Bride & Prejudice: The Second Chapter

Part 1

A Year Later…

After, Lalita and Will got married, a double wedding, with Jaya and Balraj, the wedding was everything that Lalita had imagined. She always believed that her true love will come but never imagined that it would be an American. She remembered when she first laid eyes on Will Darcy. She was up in the balcony, it was one of her best friend's wedding, Namrata, who is marrying a fellow from London, a friend of Balraj. She was up there having fun with the girls, watching the boys dance, when she felt that someone was watching her. She noticed that Jaya had her eyes on Balraj. So when she looked down, she saw a pair of blue eyes staring at her and to be honest, it was love at first sight for her. She saw how he smiled at her shyly and his dimples showed. He was very good-looking indeed. Their relationship didn't start off well, she saw him as this arrogant, vain and ignorant American who knew nothing about her country and culture. And he saw her as this very independent, highly-opinionated, but traditional woman, who is easily offended. But he could not deny the fact that she could possibly very well be, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Her blue eyes and her exotic looks combined with her intelligence and innocence, she is perfect. Both were aware of the attraction and the sexual tension when they were in the room together. As much as they tried to forget each other, fate somehow brought them together. And after all the trials and uncertainties, they knew they were meant to be.

It's been a year since they got married. Will and Lalita bought a house in Los Angeles, where they live now. Lalita knew that when she married Will, that she will have to move to America, and that meant leaving her family. When Will mentioned that he wanted to marry someone he couldn't wait to see everyday and the sadness on his face when he talked about his parents living apart, she knew that she could never do that to Will. She loved the man too much. As much as she hated the thought of being away from her family, the thought of not being with Will is even worse. Her place as his wife, is now with him. After their two-week long honeymoon, Will told her, she could stay with her family for another month, if she wanted to, while he looks for a house for them and then she can just join him in Los Angeles. She missed Will so much that after two weeks, she flew to Los Angeles to be with him.

Will's mom wasn't very happy when he told her that he's marrying Lalita. All his life, he had devoted his time to the family business, did things that were expected of him, and took care of his little sister Georgie, but the one thing he knew nobody could decide for him was who to marry. He knew that marrying Lalita would cause an already tense and erratic relationship he had with his mother. But he didn't care because he could not imagine life without Lalita.

The first few months were hard for both. Lalita was adjusting to life in America. She told Will that she wanted to look for a job and earn her own money. Will said that he wanted her involved in the family business. Knowing fully well that she's a graduate in business & finance, he thought that she could be an asset in handling their finances. Her good relationship with Kholi, who is handling their account, could really help ease his workload. At first, she was hesitant because she knew what Will's mom thought of her. But she was also driven to prove to his mother wrong. So after a month of convincing, Lalita finally gave in and his mother eventually conceded.

Since then, things have been going really well. Both have never been so happy before. Will is supportive, loving, attentive, and spoils her to death. Lalita surpassed all his expectations in a wife. He looks to her for her opinions about business ventures and ideas on how they can best improve their hotel services.

When Will is away on business, depending on how many days he will be away, he takes Lalita with him. He just can't imagine being away from her for more than 3 days. It drives him nuts not to see her face for a day.

Lalita keeps in touch with her family in India, talking to them every week. She also keeps in touch with Jaya, who lives in London with Balraj, and they talk 2 or 3 times a week. Jaya, just like Lalita, is involved in her husband's family business.

It's been awhile since they had last seen each other. It was six months ago, to be exact, at Will and Lalita's American wedding. After their wedding in India, Will wanted to have a wedding in Los Angeles, so that his friends and his side of the family can share this special moment with him and his new wife. Plus, he knew how much Lalita wanted to wear a white wedding dress. The wedding was held in their hotel in Beverly Hills. Lalita's family from India as well as Balraj's family flew in for the wedding. They had over 200 guests and Georgina was the Maid of Honor.

While waiting for Will to come home for dinner, Lalita decide to call Jaya in London.

"Jaya, it's Lalita."

"Oh hey Lalita, I can't wait to see you next week. You're still coming with Will right?"

"Of course, I am Jaya. We'll stay there for a few days and then, Will surprised me yesterday and told me that after London, we are going to India. He wants to see Mama and Papa and of course, Maya and Lakhi. He wants to talk to Papa about something. He wants to build a hotel in Armistrar to compete with the D N Hotel. And he's really keen on buying that Hotel Resort in Goa, right next to the one we stayed in."

"Really? I'll ask Balraj if we can join you guys in India. If he's too busy, I'll go. So you're okay with Will now buying hotels in India?" Jaya laughed.

"Well, I think now, he has a better understanding of India and the culture. I'm so proud of him Jaya, because he's been reading so much about our country. He actually asked me first for my opinion before he took the ideas to his mom and the board of directors? We're so lucky to marry the men we married, Jaya."

"I couldn't agree more."

"Oh, Will is here Jaya. I have to go. I'll see you next week, alright. Bye."

"Bye, Lalita."

After hanging up the phone, Lalita rushed excitedly to meet Will at the door.

"Do you know that this is my favorite part of the day? Coming home and you are waiting for me." Will said hugging his wife and kissing her lightly on the lips.

"And I love, more than anything greeting you at the door. So how was the meeting?"

"The meeting went well, it was just too long. I'm starving. I'm sorry, I know that it's a bit late."

"It's okay. Just go and sit down and I'll get the food ready."

"Thanks, babe, for waiting for me. So we are all set for our meeting with the hotel owner in Goa and also we are meeting with the city mayor and the contractors in Armistrar. Have you talked to Dad about what we talked about?"

"Nope, I wasn't sure if you wanted me to and if it was my place to do so. Plus, I just thought that it would be better if you asked him yourself and you, two men, talked."

"Yeah, that's exactly my thought too. Hey babe, I was thinking, you know how Georgina spends a lot of her time with us, and she's really close to you, do you mind, if she wants to, if she moved in with us?"

"Oh God Will, you know I love having her around. Plus, we have such a big house and so many rooms."

"I was also thinking, I know that Lakhi is graduating from high school and she's going to a university soon, what do you think of her coming here and going to school here?"

"Oh, I'm sure she'd love that. But universities here cost more money."

"Don't worry about that babe. I also think it would do Georgina to have a friend she can hang out with. She and Georgina seem to get along too. They can go to school together too."

"Let me talk to Mama and Papa. Lakhi is the baby in the family, you know how Mama is. But thank you for thinking of her."

"Speaking of babies and rooms, I was wondering, if you want to, I mean we don't have to do now but when you're ready, I'd like for us to start thinking about maybe, starting a family maybe in a year or two."

"Really, Will? I'd like that. I can wait to see little Wills running around the house."

"And I can't wait to see little Lalitas running around the house and I know for sure they have me wrapped around their fingers like their Mom. How many do you want?"

"Well, the ideal number would be two but I think I want to have more than that."

"Yeah, me too, I'd like to have more than two. I was thinking, we can start after the hotel in Armistrar is done. I don't want us to travel too much when you're pregnant. I, especially want to be here when you need me."

"Will, you are too much. Did I ever tell you how lucky I am to be your wife?"

"You have but I don't mind hearing it again."

"I love you. Why don't you on upstairs and rest. I'll clean up here and I'll join you after I'm done."

"Okay. The food, as always, was delicious. I'll wait for you in the bedroom. I love you."

Will kissed Lalita before making his way to the bedroom.