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Summary: Bella's hiding something, something about her past that she doesn't want anyone to know; her parents, her friends, the werewolves and the Cullens, especially Edward. But what happens when her past catches up with her and she's in danger! A Edward and Bella pairing!


Chapter 1
Birthday Horrors

I woke up today feeling unusually happy, maybe because it was Friday and the weekend was finally here. I looked around my room and noticed that Edward had already left, probably to get changed. I shrugged and got out of bed to head straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After my morning routine, I changed into some black jeans, a white, and ¾ sleeved blouse and grabbed my red sweater to protect myself from that chilly fall air.

I walked downstairs to notice that Charlie hadn't gotten up yet. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 6:30. I was up a half hour earlier, and I figured that I might as well relax for a bit. I prepared a bowl of cereal and while I ate, I looked over at the calendar to figure out was day it was. Today was Friday, September the… 13th! My eyes widened in shock as I realized today was my birthday and all my happiness washed right away. I've been spending so much time with Edward and the Cullens that I never really paid attention to that fact that the days were flying by and landed on my most hated day. I hated the attention I got on my birthday and the worst luck always happened to me on that day, they were horrible and I always avoided them whenever I could.

I jumped up from my seat and hid the calendar in the deep and dark places of behind the fridge. As I ate and tried to calm down my nerves, I heard Charlie get up. I prayed to God that he forgot about my birthday.

As he stumbled down the stairs, I was washing my dishes, a nervous wreck. My hands were shaking while I was washing the dished and waited to hear what he was going to say.

"Morning Bella, you're up early today," yawned Charlie. I sighed and my hands were shaking a little less.

"Morning dad," I said back, waiting if he would say anything else.

I heard him shuffle over to the cabinets to take out a bowl and a box of cereal. A wave of relief washed over me as I figured that he forgot about my birthday. I quickly finished with my bowl and headed up my room to read a bit of Withering Heights before Edward came to pick me up.

Time passed while I read until I heard knocking on the door. I smiled, anxious to see Edward today. I ran down the stairs, thankfully not tripping for once. 'Maybe my birthday won't be that bad today, as long as no one finds out,' I thought to myself. I opened the door to see Edward in all his glory. He was sporting some baggy jeans and a gray, v-necked sweater, with white collars sticking up from underneath it. He had on his beautiful crooked smile when he saw me and I smiled back. He leaned in to give me a kiss and I practically melted. I loved and hated how he could do these things to me.

"Morning love," he said in his beautiful velvety voice.

"Hey Edward," I responded while I pulled on my shoes and grabbed my bag. As I was about to close the door I yelled, "Bye dad, I'm going now,"

I saw Charlie walking out of the kitchen, he looked up, "Oh, bye Bella, have fun at school,"

I smiled and was about to close the door when Charlie yelled something, "Wait I almost forgot! Happy Birth-," I slammed the door shut before he could finish the damned statement.

'Uh Oh, damn, I knew this was too good to be true. Stupid life, the whole world's against me!" I slowly turned around to look at Edward to see him look at me with a hurt expression. I almost felt guilty, almost.

"It's your birthday today?" he asked softly, I could hear the hurt in his voice. I tried to lie, "What are you talking about?"

I tried to walk around him but he grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him. I looked away but he grabbed my chin to face him.

"Bella?" he almost growled,

I sighed in defeat, "Yes it's my birthday today,"

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked quietly

"I hate my birthday; it's the most dreaded day of my life!" I stated angrily,

He smirked at my response, "Aren't normal humans supposed to enjoy their birthdays?"

I rolled my eyes, "Well apparently I'm not normal because I despise my birthday. All the attention, the gifts, ugh, I can live without it"

Edward chuckled at my answer, and let go. I huffed and turned around to head to his car.

We drove to school in silence. While silent for Edward, I was screaming and cursing my horrible luck in my mind.

All too soon we arrived at school. When he turned off the engine, I grabbed his hands.

"Edward please, please don't tell anyone today is my birthday!" I pleaded,

He looked at me confused, "Why not Bella? You deserve to have your birthday acknowledged,"

"NO! Please Edward, I hate my birthday. I don't' want gifts, attention, nothing! Please can you act like you didn't hear what Charlie said and make this day like any other day, for me?"

He stared at me for while, thinking over his answer. He sighed and finally answered "Ok Bella, for you, I won't say anything,"

I sighed in relief and kissed him, "Thank you so much Edward,"

He smiled my favourite smile, "You're welcome, but you do owe me later for this,"

I groaned, knowing that it wasn't going to be good, but it had to be better than anyone finding out it was my birthday.

I got out of the car and headed towards school, Edward's arm around my waist. As we walked over to the building, I looked over at Edward and saw him smirking. 'What is he happy about?' He was looking at something, and I followed his gaze over to a very excited Alice, beside the rest of the Cullens.

My eyes widened, as I realized what he was smirking about,

'Oh crap, please let that not be it!'

Alice had spotted me and Edward and ran over to us, looking even more excited,

'Oh crap, she didn't figure it out,'

Alice ran up to me more specifically and hugged me so hard I couldn't breathe. "Alice?" I practically choked out,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!" she shouted happily

'Oh crap, she did,'

She released me from her death grip and I looked around to see everyone staring at us, more specifically me,

"Crap" I muttered. In a blink of an eye, every student was in front of me, wishing me a happy birthday.

Thankfully before I could get completely mauled over, Edward pulled me into his protective embrace and dragged me away from the crowd.

"Thank you so much Edward, I though I was a goner," I leaned onto my knees, breathing deeply,

"So my Bella is turning 18," he began. I straightened up and glared at him. I could see him stifling his laughter and when he saw my angered expression, he burst out laughing.

I turned around and began walking out of the parking lot. I was quickly stopped by an arm around my waist,

"Wait Bella I'm sorry," he tried apologizing, but he was still recovering from his earlier outburst,

"No, I knew it was a mistake to come to school today. I'm going home Edward," I explained, trying to wiggle out from his grasp. He only tightened his grip at my movements,

"Be reasonable Bella. I'm sorry, but can you at least try to enjoy this day for my happiness?"

I turned around and looked into his topaz eyes. Why did I do that?

"Fine," I said, and he smiled. He walked me back towards the school.

"Stupid vampire persuasion," I muttered while we walked.

Edward chuckled and kissed my forehead.

The rest of the day went on horribly. People kept on wishing me happy birthdays and Mike was fretting over the fact he didn't' get me anything… actually not just Mike, everyone was.

Finally, the day ended and I could finally go home.

Edward's Point of View

During the whole day, I could see Bella grow weary of all the attention she was receiving. I inwardly smiled about how different she was to all the other humans. While they all enjoyed the attention on their birthday, my Bella hates it.

I almost laughed when I saw Bella's expression change so quickly when the last bell rang. It was definitely a change from her expression during lunch.

Bella had pleaded to Alice to not do anything. She listened to Bella's pleading but she wasn't planning to actually follow them. In her mind, I could hear her plans for a party tonight for Bella. Poor Bella I thought.

I walked with Bella by my side to the Volvo. She looked exhausted after the day she experienced today. She was constantly bombarded with everyone wishing her happy birthday and complaining how they didn't get her any gifts.

As we sat down, she instantly closed her eyes. We drove in silence until we finally pulled into her driveway.

"Today was horrible, and I'm glad my birthday only comes once a year," she said. I chuckled at her statement,

"I don't think today was too bad Bella," I responded, driving out of the parking lot,

"No, it was worse. The only good thing is that I didn't get any unwanted gifts," I internally cringed as I though about Alice's party tonight, and no doubt the fact that my entire family now knew, even Carlisle and Esme, and they were probably planning on getting her gifts.

"Are you sure Bella? You're truck is getting really old, and it's not in the best shape. Perhaps I could buy you a new –,"

"Don't even finish that sentence. Edward I don't want any gifts please. I know you're wealthy but I don't want you to spend your money on me. It makes me feel guilty,"

Bella's eyes were open and staring at me. I sighed as I brushed her hair out of her face. Her eyes were begging me. I sighed and nodded.

Bella's Point of View

I smiled at him when he accepted my pleads.

"Bella, can I ask you something?" Edward asked. I was a little confused to why he would ask me this, usually he would just ask it, but I simply nodded.

"Why do you hate you're birthday so much? It can't be because of the attention and all that, there's something more,"

I was shocked by his question. Flashbacks of my past began to happen and I winced at the memories I tired so hard to forget. How could this one question bring back so many bad memories?

"Bella?" Edward asked, concern in his voice, "Bella what is it?"

I shook my head, "It's nothing Edward," I whispered, getting out of his car. He was quickly in front of me.

He held my face in his hands, his eyes boring into mine.

"Bella what is it?"

"Don't worry about it Edward, it's nothing," I replied, hoping I sounded normal. I don't think he believed it.

"Bella it is not nothing. When I asked you, you looked pained and scared. Tell me what's going on,"

I was about to shrug off his question again when he sighed, "I can hear Charlie coming home,"

I breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at me, "Promise you'll tell me later,"

I really didn't want Edward to know, "Maybe Edward,"

He looked at me hurt, and I couldn't bear to see the pain so I turned my head, "I'll see you tonight," I nodded and headed to my door.

I turned around and saw that the Volvo and Edward was now gone.

"Stupid cursed birthday," I muttered to myself when I walked into the house. I was in desperate need of a bath. I headed up to my room and I heard Charlie's cruiser pull up into the driveway.

I was about to head into the bathroom when Charlie came up the stairs, "Bella!"

I nodded to let him know that I heard him, "I'm sorry, I completely forgot about your birthday!" he exclaimed as he walked towards me

I just smiled slightly and shook my head, "it's ok dad, I'm fine,"

"Still Bella, I'm really sorry. How about I take you out for dinner tonight?"

I shook my head again, "That sounds great, but how about tomorrow? Edward's coming to pick me up tonight and I know there's that big game you wanted to watch tonight,"

He smiled and patted my head, "Ok Bella, if that's what you want. Happy birthday honey," he said before he kissed me on my forehead and headed back downstairs.

I turned and headed into the bathroom. I filled the bathtub with water and thought I'd fill it with some strawberry-scented bubble bath. I usually don't use bubble bath but I could really use something to cheer me up.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and sat down into the relaxing waters.

I sighed contentedly. This felt nice, relaxing and comfortable. It was the best thing to help forget all my troubles at the moment.

What I'm assuming to be about twenty minutes later, I got out. I pulled on some black, comfy sweat pants and my red, very baggy t-shirt that had a white heart in the middle. I let my hair dry on its own.

I walked over to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed. It was two seconds later I drifted into a dreamless sleep.

It felt only like a minute later that I woke up. I could feel something cold on my cheek and it was bothering me.

I groaned and tried brushing it off, still so tired. I buried my face further into my pillow.

I almost fell right back to sleep when I heard his beautiful laugh. I turned my head and forced my eyes to open and there saw my beautiful Adonis, sitting on the edge of my bed, looking very amused.

"Edward?" I barely mumbled out, and he laughed again.

"Hey sleeping beauty, you're finally awake!"

"What are you doing here? I thought you said you were coming later tonight,"

"It is tonight Bella,"

"What?" I was confused by his words. I sat up and looked at the clock and my eyes widened. It was 7:00 and I fell asleep at 5:30. I've been sleeping for an hour and a half.

I groaned and fell back on my bed, closing my eyes.

Edward chuckled at my actions and I felt him stand up when the bed leveled itself from the decrease in pressure.

"Come on Bella, everyone's waiting for you,"

I opened my eyes to eye him suspiciously, "What for?"

"Oh it's nothing; they just want to see you. That's all; you don't have to be suspicious."

I thought it over for a second, the yawned, "I suppose I can come over. Give me a second to change," I said. I slowly crawled out of bed, and I guess I was still half asleep because I apparently crawled too far and fell off my bed. I waited for the impact until I felt myself stop by two cold arms around my waist.

I looked up and saw Edward smirking, "I don't think you're completely awake yet,"

"You know, you could just lie me back down on the floor and wait about another hour before you take me over there,"

Edward laughed at my reluctance to get up, "Hmm, I'll have to think of a way to wake you up,"

He lifted me up onto my feet, supporting me with his arm around my waist and one hand caressing my cheek. I could feel his cool breathe on my face and I inhaled his sweet scent.

He inched his face closer to mine, he was going so slow it felt so torturous. After what felt like an eternity, he lips touched down on my mine. There were so cool and soft against my lips but they felt so right. I kissed him back and snaked my arms around my neck to bring him closer to me. At the pressure Edward broke away and stared at me.

"Bella," he breathed out exasperatedly,

I sighed and loosened my hold, "Sorry," I muttered, looking away from his beautiful golden eyes.

His hand on my cheek lowered down to my chin and he gently tilted my face upwards to meet my gaze.

He smirked and gave me a quick peck on my lips, "So are you awake yet?"

"I suppose I am," I replied and breaking free from his hold.

I walked over to my drawers to pick out a new outfit. I felt lazy so I just grabbed a pair of jeans and a plain black, long, spaghetti-strap tank top. Edward looked away and I changed quickly.

I brushed my hair and put it up into a messy bun, tightening it with a red and a black chopstick. A few strands of hair dangled in front of my face, unexpectedly framing my face nicely.

"Ok I'm ready," I announced.

Edward turned around and walked over to me. He pulled me into a hug and said "Beautiful as always,"

I blushed at his compliment.

He laughed at my reaction and pulled me out of my room.

When I got downstairs, I noticed that Charlie wasn't home, "Edward, where's Charlie?"

"Oh he said that he was going to Billy's to watch the big game tonight and that he'll be home late. He didn't want you to wake up so he told me to tell you when I came over,"

"Oh," was all I said. Before we left the house, I picked up my jean jacket that was hanging on the coat rack.

We got into his Volvo and it was a silent ride to his home.

By the time we reached his house, I felt like something bad was going to happen. He pulled up to his driveway and that's when I noticed the balloons, banners and pink roses everywhere.

My eyes widened in realization.

"NO you guys didn't! Please tell me that this isn't a birthday party!" I shouted,

Edward sighed, "Yes Bella it is. Alice was really excited and she wanted to throw you a surprise party!"

I groaned, a surprise party? That's even worse than a regular party.

"Please Bella, can you try to enjoy it? We haven't celebrated a birthday party in a long time. The last one was Emmett's and it was a long time ago. Everyone is really excited, so can you at least try to act happy? For me?" he asked me. I looked up to see his dazzling eyes.

I sighed, "Fine, but now we're even,"

He smiled at me and kissed me. "Thank you so much Bella. Now come on, everyone's excited to see you!" he exclaimed. I giggled at his happy expression. He seemed like a little child excited for their own birthday party.

He got out, and with his vampire speed, he was holding his hand out for me, with the car door already opened.

I reluctantly accepted his hand as he hauled me out of the car and dragged me to the house where the inevitable will happen.