Chapter 1: The Dream


Aang was standing on an island made of earth over-looking an ocean of water. He could feel the wind around him rushing past him. He looked up and saw a great burning star. It was coming toward him. It was a comet; worse it was Sozin's comet.

'Aang, you need to do something.' A frightened voice said from behind him. It was Katara; she was suddenly standing beside him, her eyes full of fear and worry. The comet kept coming faster, he had to save them. Not seeing a way out, he turned to Katara, 'Wait.' He said hesitantly. 'What is it Aang?' she asked tilting her head as if expecting him to say something. 'There is something I need to tell you. Katara I..' CHRASH!! BOOM! "NO" shouted Aang. He was too late the comet had passed, the Fire Nation had won, and Katara was gone. Aang looked around but couldn't find her anywhere in all the dirt and debris the Fire Nation had left behind. Then he felt an urge come over him. He fell to the ground landing on his knees. He was crying and hurt. He felt something he couldn't control: the Avatar State.

/End Dream/

Aang sat up suddenly, in a bed at the Western Air Temple, knocking Momo from the place he was sleeping on Aang's stomach.

"What a horrible dream." Aang said talking to Momo. "What am I going to do? Each day the comet comes closer and closer! If I don't tell Katara I love her, I might never get another chance. What if I die and never get to see her again!" By now he was out of breath. "Okay, Aang just calm down." He said to himself. He took in a deep breath, hoping to calm himself down. He blew out unintentionally airbending and knocking Momo to the floor. "Sorry Momo." He said before falling back asleep.


Katara was already up and had gathered water and was trying to light a fire but she had failed miserably. Finally, she threw the wood and spark rocks down in frustration.

"Let me help with that." said Zuko making a ball of fire in his hand and throwing it on the wood making it catch fire.

"Maybe having a firebender around here won't be so bad." She said as she put the water over the fire to boil.

"Good morning all!" Sokka greeted as he, Toph and Aang walked into courtyard and sat with the group. "Mmm... something smells good!" he licked his lips. "What's cooking?"

"Banana-nut muffins... if we had the banana-nuts, otherwise it's just muffins." Katara said placing the plate down in front of them.

"Sounds great." Sokka said, immediately grabbing a muffin from the plate.

"It's edible." Toph said grabbing a muffin just at the same speed as Sokka.

"Yum." Aang took the third muffin and took a bite.