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By: Kaizer kun



I blinked and looked up at the intruding noise, to find two sets of brown eyes staring at me. Though Hikari's seemed more mahogany red than Miyako's dull brown, and far less manacing though im sure that could easily be changed.

"If your going to come with us stop stalling and open up the gate!!"

"Y-yes" I stammered, clutching the dark plastic hard against my hand. Causing its indentations to press into my soft skin.

I walked stiffly forwards, ignoring all of the boring eyes on me and opened the gate, and got sucked into the computer.

I half expected to come out as the Kaizer. Cape flowing in the breeze royally as I pondered my next scheme to warp the fragile world, but now I was just in my plain uniform. Looking down at my dull clothes I was dissapointed. Coming here seemed the only time I ever wore anything remotely flamboyant...

"Ok guys, we're going to break up into groups of two and try to spread out so we can knock down more Dark towers. Got it!!" Daisuke beamed, hoping his enthusiasm was infectious.

"Got it!!" The chosen droned, and seperated off into they're groups Hikari and Iori, Takeru and Miyako,Ken and Daisuke.

The brown haired boy glanced at Ken with curious eyes, though quickly looked away when Ken's distant eyes rose to meet his own.

Ken's eyes once again returned to the barron landscape, devoid of any life the rough sand in the air buffed against his pale skin making him cringe in irratation, to the slightly familiar coarse grains though he knew the familiararity came from a far too distant past.

Ken scuffed his charcoal black dull shoes on the rough terrain, an unusual practise for him but knowing such an act performed in the the digital world was inconsequential, he decided to allow himself this silent act of rebellion knowing this was all he was going to get for a long time.

Though he grew stiff from the other boys constant observations of his every movement, though through curiosty or malice he was not quite sure. His intelligence told his no while his almost constant paranoia told him otherwise.

"Ken?..." Daisukes unusualy hesistant and small voice barely made it over Stingmon's proud bellow of spiking strike, shattering the looming dark tower making a huge wave of sand and dirt shoot across the dry land.

The distant genius barely rose his head. Just a small acknowledgement that he was indeed in fact listening.

"Are you- Will you join us Ken?"

Kens mouth twitched bitterly. "What do you think im doing here?"

Daisuke fidgeted at the words, he had to admit this morning had been awkward and maybe someone lesser than Ken would have fled from all of the anger and tension directed at them but he just calmly held his ground.

But then that could just come naturally from his time as Kaizer...

Daisuke shook his head. Ken was different now someone had to give him a second chance, and he didnt want the midnight haired genious to reconsider especially after getting him this far.

Although he hated to admit it, Kens mental state of health seemed rather frail.

Too frail if you were to ask a doctors opinion. Daisuke really wanted to help Ken, though his original idea was to turn the loose cannon into a more passive object.

Though on reflection it now seemed more selfish, so had transformed a selfish whim into a mission of redemption. He new Ken could do it, even in the eyes of the other chosen... but that would take time...

Alot of time he just hoped the former Kaizer could withstand the pressure. Looking at him now gracefully making his way through the sandstorm, it seems that he could widthstand a hurracane and considering he had once withstood Pegasismon's Star shower he may well could widthstand one. Though he'd probably mock me and say his power comes from technology or science something like that...

Ken's P.O.V

God... That's what I wanted to be... That is what I had envisioned, to finally control everything around me everything had an equation and nothing could break from that. Even my downfall had been a dismissed equation...

Not counting on gennai had been a major flaw of mine, the Digiegg of miracles... They had named it well... The coming of a new Kaizer stopped... by a golden ornament.

Ken shook his head and smiled to himself bitterly. Pride cometh before a fall...

But everything had eventually turned into the Ex Kaizers favour, but for how long that lasted was entirely up to him..

He could afford no more mistakes, he glanced discreetly at the holder of courage and friendship if he played his cards right this would all go to plan.

It may take months even years, but he had always been taught that patience was key... and the art of manipulation... Little Daisuke wouldnt be so hard to twist but the others... That would be a challenge.

"Ken call Stingmon back theres a villaged up ahead!!" Daisuke yelled over the harsh desert winds.

I nodded and raised my hand and struck my arm right in a fast harsh movement, and Stingmon immediately backed off.

Daisuke seemed entralled by the gesture, and stared amazed by the control I weilded with just one gesture.

"Wow how did?..."He whispered looking at my now limp arm and back at stingmon. Who was still poised hovering for his next command. His wings making a gentle hum ride on the now gentling breeze...

I shrugged and offered what I hoped vaguely looked like a kind smile, and gestured towards the now looming village.

I nodded to Stingmon who flew on ahead, high in the skies scanning the perimeter making sure nothing would ambush us.

Daisuke stumbled trying to keep up with the dark haired genious, and his amazingly controlled digimon.

Looking to the skies he saw Ex-veemon swerving trying to imatate the graceful insects movements. The imatation almost perfect, but appeared less controlled than Stingmon's and seemed to jerk when a unsuspecting wind current jerked the path of his wings slightly.

Ken stopped as the village came into full view, and waited for Stingmon to return from his scouting, eventually Daisuke caught up panting softly as he tried to catch his breath.

Eventually the large Adult digimon came down and landed the a loud thump. Ken nodded and followed Stingmon into the eeriely silent village, Daisuke keeping close to the genious's back starting to feel uneasy with the silence of the usually loud digital plane.

Ken frowned he didnt like the suspitious silence either. The village had lots of huts spread out all over the place, so he decided to go look into the closest one on his left. It was dark inside in sharp contrast to the sharp desert sun blazing outside. Making Ken squint eyes straining to climatize to the darkness, it seems Digimon had been living here but at the moment in time were absent so he wandered on to the next. Twenty huts later he found what he had been looking for.

A Metalkoromon huddling in the corner obviously trying to remain unnoticed, to whatever monsters lay outside, bringing a not so gentle smile to Kens lips.

"Hey Little guy!!" Daisukes voice burst out from behind him, scooping the quivering metal digimon in his arms. Its blinking red eyes peering up curiously at the teenage boy, who was now cradling him gently in his arms, beaming his all too enthusiastic smile.

The little digimon did its best to return the smile, before burrying itself in Daisukes chest.

"There there, its ok little guy" Daisuke drew the small digimon away from his body, despite its protests and continued.

"We can help if you can tell us what wrong. Wheres the other digimon?"

The red blinking eyes almost seemed to quiver, before a small squeak escaped.

"To the desert winds" The scrap metal of a digimon squeaked.

Ken sighed. Since the end of his reign, adult and perfect digimon alike having been running a muck. no direction at all and definately no ambition.

"Its ok little guy you can come back with us!" Daisuke assured and the little digimon beeped happily.

The rest of our exploration of the deserted village was quite peaceful. Except for one last lurking adult digimon, who I minght add was impressively destroyed by Stingmon. Around the chosen I knew I had to keep the body count minimum, but seeing the look in Daisukes eyes he agreed whole heartedly with my decision to execute the serial digimon. The little metal thing definately had no complaints.

Eventually we met back with the other chosen, and swapped notes... although it didnt really seem worth while. While both teams had destroyed a disgusting amount of dark towers, none had come upon a ruined village like ours. Whilst the digimon played with the metal thing, Takeru started ranting about Evil that kid really need to see a shrink... Maybe we can go together? I laughed quietly to myself.

"And Ken destroyed the remaining monster-"


This quickly snapped me out of my reverie long enough to feel a small stab of panick in my gut, quickly taking a deep breath to steady my nerves.

The chosen stared at me, partially agry and the other half horrified.

"You murdered a digimon!!" Miyako screeched making my already to stretched psyche, seem all the more worn.

Takeru was silent, and Hikari seemed thoughtful and Iori plain hateful.

"You disgusting murderer!!" Iori bellowed as he stormed towards Ken. Wormmon flinched at his words but from a totally different reason than the chosen would expect...

"Itai!!" The young boy screeched and backed off. To my surprise the little metal digimon had protected me, standing fiercely between Iori and myself. Its little beeps trying to sound intimidating warning off the child of knowledge, who's hand kept flexing due to the mild shockwaves riding through his nerves.

"Metalkoromon..."Daisuke whispered obviously moved by the small digimons friendship and bravery despite its shy and almost cowardly nature.

"I have just survived a mascre and you want to hurt the person who saved me!! That digimon had killed countless innocents and you want to let him live? Are you insane?!" The digimon screeched, its mechanical voice seeming a little hoarse, as if what ever made the robotic like digimon work was straining under the pressure.

Iori just stood there motionless. Killing was wrong it had been one of the first things he had been taught as a child there was no exceptable excuse for killing another life form.

Iori stormed off through the desert, probably trying to find the digital gate to leave. While the other chosen were still reeling from the Metalkoromons outburst. Gatomon seemed almost understanding, as she looked at the baby digimon sympathetically.

Finally coming to, they started to head for the gate. Hoping to face this particular mess after everyone had calmed down.

Saphire eyes looked down at the silver digimon, and scooped it up and ran towards the gate deciding maybe having another loyal associate wouldnt be such a bad thing.

The digimon beeped happily, and even Wormmon mumbled something encouraging as they flew through the gate.

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