And here's a chapter dedicated to the Disney characters.


Sebastian peeked around the rock and observed King Triton. He appeared to be conversing with a black-coated mouse.


Jasmine observed Snow White sorrowfully. The poor girl could really use more sunlight.


To Jack Sparrow, the ocean was freedom.

To Riku, the ocean was a prison.


Mulan was on sentry duty at the Great Wall. It felt rather pointless. The wall couldn't keep the Shadows out.


Peter remembered the first time he ever flew; his face looked exactly like Sora's when he took the leap.


Of all the Princess's, it was Aurora who felt the most comfortable during her unnatural slumber. Because it felt familiar somehow.


Goofy had heard of walking over someone's grave. But walking taking a secret passage through someone's grave? That was just creepy.


Terk ran like mad through the jungle away from the hunter, desperately wishing she could swing on the vines.


Sora wondered if merpeople went belly up when they died. But he didn't ask.


Stitch blasted another Heartless and giggled slightly as it disintegrated into ashes.


Riku huffed. Beautiful as she was Cinderella was still a blonde. Everyone knew mice couldn't talk.


Goofy had never believed in ghosts, but that Cheshire Cat was giving him second thoughts.


No one noticed, but Donald greatly admired Mulan. She knew from the beginning that her duty was to her heart. He wished he'd been that perceptive at Hollow Bastion.

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