the land
like a swirling cape, haunting all who dream.

It is on nights like these that memories return that are
best forgotten; nights like these when lone beings reach out for
loved ones that they never had; nights like these when you can't
escape yourself, as we cannot escape the shadowed beauty of the

What do you see in that sky?

Haruka says she sees freedom and opportunity.

Michiru answers that it is a black sea of treasures

Setsuna would reach out her hand, draw a circle in the sky
and say that only the sky with dead starlight and infinitely
newborns can represent the joy and sorrow of Time.

What do I see?

I see darkness.

I see Death.

I see mysteries.

I see Rebirth.

I see what they see, what they wish not to see, what they
know not is there to see.

I see me.

* * * * * *

I am Death.

No Grim Reaper.

No black hood.

No shadowed face.

I am a girl with a past, a present, a future.

I am a Pretty Sailor Senshi, decorated in fuku and carrying
a glaive of greater size than myself.

I am a face that can't be forgotten.

I have had many lives, each remembered, cherished, and
loved. I've have had many dreams, each made into reality, each
turning into nightmares and obliterated by my own hands. Hands
that have helped built it, heart that has sacrificed Life itself
for it.

I stand here now, as a testament of tomorrow. Even
though the world may end, it will be reborn, continue, evolve, and
revolutionize the small time it resides within. I know, and
though I cannot travel through time and space to view the thread
that binds the past to the future, reminding us of the fleeting
now, I know.

I am Death.

I am Rebirth.

These are the hands that have killed billions and billions
of beings, human and alien, enemies and friends, hated and
beloved. These are the hands that are stained by so much blood
that it shall never go clean, from birth to death to rebirth.
These are the hands that must carry the burden of this Glaive,
this duty, throughout eternity.

I fear nothing.

I need no pity.

I have lived, and died, and lived again!

I have suffered, rejoiced, loved and sacrificed.

I have found solace and peace.

I am the enemy of myself.

I am the cycle that will never be broken.

There is eternity that exists in mortality. In a second, a
world of events can happen. Things can be built, destroyed,
and remade. Lives could be lived, relived and hearts can be broken
and healed.

I am a Destroyer.

I am a Healer.

I am the Silence and the consuming cry that screams to Life;
for life to be lived!

Love me, hate me, but I will survive, I will go on.

Today will be the end, or perhaps it is but a beginning.

My friends are afraid. My loved ones shift nervously upon
this world that I know I will be destroying soon. It is not my
wish to be what I am, but then again, no one ever asked to be what
she is or will become. We do what we must to survive, to ensure
our children's survival, to ensure the life of those in the future
and the betterment of our race. In the end, our goal is the same.



It is one cycle, tied by the knot of choices and mistakes.
Tied by the binds of destiny and change. In the end Life is Death
and Death is Life.

That is me.

That is my star in the starry sky.

Maybe someone else is watching for it from their own little
planet, in their own little galaxy far, far away, and by the time
they catch a glimpse of my light, I might have already winked out
of existence. I might have died again. But there is always Life,
always rebirth and I fear not Death because Death is Life and Life
is Death.

I can never fear myself, of what I am.

Once, long ago, when I did not understand the true extent of
who and what I am, I was scared of this duty I was given to carry,
this Glaive I was given to wield. I have nothing to fear now.
And though I may not know everything, and though I may not see
everything that others see, I know what I am. And I am not

Haruka-papa sees freedom in the skies, and she is freed by

Michiru-mama sees beauty in the skies, and she is beauty
because of love.

Setsuna-mama sees time in the skies, and she is ultimately
Time, compassionate and cruel, loved and unloved.

And I?

I see myself in the sky.

Don't you see yourself reflecting in that midnight sky, too?

Isn't that your star?


For those who have died during the terrorist attack on
United States.
For those who must live on from this day forth without the
ones they love beside them any more.
For those who may suffer in the future.
For those who understand pain and joy and holds the wisdom
that shall not fall to anger or despair.
For yesterdays gone by,
For todays that will always be remembered in our hearts of
And for tomorrow that we can only dream about.
Let us learn, live and be happy,
For we do not fear
For we will not fall
And we will never hate for hatred's sake.
Life is life.
Cherish it.


For Chaos, who's challenge on the board
inspired me to think up this fanfic, and
the tragedy that this world has met, that
made it into reality.