The author makes no claim to any of the original intellectual property associated with the Naruto universe, but humbly seeks t

The author makes no claim to any of the original intellectual property associated with the Naruto universe, but humbly seeks to add to the appreciation of the application of physics within this and other premises for alternate forms of reality be they mystical, scientific, or any combination thereof.


The Fox's Fluke

As I stated in the last chapter, there are inconsistencies in the way the one Uzumaki Naruto implements the henge no jutsu compared to other shinobi, including others with considerably more skill than he has. This may be an oversight on the part of the creators of the series, or on that of the characters themselves. Never the less, I believe that this is evidence of a completely different technique. Working under that assumption, I proceeded to philosophize upon what that would mean it was doing, how it was developed, and how it was done. These are my interpretations, and as always I leave them open to you questions and criticisms.

To understand the sort of negotiable morphology involved her, first we must understand the inspiration of the technique as well as the uses to which it has been put, as these are the only sources of information that have any true value, all personal interpretations including my own being equally valueless.

The long tradition of animal trickster spirits is continued in eastern mythology, notably those of china and Japan, with the presence of fox spirits, or kitsune in Japanese. While by no means unique, sharing the common elements with both the medieval French folk character Reynard the fox, the Celtic traditions of the fey, and any number of other trickster bush souls, it nonetheless is a uniquely eldritch in its dispositions. Its traits include deviousness tempered by the classical inability to directly lye or break its word, the ability to live for centuries, to use otherworldly flames to lure unsuspecting travelers to their deaths (shades of will'o'the wisps), and most poignantly in this instance to take on human form. The shape they take is often either an old scholar or a beautiful young woman, though they often have trouble hiding their tails in their transformed state. When seen as a female they often seduce men to their doom or, just as often, simply seducing them. There are numerous recountings of the classic "demon wife" tale in which a couple who have been together for years, even raised children, is sundered when the husband betrays a single unbreakable promise to his wife and found her to be a vixen, losing her and his fox-kit children in the bargain and as often as not finding himself starving in the dilapidated buildings frequented by sheltering animals. That said it should be noted that this does lead me to the conclusion that there must be some sort of matter manipulation, as even taking into account the use of illusion to conceal the surroundings and her form, the impossibility of human-canid reproduction has clearly been bypassed somehow. It is merely a postulate on my part that an actual material shift is involved, instead of a significantly more magical explanation. In any case, knowing that Naruto is the vessel containing the Nine Tailed Fox (apparently the only one in his world), it is easy to see where tie inspiration for the Sexy Jutsu came from, both to his creators and the boy himself. It is also possible then, that he was tapping into a latent ability the fox possessed to assume a woman's form, bringing about a physical change alien to the standard Academy ninjutsu it disguised itself as.

Moving on to the applications Naruto put this method of transformation to, it is necessary to reiterate that the first and most telling example is the Oiroke no Jutsu, or sexy technique. Before the development of this ability Naruto had almost no compitence for the henge no jutsu, producing in one flash back a distorted copy of the Hokage. After the development of the technique he was able to not immitate but syntehsize the apperaence of a comly young woman based upon gleaned information from peeping at the women's bath an research from girly magazines, but using what he learned to create an appearance based mostly upon himself, down to the coloration and the wisker marks.

Leaving aside the Freudian implications, this represents within Jungian interpeations an unusually early recionciation with his animus consistent with one who though inexperienced, is unusually enlightend as an individual. This "son of man" archtype of innocence combined with divinity being envoked is often tipified in the image of Christ as the divine child or Krishnu casting out his devious uncle in Hinduism. But that is neither here nor there for the purposes of my main point, merely a significant mythlogical signifier I though better brought to light.

Returning to the recounting of the significant applications a secound comes to mind easily, being the boy's transformtion into a Fuuma shuriken in the fight againts Zabuza during the Land of Waves arc. This is important for three reasons in my hypothesis:

He was morphologically diffrerent from a human form, including having a hole where his torso would have been in an illusion and a different mass than his normal body. He was able to be used as a weapon in this form.

He was for a significant period of time an inanimate object with no biological functions.

He remained aware despite not having a physical mind, even being able to disengage the technique at will.

The fact that the shuriken-Naruto was able to be weilded as a weapon is the only thing that signifiacantly indicates that this was more than an illusion. Without the fact, it is quite likely that he merely disgused himself, making all of my suppositons collapse like a house of cards. But it being the case that he replicated the mass and shape of a ninja tool well enough to be used as an accurate projectile, it is a safe assumption that if he didn't actully turn his flesh into steel, then he at least faked it physically. Apossibility for the effect was that he merely stored his body in a pocket dimension (think summoning scroll) while creating an chakr construct a la shadow clone jutsu that served as a stand in until he released it and his body.

His maintaining cociousness stipulates that he somehow seperated his body and mind when he changed, at least enough to perseve the right time to return to living tissues, if one works under the hypothesis that he converted his body. The other alternative, that of the chakra-construct, mere ly requires that the shuriken shape of the stand in act as a sort of two-way mirror, allowing him to see out through a dimesional bridge point that really needs to be large enough to allow light in for him to see.

When compaired to the later relpication fo the puppy Akumaru, it is clear that through either method compaired to the complexities of this task it was child's play.

I know that my description of this subject may seem unnecessarily complicated for such a simple act, and for that I would apologize save my belief that all this is pertinent information. I also wish to state that my opinions are not unsupported in the fanfiction community. Though as a reference source it is unreliable, it does serve as a good medium for interpretation. I give my thanks to Desaix for his story Training for the Job,and to Perfect Lionheart for his story Chunin Exam Day, both of which collaborate my hypothesis and served to help shape my conclusions.