Hello all,

Unfortunately I have decided that I will not continue this story. I've had all summer to think about it, come up with new ideas, and figure out the direction I want it to go in, and I've come up with nothing. I feel as if The Fallen Portrait should stand on its own.

I'm sorry to disappoint any of you who wanted this story to be continued. I just have no motivation or will to continue it. Thanks for reading it though, I really appreciate it.

I will probably take this story down because I have lots of new readers to the Fallen Portrait that are getting annoyed about this one being unfinished. I've received a lot of private messages asking me when I'll update it, and to be honest with you all, I'm tired of it.

Thanks so much for being avid readers. Summer is over and my busy work schedule is coming to an end. Hopefully I'll have the time to update my other stories and start new ones.

Thanks for being understanding.