Math Tutor

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"Mikan, will you please stay after class, along with Natsume?" said Narumi after the bell for the end of class came. Mikan and Natsume stayed after class like they were told. "Will the two of you please come up to the front?" asked Narumi. Mikan and Natsume walked to the front of the class. "Will, since you are failing terribly in math, will it be okay if Natsume becomes your tutor?" said Narumi. "Okay." said Natsume thinking that this will be his chance to tell her that he loves Mikan during the tutor. "Okay." said Mikan with a smile thinking the same thing. -they are 16 in this story-

"Okay, then it's settled. Natsume can you tutor Mikan tonight?" asked Narumi. Narumi waltzed out of the classroom. "Meet me in my room at 7:00, with your math book." said Natsume and walked out of the classroom. Mikan smiled.

At 7:00 In Natsume's Room...

Mikan was trying to work out the math problem, or should I trying to try to not understand it. Mikan is actually really smart, but she pretends to be stupid because she knew that in the future Natsume will become her tutor. Natsume wrote down a really easy problem, 25 x 4. Mikan took five minutes before she yelled "I don't get any of this. Natsume can you help me?" "Fine." said Natsume and leaned onto Mikan explaining her on how to do it. Mikan wasn't listening because she knew how to do it. Instead of staring at her paper, she was staring at Natsume's face.

"Understand now?" said Natsume. "Yea. Thanks." said Mikan. Natsume wrote down another problem, I plus ½ of a square plus o plus ½ of x plus the middle of sea plus ¾ of x plus o plus ½ of a circle equals to. "When you're done with this problem, wake me up 'cuz I'm going to sleep." said Natsume. Natsume walked to his bed and crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Mikan's POV

Let's see, let's get to that problem that Natsume gave me. Okay, let's see the first one says I so it's I, plus ½ of a square is L, plus o so it's I Lo so far. Plus ½ of x is v, plus the middle of sea. Let's see the middle of sea...oh it's e. So far, I have I Love...what's the rest? Now let's finish this up, plus ¾ of x is... y! Plus o is o, and ½ of a circle is u. I Love you. So, I plus ½ of a square plus o plus ½ of x plus the middle of sea plus ¾ of x plus ½ of a circle equals to I Love You. This is why I agreed to let you become my tutor.

End of POV

Normal POV

Mikan wrote down the problem again and wrote the answer. She also wrote down I Love You, too, Natsume, and crawled into bed with Natsume. She fell asleep in Natsume's arms. Mikan woke up an hour before Natsume woke up and left the room and went to her room. An hour after Natsume woke up, he read her answer and read her answer to his love and smiled because the girl that he loves 6 years ago loves him back.

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