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Ichigo dropped the last of his patient's charts into a small pile and shook off his white coat.

"Already done for the day?"

The orange head looked up and grinned upon seeing his old friend, Uryuu, leaning against his doorframe. "Yeah. I have to go now and pick up Takeshi and Mai from school. What time will you be at my place?"

Uryuu shrugged as he followed Ichigo to the front door of the hospital. "I get out in an hour. Then I have to go home for a much needed shower before coming over with Orihime and Ryo."

Ichigo nodded as the front doors slid open. "Then I'll see you in a few hours," he waved at his friend before walking over to his car.

After another year working under Unohana, Ichigo finally got the transfer to Karakura. He was now one of their top doctors along with Uryuu. When the transfer was finalized, Rukia was so thrilled to have him back home that she threw a party. It was understandable since it's been a hassle going back and forth between Tokyo and Karakura.

Few months after finally getting the 'okay' from Byakuya, the two tied the knot, Rukia finally taking the Kurosaki name. Their kids were the flower girl and the ring bearer. Everyone thought it was cute how Mai was skipping down the aisle while Takeshi was scowling like how his father usually did because of his uncomfortable suit (of course Ichigo wasn't scowling that day; he had on a huge grin).

Ichigo stopped the car in front of Karakura Junior High School's gates and stepped outside.


The thirteen year old Kurosaki Takeshi looked up and saw his father's bright hair next to his car. After saying his farewells to his friends, the little Ichigo-replica ran to the car and got in.

"You actually made it in time," Takeshi smirked.

Ichigo ruffled his son's raven-spikes as he pulled out of the school. "Don't keep saying that. You're making me look like a horrible parent."

Within a few seconds Ichigo pulled up to the front of the Karakura Elementary School.

"Mai! Hurry up!" Takeshi yelled out from the window to his sister who was laughing with her fellow ten year old friends.

Kurosaki Mai quickly ran to the car and got in the back seat. "No need to yell so hard Taki-nii!" she pouted.

Ichigo laughed as he drove the car towards their house. They still lived with Isshin since the old man was desperate not to let Ichigo leave. Karin and Yuzu had to move out once Ichigo and Rukia got married, and it became permanent when Karin got a scholarship for the woman's national soccer team and when Yuzu got married (which almost didn't happen since Ichigo was hella close to killing her fiancé).

He pulled into the driveway and Takeshi and Mai quickly jumped out of the car and ran inside.

"TADAIMA!" they yelled simultaneously.

Ichigo walked inside right behind them. "Tadiama—AHH!" The orange head fell back when his father and his twins jumped on him.

"OKAERI!" the three shouted together.

Ichigo tried to smile at Asuka (girl) and Akio (boy) but his father's disturbing smile made him cringe.

"Get off of me old man," Ichigo snarled at Isshin.

"Why can't you just give daddy a hug?" Isshin pouted.

Ichigo felt several veins popping in his head. He grabbed his father and threw his body across the room. "Stop pretending to be cute! Can't you act your age?!"

"How mean!" Isshin jumped up and ran to Takeshi, who groaned, and hugged him tightly against his body. "You shouldn't act this violent in front of your kids!"

Ichigo grunted in annoyance, trying to rip his father's grasp off his oldest son. "Let go of him!"

"NO!" Isshin pouted.

"Ojiisan, you're choking me!" Takeshi grunted.

Mai shrugged off the usual interaction between her father and grandfather and focused her attention on her twin siblings. "What have you guys been doing today?" she smiled.

Asuka and Akio smiled brightly at their older sister before blabbering on and on about the games they played.

"Where's your mother?" Ichigo asked the twins as soon as he threw Isshin even further out the window this time.

"In the kitchen," a voice called out from the kitchen.

While the kids were busy running to their grandfather to jump on his limp body, Ichigo walked towards the voice and smiled widely upon seeing his wife putting the final touches to a birthday cake.

She looked up and smiled. "Okaeri."

Ichigo walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He bent down and kissed her on her neck. "Tadaima," he whispered.

Kurosaki Rukia giggled as Ichigo started to tickle her with his warm breath. The past few years have been peaceful and life just kept getting better. First was their wedding, then the birth of their twins; all the problems in the past seemed so far away now.

Rukia looked at the cake and couldn't help a sigh from coming out.

"What is it?" Ichigo asked.

"Well," she bit her lower lip before looking at her husband with an un-amused face, "I still can't believe everything that we had to go throw to come up to this point."

Ichigo smiled into her hair. "I know. First my stupid deal with your brother then to that fucked up mess with Aizen. I swear; you do nothing but cause me trouble."

Rukia immediately retorted by stomping on his foot. "Might I remind you exactly how I got pregnant? It's because you couldn't keep it in your pants."

Ichigo smirked, ignoring the pain on his feet. "Well, you never complained about it once. So why start now."

Rukia slightly pouted. "Because I'm tried of going through so much stress every time I get pregnant. So don't expect anything from me if you get into my pants from now on."

Ichigo looked at her for a second before laughing as he held her tighter. "We'll see," he teased.

"Look how sweet your parents are!"

Ichigo and Rukia turned to one side to see Isshin cooing at them with their children peeking alongside him. Ichigo released his wife and sighed heavily, obviously annoyed by his father, while Rukia laughed at his reaction.

A few minutes later, Yuzu and Karin arrived to help set up for the party. Later, friends came flowing in within the next few hours. First was Renji with Tatsuki and their one year old daughter; then Matsumoto came running in, dragging Ikkaku and Yumichika by either arm; Hitsugaya was also dragged by his fiancé Hinamori, who made him carry several presents; Uryuu and Orhime also arrived with their three year old son; and finally, Urahara and Yoruichi arrived, already slightly drunk from their own party with Isshin at his clinic.

Everything was set.

The twins were set at the head of the table with birthday hats on their heads.

"Happy Birthday!" everyone cheered.

Asuka and Akio squealed with glee as they blew out their three birthday candles.

Later Takeshi and Mai followed their siblings upstairs to their room joined by Ishida Ryo and Abarai Yuki to play with their new toys. The adults stayed behind enjoying the adult part of the party, which got started as soon as Isshin and Urahara brought out the alcohol that they had hidden behind the couch.

Rukia took a step outside to drop some bags of garbage into the trash bins. She stretched her arms in front of her while looking up into the clear night sky. The petite woman smiled as she thought back to all the wonderful things that have been happening since she came to Karakura.

Kuchiki Rukia met Kurosaki Ichigo in Karakura High School.

They got drunk at Matsumoto's party.

They had Kurosaki Takeshi.

Less than three years later Ichigo disappears.

Rukia had Kurosaki Mai, who was conceived the night before Ichigo left.

Her artwork became famous and soon opened her own gallery.

Seven years later Ichigo suddenly returned.

Their love quickly resurfaced and they got engaged.

Kuchiki Byakuya returned and took Rukia away to marry off to Aizen Sousuke.

Ichigo, with the help of Byakuya and his friends, was able to find Aizen's illegal work in weapons.

Rukia found out she's pregnant.

Aizen was stopped in time, all the chaos ending with his death.

Rukia told Ichigo the happy news about another child.

Byakya gave them his blessing and they were married within a month.

They had Kurosaki Asuka and Kurosaki Akio a few months later.

Ichigo transferred to Karakura Hospital.

And now…they were celebrating their third year of peace which has been lacking in their lives ever since they first met.

A car suddenly stopped in front of the Karakura residence which pulled Rukia out of her trance. She looked up and saw Byakuya stepping out of the car with a huge present under his arm. Rukia smiled and bowed as their eyes met. "Thank you for taking time in your busy schedule to come here, niisama."

Byakuya nodded. "Where are the twins?"

Rukia held the door open. "In their room."

Like always Byakuya walked past his sister. But he paused for a second to pat her shoulder and give her a small smile. That was all Rukia needed to know he still cared about her and was proud of her.

Once Rukia was alone again, she turned around and took in another breath of fresh air.

"You're going to get a cold like that," Ichigo's voice whispered by her neck as his arms embraced her.

Rukia leaned back into his body and relaxed.

"What are you thinking about?" Ichigo asked curiously.

Rukia closed her eyes and smiled. "Just what's been happening since we first met."

Ichigo chuckled as he leaned down to kiss the top of her head. "It's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride."

Rukia laughed as the two looked up to the full moon.



"… I love you."

Rukia looked at her husband and smiled. "I love you, too."

Ichigo looked down into her violet eyes and brought his hand up to caress her cheek. Giving her his trademark smirk, Ichigo grabbed her hand. "Let's go back in."

Rukia nodded, allowing her husband to lead her back inside where the party was starting to get crazy.

But then again, that was 'normal' in this house.


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