7 days earlier

Ever wonder what Zuko and Toph were doing while Aang was moping around? Well, I was re-reading Following a dream and got to the last 3 chapters and said to myself, "I've never really written for Toph and Zuko before." so I decided to quickly come up with this! Enjoy.

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7 days earlier

"We need to do something for him," Toph said suddenly breaking the scilence.

"What do you mean?" Zuko asked, he was sitting beside her. Both were watching Aang from the outskirts of the training ground.

"The kid's depressed. There's no other way to say it."

"I see, so you want to cheer him up?"

"Think of any better way?"

Zuko thought for a moment, "We could have a bending duel and have him only use waterbending," he suggested.

"Great idea, hothead, I'm glad we have you." Toph smirked and stood up. "Time to bend twinkletoes!"


"He's still depressed."

"Ya think?" It had been two days after Aang had mastered earthbending but the duo still noticed the unhappiness in the boy's actions.

"We have to think of something else. Besides bending practice, we hardly see him,"

"Remind me to tell Sugar Queen never to leave that kid alone again! This is driving me crazy!"

"What do you propose we do?"

"Party," Toph answered with an evil gleam in her blind eyes.


"I guess this could work, but we'd need to find all the ingredients and we'll need to get it all ready. Not to mention cooking the stuff."

"Zuko! Shut up! You are giving me a headache!"

"Sorry," Zuko murmured softly.

"It will work. Remember we're not only doing it for Twinkletoes, but we're doing it for Sokka and Katara too. Now, we have 3 or some days to get this ready and I told Aang to be here in two hours for practice. What do we need to do?"

"Well, we'll need all the ingredients."


"Toph look what I found!" he held up a piece of paper to her face. They had been searching for an ingredient in an old air nomad kitchen.

"Wow, hothead that is really amazing maybe if you help it a little closer I WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IT!" Toph screamed in his face.

"Oh, right sorry," Zuko apologized.

"That's what they all say," she rolled her eyes. "Just read it to me, will ya?"

"It's an old air nomad recipe!"

"That's great!" Toph said with fake enthusiasm.


"Alright the soup is made, it just had to be boiled. The roast duck is seasoned, the desserts are frozen, and the salads are mixed."


Zuko was about to say something when Aang walked in and went to sit with Momo on a slab of rock.

"We'll talk about this later," she whispered to Zuko and walked over to Aang Zuko followed behind her. "Hey, Aang, how was your sleep?"

"Fine," he said standing and brushing his clothes of any dirt that may have caught on. He walked toward the pot of rice they always kept over by the fire pit. He scooped up a bowl and started eating it.

"Well," Toph continued, "if you want to do some practicing today, I'll gladly kick your but! " That earned a laugh from Aang.

"Okay," he said.

Just then Zuko looked up into the sky, "Hey look," he pointed to a large dark shape approaching the Temple from the South. Aang and Toph turned to the direction he was pointing. Aang's eyes widened.

"What is it?" Toph asked.

"Appa!" Aang yelled and took off down the hall.

"No way," Toph ran after him followed closely by Zuko. "They're early!"

"What do we do?"

"We let Twinkletoes and Sugar Queen have their mushy moment, Snoozles'll get mad and drag them away to have a little chat with them and we slip away so you can cook the duck, boil the soup and unfreeze the frozen desserts!" She said as the reached the door to find Sokka worming out of Aang's death grip.

"Good plan," Zuko whispered. Toph smirked.

"Sokka, Katara! You're back!" and they ran in to join the group hug.


Toph couldn't have been more right. Within the hour of Katara's return she had already kissed Aang full on the lips. Toph couldn't help but laugh when Sokka dragged both of them out of the room. She and Zuko wasted no time heading down to the training ground where Toph had made a little underground room to hide the food from Aang. Zuko immediately got busy preparing the stuff when Toph called him.



"Snoozles is done interrogating and I'm gonna go collect my cash!" Zuko heard her run for the courtyard from where he was in the little underground kitchen.

"I gotta see this!" he said and ran after her drying his hands on his tunic.


As Toph reached to courtyard she felt Sokka relaxing on a bag that had been loaded off Appa.

"Oh, hey Toph," he said casually, "I was just unpacking."

"Get up, Snoozles, you owe me money,"

"For what?"

"Like you don't know what's happening in that room," she pointed to the room where Sokka had left Aang and Katara. "I won the bet and you owe me money. Pay up!"

"And if I don't have any money?"

"Then you'd better run, water boy!" Sokka jumped out of the way as a boulder came flying past him. He started running around the courtyard as Toph chased him with flying boulders.

"Ah, Toph. I'm not paying you and you can't make me!"

She finally caught him knee deep in earth. ""There my work here is done," Toph laughed, "that's payment enough just to feel you squirm," she walked towards the others. "Twinkle-toes, Sugar Queen, nice to see you all in love and stuff," She felt the temperature rise and guessed they were blushing. Toph laughed, "Come on hot-head, we have stuff to do. Someone decided to come home a day early because she couldn't stay away from her beloved and now we have to work twice as hard to be ready for tonight!"

Katara looked up from the floor, she had been blushing miserably, "What's happening tonight?" she asked.

Toph turned her blind eyes to her, "It's a surprise. Just meet me here when the moon rises and try and look nice."

She and Zuko walked away, heading towards the training ground. Aang and Katara exchanged glances. Aang shrugged and he took her hand and led her towards Appa.

"Hey guys? I think you're forgetting something! Guys?"

Toph laughed as they walked away from Sokka.

"Come on, hothead, you got cooking to do."


The food was finally ready and Toph left to go get Sokka, Katara, and Aang. Zuko sat in the underground diner and waited for the group to return. This had to be the most fun he had since he joined the gaang. Finally he heard Toph drop the little elevator and walked out to greet them. In his opinion the food was the best he ever tasted and got numerous comments from Sokka, Aang, Toph, and even Katara. He was so happy. When the meal had finished and Toph opened the skylight. He felt oddly a peace settle over the group. He was enchanted looking at all the stars in the western sky. You could never see this many stars in the Fire Nation.

Suddenly Toph broke the peaceful silence from beside him, "Go ahead Twinkle toes, I'll make sure soup boy, here, doesn't kill ya."

Zuko shifted his gaze across the table to the couple and saw them kiss. Now he knew what Toph had meant by making sure Sokka didn't kill Aang. Zuko looked around the group of teenagers and laughed.

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