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Do you know what it's like to feel like someone else

When you look in the mirror but don't see yourself

And what's looking back at you is nothing but a hallow shell

When you're looking for paradise but only find hell

"Kagome dear. Wake up. You'll be late for school." Mrs. Higurashi said to her daughter.

"Huh?" Kagome grumbled. Then when reality finally hit she sat strait up in her bed. "Oh my gosh! Why didn't the alarm go off?"

"It did honey, you just didn't hear it. Are you feeling akay?" Mrs. Higurashi asked, checking her temperature with her hand. "You feel a little warm."

"I'm fine. I just need to hurry up and get ready. I can't be late."

"Okay dear. i gotta go to work, but if you hurry I'll take you to school. otherwise you'll have to walk."

"K mom." Kagome smiled.

When her mom left she stood up but had to set back down when a huge dizzy spell hit her. "Oh god." She groaned. "I feel awful." Getting gingerly up Kagome began to get dressed. When she was ready she went downstairs, but her mother was already gone. "Great." Kagome didn't have time for breakfast so she grabbed her backpack, locked the door, and headed off to school.

I see the world with my eyes open

I see the world with lidless eyes

I see a world that is sick with self loathing

Nothing in the nothing to mystify

Inuyasha was bored. He's been to all the shps, seen all there was to be seen, and he was bored. He needed excitement, something different. His life use to be full of fun. But that fun had been used up, turned into themes, which in turn was made into theme parks.

Walking out of the current store, Inuyasha smiled to himself. I'm getting morose in my old age. Looking up from his thoughts he met the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes he had ever seen.

I wish I could breathe

I wish I could stand

I wish I had a chance here holding your hand

I wish I could speak

I wish I could talk

I wish I could breathe

Kagome was walking along with her head down trying desperately not to faint, when she heard a small masculine laugh. Looking up she met the oddest, most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Amber was the only color that even came close to describing them.

I grasp at my heart

That burns in my chest

It's your precious art

That makes my soul stressed

I run short on blood

Light headed I swoon

I wish I could breathe

Kagome gasped forgetting about not passing out. He's beautiful! And she promptly fell face forward...Into Inuyasha's arms. The last thought before everything went black was, I wonder how he caught me. And she fainted.

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Such joy we dig his shallow grave

Anticipating pains to come

We watch the wiggling dance of death

And laugh light hearted at death's fun

Shit! She fainted! Inuyasha slapped her face a little. "Hey, lady, wake up." Just my luck. Hearing her groan he tried again. "Come on. Open your eyes." When she complied he asked. "So what's your name?"


"Well Kagome you're going to the doctor."

"No! I'm fine! Really. I just need to get to school."

"Fat chance of that. Come on stupid, let's go to the doctor."

"I'm not stupid!" As she was saying this Kagome sat strait up. But it didn't last long. A dizzy spell hit her and down she went...again. "ugh."

"Sure thing babe. You're not stupid aand you obviously feel fine." He said rolling his eyes. "Now, off to the doctor." Picking her up he carried her like a baby, like a lover, to the car. She's so small. Taking a deap breath, god she smells good. Inuyasha opened the passenger side of his black BMW and gently placed her inside.

"Wait! I don't even know you!"

Getting in, he grinned slightly. "My name..is Inuyasha." He started the car and the drove off.