Emmett walked up to the pair of blue-jeanned legs sticking out from under the BMW M3 in the Cullen garage. He kneeled between them and grabbed the kneecaps, pulling the body they were attached to out from under the car.

Rosalie looked up at him with a smile, her golden hair flaring out beneath her like the halo of the angel he thought she was. "Hey, Em. What's up?" The smile widened when he leaned down and kissed her, pulling her up clear of the car and against his chest. "What was that for?" She asked once he was done, her grin nearly blinding him.

"For being beautiful." He pecked her once more on the lips and leaned up against the bright red bumper of her car, pulling her up against him. "And because Jasper and Eddie are in the house, and I needed to keep up my reputation."

She smirked. "When are we going to let them figure out that we're not the sexual deviants they think we are?" She whispered.

Emmett appeared shocked. "And ruin our decades of work? Never!"

She chuckled, the sound rumbling through her chest and giving him a smile of his own. He reached up with one hand and rubbed a grease mark on her cheek with his thumb. "You know, even covered in grease, oil, and who knows what else, you're still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

"Taking lines from Edward?" She asked, leaning up to kiss him on the corner of the mouth.

"You wound me, Rose. You know better than anyone else that I'm not as dumb as I pretend to be." He looked down at her, the center of his world.

"You're not?" She now looked as surprised as he had a minute before.

"Oh!" He tickled her sides, running feather-light touches up her waist and eliciting a giggle that would have made the angels envious.

"Uncle, uncle!" She gasped. "Oh, god!" She said as she tried to catch unneeded breath.

"No, I'm Emmett, but I can see how you made the mistake." He smirked at her as an unrestrained boom of laughter left her perfect lips. "I'll drop the stupid act when you drop the cold-hearted one."

"I am cold-hearted." She replied, and he could hardly believe that such an untruth passed from such a angelic mouth.

"You forget who has lived with you all these years and who knows you best. You are the least cold-hearted person in the world. And I know a lot of cold-hearted people."

Her eyes softened as she cradled one of his cheeks in a hand. "I love you, Emmett."

"See? Proof. I couldn't love a cold-hearted person as much as I love you." He leaned down to kiss her again and heard a soft exhale of breath that didn't come from the delicate angel in front of him. His eyes sought out the door, where Bella was leaning in the doorframe with tears in her eyes.

"I was looking for Edward." She explained. "Why do you guys let them think that way about you?" She asked, curiosity burning in her eyes.

"Because it makes them feel better about themselves, like they're more restrained then we are." Rosalie responded. "It helps Jasper feel like he can be part of this family after all."

"And they never make fun of us in earnest about it, so we let them."

"Oh. That's really nice of you." Bella said as she turned to go back inside.

"Hey Bells?" Emmett called out.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." She winked as she vanished into the shadows.

"I knew I liked that girl for a reason." Emmett said as he turned back to kissing the beautiful creature in his arms.

"She might just be a Cullen girl after all." She responded with a genuine grin of her own.