Curious Predictions by WeasleyForMe

Hermione believes that Divination class is useless. So what happens when her predictions start to come true? How will she handle a prediction concerning George Weasley and herself? Hermione/George!

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Chapter One

Hermione scowled at the tea leaves which were smeared along the bottom of her teacup. She was currently in her least favorite place: the Divination classroom. She was glad she and the other fifth years only had to sit through this class once a week, because it was obviously a load of nonsense. She was currently carelessly leaning over the copy of "Unfogging the Future" that she shared with Neville, as she waited for the class to end. Hermione rolled her eyes and inadvertently tensed up as Professor Trelawney's bug-eyes met hers and she began to saunter toward their tiny table.

"Oh my," Trelawney rasped. "My dear, hand me your teacup." Hermione made a bug-eyed face at Neville as she handed her cup to the teacher. Neville was trying to contain his laughter as Trelawney gazed into the cup and then handed it back to Hermione. "It seems as though you will come across some money in the near future."

"What are you talking about? I thought this was the image of the sun," Hermione bitterly informed her teacher.

Trelawney turned a disappointed glance to Hermione as she said, "Dear, you regretfully do not possess the inner eye. That is clearly the image of an acorn,not the sun."

Parvati and Lavender turned toward Hermione and sadly shook their heads in pity. Before Hermione had a chance to respond, the bell rang to signal the end of lessons. Hermione hurriedly packed up her bag and returned hers and Neville's teacups to the shelves. Then she rushed back to her dormitory room. Divination always put her in a terrible mood. When she arrived, she found an envelope on her bed. She opened it and read a nice card from her parents….which contained fifty pounds of spending cash.

Hermione froze in place. "No…it couldn't be," she mumbled out loud. "This is just a coincidence. Divination isn't accurate." And with that, Hermione tucked the money and the card into her nightstand and went to find her friends.


The following week in Divination, Hermione had all but forgotten about the prediction about the money as she was attempting to determine the meaning of Neville's most recent dream.

"Then the trees stopped chasing me, and I fell into a river. The river carried me through a jungle before I arrived next to a farm. Then I went inside the barn and ate dinner with my third cousin. What do you think it means, Hermione?" Neville asked.

"Uh…I think it might mean that you're crazy, Neville," Hermione joked. "But honestly, who has dreams like that?"

"Well, tell me about yours, and I'll see if I can translate it for you," Neville replied with a smile.

"Well, my dream is pretty simple and ordinary. I was lying in the grass near Hagrid's hut while stargazing. Then, all of my teeth fell out."

Neville flipped through a few pages in their textbook before he gave her a full translation. "Well, from what I can tell, you will fall but not be injured, and then you will witness a robbery."

Hermione started to laugh. "Are you kidding? That's actually funny!"

Neville chuckled along with her as they packed up their things and left Divination. They chatted about Hermione's dream as they walked down the tower stairs. "Honestly, Neville, I'm not even clumsy. And who would steal something from someone else at Hogwarts? Divination is a gigantic pile of-"

But Hermione didn't have a chance to finish her sentence, because she tripped over her untied shoelace and tumbled down the final few stairs.

"Hermione!" Neville gasped as he rushed toward her. "Are you all right?"

Hermione looked up at him from the spot on the floor where she landed. "Actually, I think I'm fine," she said as she easily stood and brushed herself off.

Neville's jaw dropped open at the same time Hermione's eyes narrowed. "Do you realize that the first part of the dream prediction has come true?" Neville asked in amazement.

"Don't even start with that!" Hermione scolded. "This is just a coincidence!" She then stormed off to Gryffindor tower in a huff.

The following day, Neville was still pestering her to consider that the prediction was accurate, but Hermione only denied it more fervently. If she were to admit that Divination might be accurate sometimes, it would still go against everything she stood for. As Hermione was sitting in the common room arguing with Neville, she noticed Fred and George sneak across the room and up the stairs toward the dorms. A few minutes later they reemerged with fistfuls of candy.

Hermione jumped up from her chair and hurried toward the twins. "Where did you get all of those sweets?!" As a Prefect, she was perfectly well allowed to ask them this.

"If you must know, Miss Smarty Prefect, we stole them from Ron's trunk," Fred replied.

Hermione paled slightly as George smiled and said, "Ron always steals our sweets, so it's only fair."

Hermione gulped. "So what you're saying is, I just witnessed a robbery?"

Fred and George grinned identical smiles and both replied, "Absolutely!"

Hermione just turned and stumbled back to her seat next to Neville. She turned her wide eyes to Neville who asked, "You just witnessed a robbery, didn't you?"

Hermione merely nodded and let her head fall into her hands as Neville laughed.


By the following Tuesday, Hermione was hesitant to go to Divination. As she walked there with Ron, Harry and Neville, she began to think that perhaps her dream predictions were somewhat accurate. Also, her parents had sent her a lot of money. Maybe it actually was the sign of the acorn and not the sun in her teacup. No, she couldn't admit this!

As she found an empty table and took a seat with Neville, she heard Professor Trelawney announce that the class would be reading fortunes in crystal balls. Hermione smiled to herself. There was no way an accurate prediction could be made regarding her today. She was lousy at reading the crystals.

A few minutes later, Neville was looking into the crystal ball, trying to determine what was in store for him. "That's odd. I think I see myself petting a dog."

"Why is that odd?" Hermione asked.

"I'm allergic to dogs. It's your turn," Neville said as he passed the crystal ball to Hermione.

She took it in her hands and gazed into the centre of it. Grey and purple swirls remained in place of any real image. She glanced up at Neville and shook her head. "This is ridiculous. All I ever see in this thing is grey swirls."

Just as she was about to give up, the swirls started to take more familiar forms. She thought for a moment that she saw herself in the crystal, curly hair and all. Then it appeared that another image was standing next to her. This image was tall and had very red hair. Hermione squinted and leaned closer to the images. They began to get clearer and sharper. Hermione finally clearly saw what the images represented. She suddenly dropped the crystal ball onto the small table.

"What did you see?" Neville asked curiously as Ron and Harry turned to find out as well.

"N-nothing!" she squeaked. "I saw absolutely nothing of any importance or interest whatsoever!" Hermione was trying very hard to look truthful. There was no way in hell she was going to tell the three of them that the image she saw in the crystal ball was of her snogging George Weasley!


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