A/N Against my better judgement and in the spur of the moment I deleted one of my other stories and I am now starting this one. Alright the basics are that their was another character in Yu Yu Hakusho (which I do not own but since this is a fanfic I get to play with) that was never brought on the show. Her name was Zura. She was a wolf demon who was always out of demon form. Yah, anyway. She appeared in the Dark Tournament, right after Hiei's battle. The story is written in her POV unless said other wise.So if you like this idea,keep reading, if you don't then don't read. its as simple as that! Now onto the story!!!!

I sat on the yellow fence. My messy dark braid cascaded down my back as I watched that Dragon boy go to his teammates. I could see he was tired, though he was good at hiding it as he walked off the ring. As he aprouched, the one with orange hair (who I noted was an utter moron) started freaking out.

"Hey, wait! This is a no dragon man area okay?!" The moron yelled shakily. I chuckled, though they couldn't here me.

"Really awesome Hiei." Said the one with jelled back black hair. (I believe he was the leader???)

The moron calmed down a little though I still smelled his fear, "Yah, awesome. Now why don't you go off another twenty yards that way and fight the rest of them?"

The dragon boy's body started to shake, he was quite tired and exhasted, "That's against the rules now you createn. Besides, my attack expired." He spoke lowly.

I nearly busted up laughing at how confused his friends looked. Its amazing how little ningens know about demon attaks -sigh-

"Expired?" The dimwits asked.

"I don't know if your brains can imagine it but that attak drained a good deal of my energy -yawn- I will require some hybrenation (sp?) to get it back.Do you think you could find a safe place for my body where it won't get stepped on?" His eyes threatened to close.

"Did you say hybranate?" The leader asked.

"Hmph! Fancy word for being lazy." The moron spoke. I rolled my eyes. Idiot.

The dragon boy pointed to the two adressing them while striving to keep concious, "Listen to me as closely as you can you two. I'm trusting you against my better insticts, only because I have no other choice. Take care of the Toguro brothers." His eyes nearly closed but he opened them fast yet sleepily, "If I wake up and find that we've lost I swear I'll kill you." He fell backwards and passed out on the rock floor.

The red headed kitsune (who to be quite honest wasn't half bad looking, not that I'd EVER tell anyone that) started to chuckle. Then the leader started laughing. The moron just looked at him,
reminding me painfully of a monkey who can't get his hand out of a jar because he's grabbing a banana.

"That's Hiei for you, he faints but he still has time for threats." The leader said.

So... his name is Hiei. Hmm.

"Wait, so nothing we do will wake him up?" The moron asked.

Then Koenma (yes, I know Koenma) spoke up, "Not long ago he was on a streak of terror. If he had had this power then, it would have been disasterous! Now, its our asset."

I concidered what he said. I supposed that it was true. But I didn't know any of them very well so I couldn't say.

"Can I give him a mustach?" The moron asked, but no one payed attention. But i certainly did.

I grabbed a pepple in the rubble Hiei had created and chucked it at the moron's marker. He looked confused but no one else seemed to notice. I smiled behind my gray hood and flipped behind Kodo (that cat girl that commented during the battles). Her tail went bushy and straight.

"Relax kitty." I chuckled. She turned slowly and looked at me.

"Oh, hi Zura." She spoke into the microphone which I quikly snatched away and put my hand over.

"I was wondering if you know where team Urameshi's locker room is"
"Umm, down the hall I think, that way," She pointed it out to me, "Why?"

I smiled and gave her back her microphone, "Watch out for George." Is all I told her.

I walked down the dark hall and to their restiing room door. I took out the key I had stolen from the moron when he wasn't looking and opened the door. It was an all gray room with two stone benches/cot things in it. I looked around for anything they might have left there. Something to tell me about who they were. You see, they had provoked my cuiosity -cough-expeciallyHiei-cough-, but I hated talking to people unless they were intimidated by me. From what I had seen of Team Urameshi, they weren't going to be intimidated. Well, maybe the moron would be, no, never mind, he'd be too stupid to realize how strong I was.

The only thing I found was a backpack. But before I could investigate it, someone began to come in.

I jumped up and grabbed the ceiling with my claws. I realized it was the moron, but he looked like he was going to be sick. I supposed he had just realized how strong the Tugoro brothers were. I chuckled in my head, trying to ignore the pang of pity I felt for him. I always had been too merciful, demons weren't supposed to be merciful, or care. That's what dad had told me. Okay, so maybe more like beat it into my head... literally. I have the scars to prove it.

He went over to the window and started to look out of it. he was in such a daze that I decided that I could sneak out unnoticed, but unfortunately for me the others came in carrying Hiei.

I pressed my body against the ceiling tighter, hoping desperatly that neither the ceiling, nor my claws would give. They started talking about something. My wolf ears were so sensitive that I could even hear Hiei's steady breath. It was so soothing the way it was-- never mind -cough- where was I? Oh yeah.

Just when I thought the room couldn't get anymore crowded, four girls and a spirit animal came in. I heard the ceiling crack slightly. I held my breath, luckily no one heard it, but I was still in hot water. I gently released my claws with one hand and stuck it into a firmer (sp?) part of the ceiling. I then did the same with my other hand. I sighed very quietly. I also realized how thankful I was to my mom for teaching me how to hide my energy. Other wise Team Urameshi would have sensed me by now. I smiled. Thank you mom!!!

Then I was posed with yet another problem. My braid. It was slipping out of my gray hoody, and if that happened people would be able to tell I was there because it would hang down long enough. Why did I ever consent to the wolf tradition of keeping your hair long and braided?!

Luckily, everyone was leaving. My arms were burning as were my legs. I was so relieved that everyone was gone, I didn't give the room a once over before allowing my body to drop to the ground. I sighed in relief once I hit the floor. Only to be wound back up when I saw someone was still in the room. The kitsune.

I sat up straight as he looked at me. He looked at me with his large emerald orbs, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" he asked in a threatining way, stepping infront of the sleeping Hiei's body protectively.

"Whoah there foxy." I said and stood up. I guess this would be a good time to tell you what I look like.

I'm about four foot seven to eight. Yah, I'm short and petite. I'm not dreadfully skinny, but I'm not pudgy either. I wear a gray hoody that fits to my curves and then very baggy gray pants. My skin is not tanned but its not black either. Its a creamy brown. My eyes arm a deep brown and my hair is such a dark brown that its almost black, and in a braid as you know. Anyway, back to where we were.

"Don't go and attak me. Plus, after your battle with Carasu I don't think your ready to attak anyone." I said trying to calm him down, "My name's Zura. Bye." I tried to run out the door, but suprisingly the Kitsune, even in his condition, was able to grab my wrist in a death grip.

"What are you doing here." His tone was so sharp that I knew I couldn't just not explain.

"Err... heh heh... funny story really. But first let go of my wrist, I don't deal well with unfamiliar skin."

The kitsune seemed to debate with himself for a while.

"Look I won't run alright? Happy? now let go of my wrist so I can be happy too!!!" I pouted.

The kitsune seemed satisfied with my promise and promptly let go.

I sighed, "Thank you. Now what was the question again?" I asked, trying to buy myself time in which to make up a story.

The Kitsune chuckled, "I know your trying to buy yourself time, but its not going to work. Here, sit down with me and we'll discuss this calmly." He said, clutching his stomach wound subconsiously. That stupid mercifull thing kicked in when I saw how he was panting just to keep standing there and immeadiantly sat down on the bench/cot thing that he had been sitting on earlier.

"My name's Kurama by the way." The Kitsune breathed. I nodded.

He walked over to the cot, sitting down gingerly. I hesitated for a moment and decided to say what I was thinking, "Y-you okay? Looks like your in a lot of pain there." I wanted to slap myself for careing about his welfare.

He looked at me in slight suprise before smiling, "Yes. I'm fine. Now what are you doing here?"

I sighed, this guy was bent on getting answers, "Would you believe me if I told you that you guys provoked my curiousity so I came in here to learn more about you in secret instead of asking you point blank because I'm very bad in a social enviorment?" I asked breathlessly.

He blinked, "To bed quite honest... no."

I sighed, "Too bad... because that actually the sad, sad truth." I leaned back and crossed my legs, waiting for a response.


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