A/N: this story happens after the manga; Sasuke is back in Konoha and has passed his period of punishment.
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TITLE: I Am Stronger.
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My dearest friends

I know that compared to you, I am probably insignificant. The reason for this letter is to say I am stronger than you. You may laugh, but it is true.

Naruto, no matter how you take it, it is the Kyuubi that always helps you. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't be so challenged and grew up stronger. You have his help to thank for who you are today. He gave you strength.

Sasuke, you always depend on your Sharingan to win a fight. Your whole style is centered on your kekkei genkai. It is the blood of your family that gives you strength.

Sai, you moron. Even if you have no special something, you were trained by the best. You were trained to become a successful and powerful ninja. It was the 'root' that gave you strength.

Tenzou-senpai, you with the rare kekkei genkai of our deceased Hokages. Once again, you like Sasuke have concentrated on your bloodline. It gives you strength.

Kakashi-senpai, tell me, where would you be today if it weren't for Obito and Rin's sacrifice? Without your borrowed Sharingan, there would have been no copy-cat ninja. Your eye gave you strength.

This world where everyone must have a special something to succeed is weak. You are weak. If you remove that something, you wouldn't be even half as good as now. That is why you are weak and I am strong. Even without that something, I have managed to beat you all, whether jokingly or seriously. Always. All you see is a weak, crying little girl. Open your eyes. Look at me. See me.

I am tired of watching your back, when I could be in front of you, when I should be by your sides. You try to make me weak, to appear strong. You are wrong. You have strength, but you are not strong. I have risen above you all, thanks to only myself, no demon, no special training and no kekkei genkai. It is time that I free myself. It is time to shatter my cage and fly in to the horizon.

I wrote this letter not to explain why I left, but for you to at least try to understand me, though highly unlikely. I want to say goodbye to you all in person, but you would never understand. I have risen to the challenge and taken my destiny into my own hands.

Don't search for me, as you and I will never meet again.

Yours forever,
Haruno Sakura

Kakashi stopped reading, making no attempt to hide his tears. The others weren't much better. Naruto couldn't stop crying. Sai and Sasuke were each looking out a window, and Tenzou sat there like a statue. He put the letter in his pocket, and stood up.
"Let's take her headband to the Hokage, she deserves to know."

And so, no one ever again heard of the pink-haired kunoichi. But her memory became a legend. The legend of a simple girl who grew up to be strong, and moved from under everybody's shadows to the front line, under the light of glory.