Curious Predictions by WeasleyForMe

Hermione believes that Divination class is useless. So what happens when her predictions start to come true? How will she handle a prediction concerning George Weasley and herself? Hermione/George!

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Chapter Fourteen

When Hermione woke on Tuesday morning, she was almost in hysterics. She and George had a project due the following day, and their sock puppet presentation wasn't completed yet. She couldn't believe that they had been spending all of their time snogging and none of it working. As she wandered down to the Common Room before breakfast, she saw Fred and George emerge from their dorm room. She had half a mind to lay down the law, and tell George they absolutely needed to finish their project with no snogging involved. But when she saw him, he just looked too cute.

George yawned and then smiled as he spotted her. His hair was all ruffled from sleep, and his shirt was untucked as he walked over to her. "Morning, love," he said as he leaned down and kissed Hermione's forehead. Before she had a chance to reprimand his lack of dedication to the International Warlock Convention of 1289, her heart positively melted. "Did you sleep well?"

She smiled up at him and mumbled, "Yes."

His stomach rumbled loudly. "Wanna walk to breakfast?"

"Sure, but do you remember what tomorrow is?" she asked as a group of Gryffindors headed for the Great Hall.

George froze in place. "It's not your birthday, is it?" he asked with wide, startled eyes.

Hermione laughed at his shocked expression. "No, my birthday was six months ago! Tomorrow is the due date for our project, and we aren't finished yet!"

"Oh, that thing. I thought it was something important," he replied with another yawn. "We'll finish it later."

"We'd better! I've never waited this long to complete a project, ever!" she said as her voice got higher with each word.

"Calm down. It will be fine," he said as he kissed her cheek and took a seat next to his twin.

"Have any good dreams lately?" Hermione asked Neville in Divination that afternoon.

"Only a scary one where my Gran turned into the giant squid," he shuddered.

"Oh, that's really creepy," she said. "I should probably consult the text for that one." She turned toward Ron and Harry, thankful that Ron was finally acknowledging her presence again. "Guys, may we borrow The Dream Oracle?" Ron passed her the book without looking at her. He was obviously still displeased that she was seeing George.

"Ok, thanks," she said as she turned back to Neville. She skimmed through the text for a few pages as she formulated a prediction for Neville's dream. "I think it means you need to avoid really short people or else bad luck will find you? That's odd. If that's true, I don't see how you'll manage to go to Flitwick's classes."

Neville laughed. "It doesn't matter. I already have bad luck. Your turn… tell me your dream."

Hermione tried to remember the details of her recent dream. "I was eating a tomato and watching a run rise while admiring a ruby ring."

Neville scanned the book then looked up at her. "Hermione, do you have an attraction to the color red?

Hermione blushed as she immediately pictured George's hair and lips. "Maybe?"

"George! Don't!" Hermione squealed as George threatened her with a jar of glitter.

"Hermione, I told you, already, the puppets don't have to look perfect! And if you don't stop fussing with them, I'll start another glitter fight," he said as he shook the purple jar at her.

They were finally finishing their project together in the Common Room. They were too hesitant to return to the library and Madame Pince again with socks and glitter. "Ok, I'll stop fixing the puppets as soon as you put that jar down!"

"Deal," he said.

They proceeded to write a script for their sock puppets. Actually, Hermione wrote most of the script while George played around.

"Well, it's nearly midnight, but I think we're done!" Hermione said as she beamed at George.

"So, this means we can spend our time snogging again, right?" he said as he assaulted Hermione's face with soft kisses, making her squeak with pleasure.

The following day after classes were finished, each Gryffindor student was crammed into the Common Room with Professor McGonagall. The students were sitting with their project partners while they listened to each group drone on and on, reading essays on their particular topics. Hermione was intently listening to Dean Thomas and Romilda Vane read their essay on the Great Goblin Uprising of 1515. She was even jotting down notes from time to time. George, on the other hand, was next to her, propped up against her left shoulder and sound asleep. Hermione noticed that Professor McGonagall looked ready to fall asleep as well.

When Dean and Romilda finished their presentation, McGonagall and George were both startled awake by a smattering of applause. "Very nice presentation. Thank you, Miss Vane and Mr. Thomas," McGonagall said while stifling a yawn. "Next, we will have Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley."

"Come on!" Hermione hissed as she shook George completely awake. They moved a curtain into place in front of the other students. Then Hermione charmed the sock puppet warlocks into place above the curtain. She glanced at McGonagall and noticed that the Head of Gryffindor actually looked interested in their odd presentation.

"Let's kick some arse," George whispered as he and Hermione ducked behind the curtain and started their presentation. They charmed the colorful sock-warlocks to follow the script that Hermione had made. The students began laughing as the socks were speaking in strange voices. While the puppets were discussing the politics surrounding the convention, George and Hermione grinned at each other. They realized that they had easily pulled off the most interestingly weird presentation out of the entirety of Gryffindor House.

Then suddenly, one of the glittery puppets said, "Well, it's not bloomin' likely that we'll resolve that sort of poppycock at this bleeding convention!"

Hermione gasped and immediately turned to George. "What did you do?" she asked with wide eyes. She saw him stifling his laughter. She was glad there was a curtain separating them from the other students and their teacher.

"I changed some of the script," he said while laughing. "No harm done, right?"

Hermione's jaw dropped as another puppet said, "You nasty spotted prancer, we'll talk about it now, or my name isn't Joan of Arc!"

The students erupted into fits of giggles. Hermione sneaked a peek at their teacher from around the curtain and noticed that she was holding a handkerchief over her lip and trying not to laugh.

"George! McGonagall is laughing!" Hermione said as she finally started to giggle.

George was doubled over in pains of laughter as he gasped out, "Of course she is! This is a bloody brilliant script!"

Another puppet suddenly blurted out, "If we don't end this boring convention right now, I'll run around starkers!" Then all the puppets stopped talking, took a bow to the audience and disappeared behind the curtain with Hermione and George. After a few seconds of silence, everyone erupted into applause and cheers. George took Hermione's hand and led her around the curtain to take a bow. They were both red-faced from laughing, and they noticed that Professor McGonagall was applauding them along with their peers.

"That was… interesting to say the least," she told them as the room grew quiet again.

"Yes professor," George began, "but we did exactly what you wanted us to. We managed to make an interesting project about The International Warlock Convention of 1289."

Hermione needed to cover her mouth and pretend her laugh was a cough. Professor McGonagall merely shook her head as she called the next pair up to read another boring essay.

Hermione and George were once again the talk of the school for the following week. Everyone in Gryffindor House had spread word of their entertaining presentation. Students in the other Houses were disappointed that they weren't there to see it. McGonagall even enjoyed it enough to give them an "Exceeds Expectations" for their grade. And to top everything off, Ron was finally talking to both Hermione and George again. He decided that anyone who could make Hermione enjoy that puppet play was worth her company, even if it was his brother.

As Hermione walked to Divination on Tuesday, she couldn't help but reflect on all of her predictions that had come true over the past few weeks. It was difficult for her to admit that something she despised could actually warrant some truth, but with George by her side, it was becoming easier. In fact, she hadn't been too disappointed by any of the predictions yet.

Once she reached the classroom, she took her seat with Neville. "Here, Hermione. You go first today," he told her as he handed her their crystal ball.

Hermione took the sphere in both of her hands and gazed into its depths. As the grey and purple swirls disappeared, she began to see the forms of two people. It was still somewhat foggy, but it looked like an elderly couple, laughing together, very much in love. As the swirls turned into more solid forms, she recognized a much older version of herself gently holding hands with a distinguished, older George Weasley. "Sweet Merlin!" she thought. "We're going to grow old and grey together!"

Suddenly the crystal ball fell from her hands and onto the floor as she gasped, "Sweet Merlin!"

She saw Trelawney scoop up her beloved crystal and start to march over as Ron, Harry and Neville all gasped, "Are you alright, Hermione?"

A devilish grin crossed her face as she imagined years of loving a complete prankster like George. "Yes, everything is perfect."


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