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Edward was out of town for a while, and I thought I was gunna die. Sitting at home waiting to go and hang out with Alice and Emmett I came up with the most brilliant idea ever. MY HUMAN EXPERINCES! I would have Emmett and Alice take me to have my human experiences!

I called up Alice as soon as the idea came to mind. "Alice I've been sitting at home with nothing to do when I cam up with the most perfect idea EVER! You and Emmett take me to have my human experiences! Isn't that a great idea!?!"

"Bella that sound SA-WEET! What did you wanna do first? Think about it and me and Emmett will be on our way!"

Well my first human experience wouldn't be that major. I was going to get a new haircut and dye it. Not to drastic, but new.

Emmett pulled into the drive may with his monstrous jeep, and a huge cheesy grin on his face.

"Hey Em! Hey Alice! Okay so first experience isn't gunna be intense but I want to go get my haircut and get it dyed. Sound good?

"Well it's a good start." Alice chimed.

Emmett gave me a boost into the car and then we were on our way to the hairdresser.

"So," Alice started "What are you thinking of doing with your hair?"

"Well I want it shoulder length, maybe a little longer, with a lot of layers. And I want to dye the underneath a bleached blonde! You think it will look cute?"

Alice's eyes became unfocused while she concentrated deeply on something far away.

"I think that would look hot!" Emmett boomed.

"Thanks Em!"

"Oh my lanta Bella! I did just have a vision on you getting your haircut. And let me say the end result, you looked FAB-U-LOUS!

"Sweet! Well let's go in and get my hair done!!"

We walked into the hair salon and I set up my appointment. We had to wait for a couple of minutes, but that was okay it gave us time to think of my next human experience.

"So what should I do next guys? I really have no clue, I just thought that with Edward being gone that it would be perfect to start doing some crazy wild things."

"Bella Swan?"

"Coming," I said to the hairdresser "You guys think, I'll go get my hair did! Ha ha"

The lady took me to the back to wash my hair while I explained to her how I wanted my hair done.

"Wow, going for a drastic change I see."

"Yup. I just thought I should try something new" I gave her a warm smile that she returned.

We went to a styling chair and she began to cut my hair. So far I liked what I was seeing, I just hoped she knew what she was doing.

In no time my hair was cut and she was already dying the underneath of my hair.

I sat in the chair waiting for my hair to be dyed. "Alice, Em come over here my neck hurts and I'm bored!"

"Hey! Okay well you don't have to wait much longer your hairs almost done,' Alice said tapping her forehead. "But me and Emmett have been thinking that for another 'human' experience you should go skydiving!"

"Whoa Alice! Rewind. What did you say? SKY DIVING!?! I'd probably piss my pants!"

"Well you said you wanted to do some intense things…" Emmett stated.

"Okay I promise I WILL do it, but just give me some time…okay? Lets get the wimpy things over with first."

"Okay sounds good, but hey here comes your hair lady to wash out your hair. See ya after your transformation!" Alice giggled.

The lady, whose name I never got, took me to wash the hair dye out. After she rinsed my hair she blow-dried it at put a mirror in my hands. I looked in the mirror and using the other mirror looked at the back of my hair. Just as Alice said, my hair looked amazing! I know it wasn't my normal Bella self, but I liked the change.

I paid "The hair-cutting Lady" gave her a tip and ran over to Alice and Emmett.

"Hey guys! So what do you think?" I said spinning in circles flinging my hair around.

"Super CUTE!" Alice squealed.

"It looks good Bella!" Emmett added "Different, but good."

"Great well it's kinda late, and I don't wanna go home yet sooooo…how about a sleep over Alice?"

"YAY! Oh my gosh it'll be sooo much fun! We'll find new ways to do your new hair! YAY!" Alice said jumping up and down, clapping her hands.

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