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Previously: Harry is sent back in time by the Gods and defeats the Voldemort from his time in battle. He recovers from the fight to receive his Watcher manual and his backpack. He visits a nearby town to rest up and discovers that Fate left him an identity: Kitten Rayne Gregory. Dumbledore, Remus, and Moody receive letters from him about Sirius; all are marked with a Seer's seal. The Longbottoms receive a letter warning them of potential attack- this is not signed at all.

Excerpt from Watcher's Handbook Chapter1: Duties

First and foremost Watchers are mediators. Their job is to lookout for the wellbeing of their plain of existence. In doing this they are often called upon to settle disputes between different species, different countries, and different interest groups. The Watcher is responsible for tracking the balance of power on their plain and insuring that Order does not become mangled, and that Chaos is never suppressed.

Watchers often act as an in-between for their plain and that of the divine.

Chapter 5: Mt. Everest and a competition


The first thing he noticed was that he was no longer in his own mind. The second thing he realized was that he was in a dream. He's sleeping! Harry kept the exclamation carefully in his own mind. This was a first. He had never had a 'vision' of a dream before. Slowly an idea came to him.

Very carefully he began sorting through memories looking for horcruxes He delicately shifted through thoughts, desperate to find the information without waking Voldemort and praying this wasn't a trap.

An indefinite period of time later, his heart lurched. This was it. Oh shit!

Harry woke breathing hard his knife in one hand and scanning the room for threats. He let himself fall back against the bed trembling. Everything was different now. It could all be fixed, changed.


Harry caught a bus and headed towards London as soon as he was able in the morning. It shocked him to the core to see so many innocents just bustling around, headed to work, eating breakfast, gossiping. It nearly brought him to tears more than once to see it. In his time no one had the luxury to be outside for no reason. People didn't trust one another enough to hold idle conversation. Attacks and riots sprung up all too easily…Harry turned his mind from that thought and resolved once again to never let it get that bad, now that he had a chance.

London was just amazing to him. It was terribly beautiful. He picked up a paper, noting that they printed an article about the thirteen deaths yesterday. Harry nearly laughed when he caught himself thinking that 13 was hardly worth the front page. He was nearly hysterical when he felt Blazes land on his shoulder.

Be calm Fledgling. I am invisible. You need to settle yourself. You need to find a flight to Everest, either Nepal or Tibet, just get close and we can flame to the summit.

"You never did explain to me why we can't just flame straight there." Harry muttered quietly as he hurried through the streets.

Idiot. Magical regulations and international policy. If you travel by magical means it has to be authorized. If you travel by muggle means there's no processing. While the ministry can't monitor my travel, if you get into legal trouble and they can't find travel records, you will be in a huge mess for illegal entry. Being a werewolf you could be executed in extreme cases as a national security breach. Shouldn't you know this?

"Travel regulations were the least of anyone's worries at the time. Let's just do this."


The peak of Mt. Everest was a magical blind spot. Neither Nepal nor Tibet was interested in regulating the rare squib that made the climb, so magic performed there was overlooked by both governments. Usually this didn't matter very much; the temperature and altitude were enough to deter troublemakers and the thin air was resistant to spell casting. None of this however had any effect on dormant magic, passive magic or magical items. Such as a horcrux.

The idea of blind spots had apparently been very appealing to Voldemort, and he had hidden his horcrux without elaboration and defenses. Hufflepuff's cup was buried at the peak of the mountain without any safeguard but the defense of the location itself and a few muggle-repelling charms. And it had been enough for a long, long time.


Harry was bundled in layers so that not an inch of flesh showed. He'd splurged on the clothing, pleasantly surprised at the difference time made in the value of money. He now stood three steps from where he knew the bit of soul was buried and flicked his wand. The wooden crate flung itself out of the ground and at his feet.

The young wizard hastily pulled out the vial from his pocket and retrieved the cup. He poured the potent magical poison into the cup and jumped back, casting ward after ward at the dissolving artifact. Black smoke rose from the thing and Harry braced himself as he felt the waves of malicious magic try to lash out. He felt dizzy and weak but he fought it until the cup had gone silent and nothing was left of the soul that had inhabited it.

He banished the mess back to the crate and buried it again. It felt rather anti-climatic to have a piece of Voldemort gone with so little resistance. He'd been fighting for so long that he kept expecting an ambush or a battle any moment, even as he knew that wouldn't happen. With any luck they will all be this easy. He stroked the white streak in his hair knowing he'd have more white from this. It took powerful magic to subdue something so dark.

He sighed and apparited back to his hotel room.


The owl found him two days later as he was sight-seeing in Nepal. He was people-watching more than anything. He'd not spent much time in Nepal during the war; for the most part it had been ignored by Voldemort and the Deatheaters. He'd heard rumors that the aria had been a refugee camp, until the riots at least.

A letter dropped into his lap, and Harry nearly hexed the bird, before catching himself. The owl was smart enough to take off at that and he forced himself to relax, only tightening his glamours. He scanned the letter for traces of anything harmful magical or mundane, before snapping the wax seal.

If you are receiving this you are a Cross-Continent Competitor, a Magical Mercenary Member, or an International Wizarding Duelist Association member.

Dueling Master Jonathan Chang has announced a formal dueling competition to be held in the next year. The competition will begin January 1st and will continue until a champion is decided.

Standard Dueling rules apply as per the International Wizarding Conference of 1910. There will be three categories to enter: singles, doubles, and teams. (Teams can be as few as 1 and as many as 13) Duelists will compete in rounds; three losses will eliminate you from the competition.

Grand Prize: 100,000 galleons*

Master Chang has declared that he will be taking on an Apprentice at the end of this competition. The last Dueling Master to take on an Apprentice was Master Janus in 1975! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to any duelist serious about their art.

Please owl the IWDA by November 20 with your entry form (attached). No entries will be accepted after this date.

Journeywoman Marshall,

IWDA Events Coordinator

*More details on prizes and rules available by request, this information will also be sent with your competitors' package. Winning Grand Prize will not automatically promise you the Apprenticeship.

Harry smiled. Perfect. His funds were running low, and he was reluctant to dip into his family vault- that belonged to little him. Competing in the competition would be a great résumé builder, and would be perfect when he decided to go to Hogwarts. If he could manage an Apprenticeship, he could keep up his standards of training, and maybe, hopefully, improve on his technique.

He headed back to his hotel considering. I remember reading about this competition at Hogwarts so this isn't something manipulated for me. It would defiantly lend credibility to my identity. With any luck, the Assassin's Guild will be there too. I miss those guys.

Who do you miss? Blazes questioned as he entered the room

"Stay out of my head. I miss the Assassin's Guild. I didn't get a token as part of the Kitten packet, so I can't just show up and expect membership. I have to wait till they seek me out."

You were an Assassin?

"Of course, I was initiated when I was 18, just after the Ministry fell. Mostly I focused on Voldemort, but occasionally I was given a separate mission. Everyone expected me to kill Him, the guild just made it official." Harry smiled at the thought of the men and women who had helped him so much. "I was their Prince you know. When I turned 19 everything went to hell and somehow the Guild decided they needed to cheer me up. Half a dozen countries had me as their elected leader and I hated it. The Guild threw this party and made me their Prince. It was mostly a joke. The King of Thieves was our current Guild Master, and they decided to create an honorary title. It was wonderful.

"They were so good about everything. They knew how hard it was for me to complete my mission, and they stood by me the whole way. It was brilliant. I would have collapsed without them…" Harry trailed off wistfully. He shook himself and blushed at the phoenix. "I'm sorry; it can't be easy knowing your bond-mate is a killer."

Don't be ridiculous Fledgling Blazes said gruffly. If you recall I joined with you just after you killed. You shan't be rid of me that easy. Why were you thinking of the guild anyhow?

"Oh! I had a letter. The IWDA is holding a competition, hosted by Master Chang. He's going to be taking an Apprentice. What do you think? I know I could place at least. I could use the money, and an Apprenticeship would be nice. It's this or trying to make contact with the merfolk, and I think I can start on them now actually."

You've lost me. Where did merfolk come from?

"Horcrux hunting. I need to wait on the locket until Sirius is free, and the diary I can't touch until I make nice with the Malfoys, something I can't do until I have something notable about me. The dagger is at the bottom of the sea. I was thinking I could make a deal with the merfolk and have them retrieve it."

Oh. Nice plan…Why don't you just speak to Mother Nature? She's got to be easier than merfolk.

"Now I'm lost. What?"

Your trinket. Power of nature and all that. I'm certain there's a way to use it to fetch your knife, and Destiny said you'd need to use it. Could be fun!

"…You're delusional bird." Harry pouted for a minute as he realized the phoenix was right. Sea Merfolk were notoriously hostile, and he did need to learn how to manage the power of the charm sooner rather than later.

Suck it up Fledgling. I would spend this time reading that handbook of yours and chatting with the Mother. You're right about the competition. You need to enter. It may even lead to a connection with this Malfoy guy.

"Okay, okay. Would you like to take in my form or should I find an owl?" Harry quickly filled out the required blanks.

Gimme, give me. I need something to do…

Harry sighed and pulled out the blue leather book. He had a lot of reading before he dared contact a goddess.


Back in England…

The Longbottoms thanked the aurors as they finished their report. They had only hours ago been accosted by Deatheaters on their way home from a party.

"Alice! I'm so glad you're okay. That was a nasty curse. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

"Positive, Frank. I just want to get home to Neville. I'm sure your mother is frantic. Remind me never to call you paranoid again." She leaned breathlessly against her husband.

They had left the party with a group of friends. Frank had been worried about the letter and refused to let them walk home alone. The four Deatheaters had appeared out of nowhere as they rounded a corner and Alice had been hit with a Crucio. The group has fought off the attackers and managed to subdue them until the aurors (those on duty at least) came.

"It gives me chills. If we'd been alone…"Frank stopped that thought pulling his wife closer as they followed their escort home. "We have a friend to thank. I wish I knew who."




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