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Warnings: this story contains adult themes (war, and its effects on people), will also have violence, language, reference to suicide and drug use…

Summery: Voldy dearest was a bit more intelligent and thought to hide his bits of soul in harder to reach places than a 16/17 year old would think to look. So the war dragged on for another 4 years. Lots of people died, both muggle and magical. When Voldemort ticks off the gods, Harry is given an opportunity to go back in time and fix things. How much will things change? Will anyone listen before history begins to repeat?



Entry from the Diary of Harry Potter, July 31, 2010

It has been 4 years since I left Hogwarts to fight Voldemort. Four bloody and horrible years. I turn 20 today. It's ironic almost, that here in America I am old even old enough to drink (or wouldn't be if there were people enforcing the law) and yet I am already a seasoned soldier, a killer, a general even, in this kill or be killed world we have created.

Everyone is dead. Everyone foolish enough to get close to me. Ginny, Ron, Hermione…everyone.

The fighting gets worse everyday. Muggle and magical explosions daily, hourly on a bad day. I can't sleep anymore. Not for longer than an hour. I train, sleep, then train some more. There are always refugees or new recruits willing to help or teach a new trick. It is how we survive. The muggles know what we are; how could they not with how they've been targeted? They're rioting everywhere. This is a guerilla war, and I have thousands of fighters from all over the world, but it's never enough. Tom has just as many death eaters, and between him and the muggles who don't care who they kill…That's not fair I know. Half my people are muggles willing to fight along side us.

I've written this all before, I know. Today I got some bad news. Really bad. I've been getting reports for weeks that V. has been working on some big project. Now we know what it is. He is planning to use some dark magic ritual to tap into the power of the earth itself. It is unfathomable. Should he succeed he will have the power to control the sea, create and destroy mountains on a whim, cause hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes…His powers would be limitless, and he would be unstoppable.

Naturally, he is doing the ritual on the full moon. I will be stuck as the wolf, but I must find a way to stop him. I need to return to England.

Happy Fucking Birthday to me.

A/N: Hopefully this will help fill in some of my AU changes. Yes, Harry is a werewolf. England was abandoned, and is now Voldemort's hub, that's why he's in America. I will try to answer some of your questions, but a lot of Harry's past will come up in dreams and flashbacks.

A/N 2: You will find out how far back Harry goes in the next chapter. (OOOh Look! It's right there!)