This is just a short fic toying with the idea if the chosen were a bit more outward with they're hostility towards Ken when he first joined and Ken's unstable mental health.

What's the right thing to say?

By Kaiser kun

Ken blinked at the rest of the group and stuttered dumbly. Nothing like the genius he was, is and supposed to be, he was still evil he knew it. But what was the right answer to their question?
They're righteous never wavering but I? sadly to say am a lost cause...

"Come on Ken what's your opinion!"Growled Miyako determined to get a response.

"Don't rush him Miyako... Take your time Ken" Hikari said kindly.

I took a deep breath. 'Lying would do no good they'd never trust my opinion again...' So I cleared my throat quietly.

"The evil that I created... Wasn't by any means destroyed..." I paused, trying to stop my voice from shaking, making sure to avoid eye contact.

"I thought you said you shut it all down" growled a suspicious Iori.

"I did, but on further analysis it appears someone stole all the data on the dark towers... and how to block evolution..."

"You just left information like that lying around!!!"Barked Takeru seething.

"You left us wide open to any kind of attack from anything!!!"

Hikari grabbed him by the arm wrenching him down.

"This is not the time Takeru." She hissed, starting to get more than just irritated by the whole mess.

I kept my gaze directed at the floor. My hands in my lap and resisted the urge to hug myself the raging voices reduced to angry buzzing in my ears.

"How do you even know he's telling truth!!" some random voice snarled.

"He could be planning something right now, and we're just letting it get right under our noses!!!"


"Its unfair, but really we don't know..."


All the Chosen looked up, even me if you could call me a chosen...

"He's sitting right there, have some consideration!!" Screamed Daisuke, gesturing wildly anger showing on his face.

"Its time to have a little faith. Ken said he didn't do it so he didn't do it ok?!! Case closed so stop hounding him, and lets do something constructive!!"Daisuke wheezed, panting from his out burst. The chosen looked stunned and Ken looked impassive...

Daisuke turned to Ken and said in a gentler tone. "You had camera's all over your base, have you checked them to see if anyone came in?"

I looked up, the gentle chocolate eyes looking at me with pity. Something im sure if I tried hard enough I could drown in...

"Most of them were destroyed in the blast, but I haven't had time to check all of them..."

"Convenient ..." Mumbled Iori? I don't know anymore.

I should have stayed home had cake with Wormon... catch up with homework, anything just not here with these... these...


I silenced that part of my mind quickly, not wanting that part of me to raise its ugly head for the rest of my life, and if not at least not while im infront of my interrogation squad...

My, what's more incriminating than thinking bad things about people when you're supposed to be proving yourself to be reformed??

'Grabbing them by the throats screaming hallelujah?'

'Shush!!!' I mentally hissed. Silencing the rising darkness, that seemed to creep up my throat like bile.

"- So lets go to Ken's base tomorrow and see what we can dig up. Its worth a shot, if we're gonna find any leads to this person it'll be there. Ken?"

"Huh?" Damn, I missed at least half of that conversation...

The chosen scowled reproachfully. Hikari who looked torn between concern and anger, and Takeru who almost looked crazed by what was going on.

"Going to your base tomorrow, will you lead us?"

"Daisuke are you ma-!!!"Miyako started, but was quickly silenced.

"Ken? would you?"Daisuke pleaded.

I nodded not knowing what else to do. "I'll lead you..." I whispered sinking even more into myself.

"brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

My hands fumbled into the pouch, on the front of my jumper. Pulling out a grey and black Nokia.

Something my parents bought me incase I got lost, Ive been very forgetful lately... But probably more to locate me if I go missing again.

"Hello?..."I start nervously, fully aware that all eyes are on me.

"Oh Ken dear, just calling to make sure your all right and know where you are. You okay honey?"

"Im fine Moma." I croaked, starting to feel sick again.

Something coursing through my veins, wanting me to throw the mobile against the wall and tell the chosen brats to go to hell. But I swallowed it down quickly, Just in time to hear her reply.

"I think you should come home Ken, you don't sound well the doctor said you shouldn't be pushing yourself..."

I sighed with relief. Finally a plausible excuse to leave...and they heard it too nosy bas- people...

"Yes Moma, don't worry Im just leaving now"

"Ok Ken dear I'll see you soon... 'click'..."

They were still watching me, though more awkwardly than they had previously done.

"Im sorry but I have to leave now..." I bowed respectfully and made my way to the door.

"Hey Ken!" I froze but did not turn around.

"I'll send you the time and location on your D-terminal okay?"

"Okay..." I breathed. "Tomorrow" and continued my way out of the apartment and into the chilly hallway.

"Daisuke what the hell are you playing at!! Getting that psycho murderer involved do you have a death wish?!!!"Screamed Takeru.

"I think he's ill..."Whispered Hikari.

"Fine. A mentally ill person then how do you even though he's properly recovered Daisuke he could turn on us at any moment!!!"

"I think he's-"

"Takeru's right Daisuke whether he's psycho ill or whatever we cant have a loose cannon on are team"


"Maybe we should give him a shot..."

Everyone turned to look at Iori who had obviously been deep in thought.

"He helped defeat thundermon..."

"Obliterated you me" sniped Miyako.

"Still we could do with more help even if only temporary..."

They knew he had a point even if the we're too stubborn to admit it. Though Daisuke grinned.

"Okay lets prepare for tomorrow don't worry I know Ken'll be fine" Chirped Daisuke confidently. Though the other remained unsure.

Outside Ken blinked at this information, before coming to a conclusion.

He had one chance... and the percentage high that he was going to screw it up...

His face twisted in pain, as he took the lift and left the apartment building. He paused outside and looked at the looming building, and then started to walk away.

"Hey mister!!!!"

Ken looked up wearily, too tired from today's events to pretend to look happy infront of the child.

"Could you pass me my ball?"

For a moment Ken's eye's glazed over, and a deadly smirk came upon his tierd features.

"Sure little one."Ken bent over and picked up the ball, and walked into the park and up to the little boy.
... Hours later...

Ken woke up lost that night too...

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