Rudis Domino

Kitsune Hanyou: Hello all, this is my third attempt or fourth attempt at fan fiction. I gave up on the first 2 or 3, and the 4th was deleted when the forums I was formerly associated with had crashed. Anyway, I hope that you all will like my story. Here are the details:

Anime/Game used: Love Hina, Disgaea

Pairings: It's a harem, so there will be a lot. Serious or not

Rating: T

Kitsune Hanyou: Right then, Keitaro-dono, please say the disclaimer.

Keitaro: Love Hina is under the publication rights of Kodansha and sir Ken Akamatsu, while Disgaea is under copyright of Nippon Ichi software. Kitsune Hanyou-dono does not own either of them, this is a fan made story, thank you.

Kitsune Hanyou: here's a guide for reading this:

Italicized words are thoughts.

Bold words are emphasized words.

Underlined words are things being read.

Combinations are possible too, watch out for them.

Prologue: The clue

In the universe, there are three worlds: Realm of the angels and holy beings, Celestia; Realm in-between, home of humans and other entities, Earth; The Realm of demons and monsters, Netherworld or Makai. Layered atop one-another, like a cosmic cake, they reside as different fragments of the cosmos. While Earth is only one world caught in the middle of the other two, Celestia and Makai are referred to humans in many names. For Celestia, in example there is Heaven, Jannah, Nirvana, and Valhalla; For Makai, in example there is Purgatory, Hell, Di Yu, Naraka, and Jigoku.

Unlike Celestia and Earth…the Netherworld really is numerous. Different Netherworlds exist everywhere. Overlords, the most powerful and dominant demons command armies and fight each other for superiority. Beneath them, their generals, the Demon Lords, work to soon overthrow the Overlord for the throne. But since the deal between the Supreme Overlord and the Seraph of Celestia…a calm era has long flowed through the Netherworlds…until now that is.

A young girl with bright red hair, held up in pigtails drops her bag on a sofa and walks over towards a small TV. She taps the remote with her toe as the TV blinks open and broadcasts the afternoon news.

Exhausted from her tiresome daily life she had been forced to live, she retrieves a can of soda from the fridge and sighs heavily before drinking four gulps of the sweet bubbling liquid.

"And the beautiful weather we are having will continue for another few days before we hit Sunday when it will start to get wet, I'm talking about that ever confusing unpredictable rain period…" The TV went on as the girl simply sat there dazing off.

Looking toward the small shelf, she looked at it and a few picture frames were there. All of which she was wearing some sort of tracksuit, gauntlets, and iron leggings; a girl with long black hair tied in a layered ponytail, was with her in most of the photographs; beside or between them would usually be a man with dark brown hair, cargo shorts, a jacket, and a tight sleeveless shirt.

Leaving her drink on the small table, she walked over and observed it closer before heaving another depressed sigh. I wish things could go return to the way things were before…

"And thank you for that report, Kanazuki-san. In other news, another odd yet frequent event has transgressed today at Kanagawa-prefecture, as a young, dark-haired man in his early 20s, a Mr. Urashima Keitaro had just flown once again from the air and landed in a crater in the middle of Kanonji Park"

The girl snapped herself out of her reverie at the mention of his name; no way, it can't be… she denied it and thought it false but was still compelled to watch anyway.

Literally running over in front of the TV, she got down and listened closely, "Witnesses say that this is no more than a common occurrence in the Hinata area and should not be considered frightening nor a matter of urgency. Ah! There he is now!"

The cameraman turns the camera in the direction the field reporter is pointing at. She felt her heart skip before waiting for that moment of truth.

Her eyes grow to the size of saucers as she confirms it, the man from the picture stands up from the rubble rubbing the back of his head like a dense fool. "Mr. Urashima, are you all right?" He looks up at the camera and the girl studies it, there is no mistaking it! It's him!

Standing up fast, she grabs her cell phone and hits the speed dial while she looks back towards the TV.

"Hello? Yeah it's me…no this is important, I need to talk to you…I know how busy you are ok?" the sound of growl crossed with a sigh is heard on the other side, "No, I'm not asking if I can borrow money again, this is serious…I think I found it"

"Found what?" The girl on the other side responds as she sits down in the office for a kendo school.

"A lead, I know where he is" The first one replied with a predatory grin. She hears the phone drop and the fumbling of quivering hands picking it off the floor. "Get home quick, we are headed for Yokohama."

Kitsune Hanyou: Hey everyone! It's time for our first…

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Kitsune Hanyou: Hello! I have just done today's prologue and 1st chapter, which will follow shortly. But first, I'll explain what the title means: Rudis Domino means "Clumsy Lord" in Latin yeaaaah!

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