No Longer the Zeppo 4

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Chapter 2

It was Tuesday night and despite Alex's feeling that doom was looming over their heads, Alexia and Emily convinced him that it was okay for him to leave the house and go to the Gangrel full-moon party. After all, Alexia reasoned, it was being held down on the beach, less than a mile from their home and Tyson was coming over to help her study for her upcoming chemistry test. Alexia promised that she and Tyson would stay in the warded house and if anything odd came up, she'd call him in an instant.

Alex looked at his daughter with unguarded worry. "Don't try to be brave and take care of it yourself baby. If anything weird happens, you get on the phone and we'll come running. Tyson," he then directed his lecture towards his daughter's boyfriend. "I mean it. No heroics. You're smart, a good fighter, and are more than capable with some wicked magic, but still, call me."

"Daddy," Alexia sighed. "We'll be fine. You and Mom need to go to this party. You guys need to be with the Clan and besides, who else is going to be able to drag Cavan's butt out of the water when he decides he has to go swimming in the ocean in the middle of winter. Cash would let him float out to sea."

"True," Alex laughed, remembering the time Cavan had gotten so shit faced (good thing he was Kindred and not human, otherwise he would have died of alcohol poisoning ten times over) at a party they had over at Angel Island State Park and had decided to go swimming in the Bay. To say that it was not one of Cavan's brighter moments was a complete understatement.

"Okay, you two try to be good," Alex said, giving Tyson the "father stare-down" for a moment, "and please work on your chemistry grade and not other stuff."

"Eww! Ear muffs!" Alexia shrieked, not wanting to have that conversation with her father. She slammed the front door behind her parents, grinning. They'd study; then they'd study.

"Are you sure it'll be okay?" Alex asked Emily, taking in her faded, tight jeans, black leather vest, appreciating how the material hugged the curves over her body, showing it off yet knowing that she was all his.

Emily grinned at her best friend and lover, knowing exactly what was going through his mind. "A night way from the kid! It'll just us and an awesome party. Who knows, you just might get lucky," she purred, enjoying playfully toying with Alex, knowing he enjoyed the game just as much as she did.


Later that night (well after Alex and Emily had to go out into the surf and drag Cavan's heavy ass back onto the beach.), the fire was roaring nicely, and heavy, throbbing music played from someone's stereo. People were everywhere, Kindred and human mixing freely, not worrying about if the wrong person would see something they should not. With the aid of the magic wielded by some of the party-goers, the unusual activities of the party goers were completely cloaked from the view of outsiders.

Alex and Emily were sitting near the fire, quietly enjoying the warmth and each other's company. Their friends were near-by, drinking and celebrating the full moon in all of its glory. Eventually, as the night wore on, Alex grew quiet, staring out towards the ocean, looking at something that no one else could see, hypnotized by the rhythmic pounding of the surf and the melodic lapping of the waves. He was lost in his own world, seeing and hearing things that were beyond his or anyone else's comprehension.

Abruptly, he snapped out of his trance.

"Something is wrong with Lexi," Alex said, turning towards Emily, his eyes glowing with an eerie yellow.

"What is it?" she asked, not doubting him, but wanting clarification. She was use to Alex suddenly zoning out on her, coming up with hunches or feeling that something was wrong or about to happen. The last time it had happened had been last month when they were having sex and Alex predicted the arrival of a Gernitol demon – the thing looked a cross between Pennywise and a giant rabbit – who wanted to turn a playground full of third graders into human sacrifices for its god.

"There's something at the house," he said, getting to his feet. He had a quick word with Cash, Cavan, and Lonnie who willingly agreed to accompany him and Emily back to their house.


Meanwhile, back at the house, Alexia and Tyson had finished studying for their upcoming chemistry test and had moved on to more interesting things – namely each other.

Just before it could get too hot and heavy between them, the doorbell rang.

Alexia sighed, untwined herself from her boyfriend and went to answer the door.

"Yes," she said friendly and cheerfully before she realized what was at the door.

"Hello love, is there a wanker of the name Xander about?" a bleached blond Primordial asked in an 'I-don't-give-a-shit' tone.

Alexia instinctively took a step back from the door way. She could immediately sense that this was a Primordial vampire; she could feel the demon inside the reanimated corpse. While she had seen them before, once much closer than she would have liked, she had never seen them show up on the front step of her home. She figured most Primordials would at least be smart enough to stay away from her father, especially his daughter, if they wanted to extend their existence a bit farther. Obviously this one, and the one she saw standing in the shadows a bit further back from the front door, weren't that smart.

"You want Xander, as in Alex Harris?" Alexia half laughed, wondering if the duo were insane. "May I ask who you are?"

"You don't know who I am?" the vampire asked, looking offended.

"Am I supposed to? You look like a poor man's version of Sid Vicious," Alexia asked, looking at the creature with contempt.

"Sid got his look from me," the vampire spat. "Of course you should know me! Me, I'm the Big Bad little girl. I'm William the Bloody and the one behind me is the Great Poof!"

"Spike!" the dark one admonished the mouthy one. "Is Xander available? We really need to speak to him."

"No, you need to speak to him. Personally, as far as I am concerned, Droopy can go hang himself for all I care," Spike retorted.

"What do you want with him?" Alexia asked, stalling for time, knowing instinctively that her father was on his way. Tyson was now standing to the side of the door; ready to pull her back out of harm's way if and when necessary.

"I personally want nothing to do with him, but the Great Poof here insists that we need to speak to the Gangrel," Spike said sounding bored. "So who are you, his gal or something? I thought the almighty Kindred didn't like to associate with humans that much. You know if you are tired of Droopy and his kind, you can always hook up with me. I'll show you how much fun a real vampire is like."

"She's my daughter Spike and you have three seconds to explain yourself before I rip your head off," Alex growled from behind the ex-Sunnydale vampires.

"D-daughter?" Spike stammered slightly, seeing Alex there in the shadows with several other members of the Kindred, all pointing weapons at the two of them. "I thought she smelled familiar," he added absently.

"Way to go idiot," Angel sighed and slowly raised his hands to show that he wasn't planning on doing anything that would result in him getting killed. Now if Spike got himself killed, he wouldn't shed any tears over it. Actually, he'd probably do a little dance in honor of the event.

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