Aerith was up to her elbows in potting soil, surrounded by lilies and forget-me-nots. And she'd never been happier.


Genie was living it up in Wonderland with fellow madcaps the Mad Hatter and March Hare. 1000 years of solitude had done little for his social life.


"So the Heartless take hearts. And the Nobodies have nothing but their bodies."


Sora frowned. There was a paradox here somewhere.


Vexen wasn't particularly enjoying the safari through the Pridelands the Superior had forced them all into hoping to boost group morale, encourage teamwork, etcetera. Still it was better than the fishing trip. Axel's methods had been unorthodox to say the least.


Sora picked up a handful of leaves from the Hundred Acre Wood. He'd have to take home some of them to show everyone back home.


Demyx held up a prism to the light and marveled at the multitude of colors that emerged. Something from nothing. If only Nobodies were like that.


Riku was leafing through the pages of his Biology book. He stopped at a picture on page 236 and studied it a moment. They'd gotten the anatomy of a whale wrong.


Hayner leanedon the fence of Sunset Hill and wondered when he and Seifer had gone from sandlot rivals to steadfast friends.


Axel had been asked to pack the Organization's First Annual Group Picnic. Which was of course a mistake. Nothing like finding your BLT has been stuffed with capsaicin. The Dusks were rather amused though.


After the darkness enshrouded his world, Cogsworth awoke on a pirate ship. He gathered rather quickly that the captain of this particular vessel was less than fond of clocks and had done his best to stay out of sight.


"Gee Donald, ya really think we need that many potions?"

Donald looked up from his packing.

"Well, no harm in being prepared."


Namine looked at the Riku Replica in sadness. She wasn't worth his devotion.


Clayton lifted his gun to his shoulder and aimed for the gorilla. He could already hear Ms. Porter in his mind. The jungle really was no place for civilized people.

So it's been a while eh? .

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