The Sun on her Shoulders

Chapter 2

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As thunder is forever followed by lightning, so too is ill fortunes ushered in by a coward. It is a coward who in the throes of fear invites a curse. The ignorant who turn away and the innocent who merely suffer are both victims.

But in this case, this sole case, the coward was both ignorant and innocent. To the mercifully minded it is merely misfortune that such a combination exists, a tragedy that they inflict unwitting harm on those around them. To those who hold to mercy as the highest ideal such flaws are surmountable, and tragedy is to be mended and learned from.

To the coward responsibility is to be eschewed, and his two best friends are his feet and a long winding road.

Drops of darkness from between the place where stars call home. Like calls to like, and it all falls down. Like ill colored rain, and the light around their descent dims. Stars, debased of their foundation, sink into the building morass, their illumination smothered.

And still the coward runs on, hoping beyond hope that the road never runs out.

Rebuilding, redoubling, the dark rears like a wave, foamless, formless, obsidian, it glides without sound over the earth.

Its footsteps are decay, misfortune, confusion, and loss.

Its herald is wide eyed, his lips parted in a soundless scream, his face as pale as the lost moon.

From capital to heartland, through thicket to forest, at long last to the final hamlet on the very edge of the known world, the darkness surges over and it stops. For a moment, one flickering moment, it is held back. Thrown back to twist upon itself the darkness seethes even as its herald slips into the final sunlit span. Held back by compassion and sacrifice that has stained the earth a century back the wave snarls and recoils. Pacing back and froth amongst the ends of its claimed territory the darkness' sixteen gleaming eyes glitter in malice at the one spot of illumination upon the sky.

The wise might have counseled patience. Light was finite, and though nature was disturbed it was not so utterly unbalanced that the cycles had been stilled.

The sun must set after all, and with night the time worn boundary could be passed.

Never one for patience Orochi let out a screech of anger that rend the wounded earth and caused it to bleed forth demons and filth.

On the tainted winds of lies and curses the eight headed creature leapt from his place of scrutiny and left the sun drenched patch of ground to it's own devices… for now