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Of course not five minutes later he was back again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The dark skyline of the city was placed on a backdrop of blood red sky. The sun was setting on Gotham City.

Harry Potter watched this sunset; he had traveled the world after he had finished the war that decimated the wizarding population. Leaving hundreds of children orphaned, and many more permanently disabled.

Not even magic could fix everything.

Harry relaxed slowly against the building he was leaning against. His leather coat pulled close against him as he tried to escape the biting wind that had sprung up.

At 5'4 Harry looked like a typical teenager, his black hair as unruly as ever brushed his face allowing people to only see his trademark jade eyes momentarily.

They never quite stopped moving, flashing one way and than another gathering details on the people that walked obliviously past him, searching always searching.

When they finally alighted on a passerby for more than a moment the moon had become predominant in the sky. Automatically street lamps began to turn on as people reached their homes and turned on their own lights the night became eerily lit with shadows growing in tentacles across the walls of the skyscrapers.

The man walking by looked no different than any other pedestrian no distinguishing features could be seen that would attract the attention of the boy-who-lived. Nonchalantly the boy stood up straight and began to wander after the man, and soon stood beside him waiting for a red light to change.

Harry only stood by the man for a matter of moments before turning away and slipping once more into the shadows.

It wasn't until the man got home that he realized not only was his wallet missing but the small knife he had placed in his opposite pocket had also disappeared.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Whistling quietly to himself Harry Potter, boy-who-lived, flipped the knife effortlessly into the air catching it again by its handle before testing its balance and sharpness by flinging it into a hapless wooden fence.

Or tried to at any rate.

The knife hit the fence handle first before flopping pathetically to the ground, where it twinkled mockingly up at the sullen faced boy.

"Never could get that right."

Bending down to pick up the blade, he felt more than saw the figure that swept over his head. Hearing the rustling cloth of a cape blowing in the breeze brought him to full alert as it were.

Harry crouched against the fence blending seamlessly into the shadows it created and giving him the perfect view of the fight to come.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It had been a very long day and night for Bruce Wayne as well as The Batman. It had all started when not only had Bruce been forced to get up at 6:00 after only a couple hours of sleep, to head towards an ill-fated meeting of the board members of Wayne Enterprises.

His fists clenched at the memory of the squabbling of the elderly men, all comparing him to his father, and all finding him wanting. Lucius hadn't been able to be there for the meeting and so he had been unable to allow the older man to defend himself and he had needed to keep his Bruce Wayne persona intact so he could in no way show any of the urges he felt.

At least not the bloody murderous ones, he could show however how much the words that they seemed to spit at him hurt. Each one felt as though it was being lashed into his skin.

Fortunately for his dignity he managed to keep a stoic mask in place showing none of these feelings and allowing no visible tension to enter his body. Although the headache that followed was enough to make him growl at the receptionist that had the nerve to be perky at 9:00 a.m.

After downing a couple of pain capsules Bruce had been perfectly willing to do his paperwork for at least a couple of hours in his dark office, window shades pulled down and lights dimmed low.

Of course he wasn't even halfway through the first request for the Wayne Foundation when his telephone had gone off signaling the end of his fifteen minutes of peace for the next 48 hours.

Not only had a now eighteen year old Dick Grayson run off and entered the Police Academy, but Barbara Gordon had turned in her cape and cowl to go into the military and was now running around in some godforsaken jungle somewhere fighting a band of rebels.

So once more Batman was forced to fight alone, the disappearance of his young charges brought snide comments from villains and curious glances from the policemen who had long since become used to the his perky sidekicks bringing slight smiles and small chuckles from the hardest of cops.

They had left him one after the other just like everyone but Alfred had done since his childhood. Even the thought brought another twinge, this time from his heart instead of his head. He was being disrespectful of his parent's memory, throwing away all that he had been given by them.

The phone call had been Dick Grayson telling him exactly where he was, not on a mountain climbing vacation before he entered college, no, it could never go as Bruce planned for the young ex-circus performer. Dick wouldn't allow it.

The pain pills quickly became obsolete with his tightening facial muscles contorting his face into a painful grimace returning his headache tenfold.

However his face may have changed the only way you would have known over the phone how angry he was, was if you could pick up exactly when his voice changed from that of Bruce Wayne easy going multibillionaire, to Batman.

Dick Grayson heard the change and barely managed to cover his own wince from the interested viewers waiting for their turn at the telephone booth.

After the vocal change had taken place Dick couldn't get off of the phone fast enough, heaving a final sigh of relief after finally placing it gently back into its cradle.

Sitting in his office Bruce Wayne also put his phone down although he managed to slam it back into place hard enough to crack the entire device in half. Unable to stay still any longer Bruce once more stood exiting as quickly as he had entered. Stopping only long enough to ask the receptionist this time suitably subdued to replace the phone by the next day.

Moments after he had entered the elevator the receptionist hurried into the office, her eyes widened dramatically at the sight before her, not only had the phone been split in two, the metal desk had a dent the exact size and shape of Mr. Wayne's fist below the shattered pieces.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When Harry Potter looked up from his hidden position all he could see at first was a flaring black cape that reminded him eerily of a Deatheaters before he caught sight of the black cowl offset by the yellow oval on his chest and draped around his waist in a bulky belt.

His second sight was that of a garishly painted face, showing palely under a rapidly disintegrating street lamp. Disintegrating because the clown had tried to sprits acid on the looming face of the masked man, who had ducked out of the way seemingly at the last possible second.

If the paint hadn't freaked him out enough to begin with, Harry was willing to bet just the teeth and the brightly colored hair would have done it.

A sneer came onto his face, "Merlin, I hate clowns, creepy little child eaters."

Watching the two men fight was somewhat like watching acrobats, one of them drunk and giggling insanely, the other whipping violently across the stage using walls and chunks of concrete as springing boards.

When the clown was finally knocked unconscious Harry almost slipped away now that the excitement was over. But the winner was pinching the bridge of his nose as if trying to stave off a headache. He was so involved with the pain the man didn't see the two.

Very large.

Very fat.



Creeping up behind the man.

"And creeping me the hell out," muttered Harry

Hardly thinking about what he was doing, Harry slunk forward, his feet made no noise on the pavement and he seemed to dodge any obstacles in his path with inhuman perception.

When he caught sight of the large mallets that the two goons lofted high in preparation of whacking the caped man on the back of his skull all Harry could do was sigh.

Very loudly and directly behind the lavender louts, all three of the costumed men spun around, although the man in black took quite a bit less time to do it than the others.

Harry leaned against a nearby wall studying the tableau in front of him.

"What is it…" asked Harry. "With a crazy's wardrobe, do they ever have on a tasteful suit, nope its bright colors. And the weapons, a small discreet crowbar would be just as effective."

Not a moment after he had spoken those words the man in black had cracked the two loonies' heads together in an impressive show of strength and reach actually moving their bulk a good foot closer to each other with a single pull of his arms.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

His life had just gone down the tube. Batman sighed, when the most fun he had had that day was pummeling Joker into submission, he knew that something was wrong with him.

The headache that had finally began to subside after nearly twenty hours of pain burst back into full bloom once he had knocked the clown unconscious and handcuffed him to a metal flag pole.

Rubbing his nose he hadn't even noticed the approach of Jokers dimwitted duo. Punch and Judy were very hard to miss.

The only thing that had saved him was the appearance of the teenager.

The boy had distracted the pair and gave him the warning he had obviously needed to take care of them.

He watched them drop to the ground before looking up, just in time to see the young boy race around the street corner.

The oddness of it struck him nearly an hour later.

He hadn't heard the slapping sound of tennis shoes hitting concrete as the boy ran. But at that moment the only thing that Batman could think of was why a stranger would help him.

The boy had appeared homeless, his ragged clothing and roughly cut hair highlighting the strangely immaculate leather jacket which hid exactly how skinny the boy was exactly, but he gave an air of starvation, with a background of stubbornness that refused to show hunger.

He'd have to look into finding out who the boy was, but first. Batman turned back to the three unconscious men and added Punch and Judy to the pole, making sure that their feet were tied together preventing one from standing up without the others.

Hopefully that would hold them long enough for the police to catch them, if not than he had an even longer night to look forward to.

Hearing the approaching sirens of the police Batman quickly fled the scene leaving the cops to clean up the mess he and the Joker had created. As he swooped through the air, Batman felt truly lonely for the first time in years.

For although he was still free and able to go wherever he wished to, he would have to go with Alfred or alone, and Alfred wasn't one for flying around in a Kevlar suit. Armani was more his style.

With a small smile Batman let go of the latest cord that held him aloft and landed softly in the Batmobile. The top hadn't even slid fully into place before he had hit the gas and headed for home.

Directly into the sunrise."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Stupid, what were you thinking." Harry had curled up in the corner of an abandoned home; his knee's pulled up to his chin and his hands cradling his face. Ruffling his hair in an automatic fashion, Harry slowly uncurled.

Pulling the stolen wallet from his pocket he studied its contents, the credit cards he left alone, only taking the cash. Counting it quickly gave him a figure great enough to cover at least his food for the next couple of days if nothing else.

At least he had lost nothing but time with the latest stunt he had pulled. Hell for all he knew the clown was the good guy… okay scratch that idea, well maybe neither of them were good guys.

Hell what was a good guy anyways.


Harry let loose a snort.

"Yeah, I'm a real hero."

It took nearly a half an hour but finally he slipped into an uneasy slumber, but his actions earlier that night had brought back other less pleasant memories.

Familiar faces screamed for help, still others cursed at him. Bone covered faces shuffled closer and closer with a threatening hissing coming closer and closer.

Harry lurched to his feet, hair tumbling into his eyes, his skin pale and trembling. Well he was done sleeping for the day that was for sure. He had only been able to sleep for about an hour before the nightmares had woken him.

Rubbing his eyes, frantically trying to remove the glaze of sleep from them Harry didn't notice the police officer until it was to late.

The rookie officer had, heard a complaint of screaming coming from inside the abandoned house over the radio, immediately heading over the residence he had found the door to be unlocked and the house uncared for.

As he stepped into the living room he first caught sight of the boy who was rubbing his face tiredly and than moments later the wallet, lying open on the floor with another person's driver's license, had obviously been stolen.

He had seen that face just this morning in the precinct strained from the worry of the lost credit cards and only a vague description of a teenage boy in a leather jacket.

Before Harry knew what had hit him, he found himself face down on the floor being read his rights by a man dressed in a dark green uniform.

Great, he had managed to escape from the wizarding world only to be caught by a muggle police officer for snitching a wallet.

Wouldn't mum be proud.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sitting silently in an empty cell Harry Potter waited patiently for someone to walk up to the bars of his cage. He refused to sit on the bed, and the toilet had no lid. So he sat in the center of the room, as far from the walls as he could get.

Someone had made a decent attempt to clean the smell of the cells previous occupants from the room, but not even the heavy bleach smell could remove all of the stench.

Looking at the floor Harry failed to see Bruce Wayne walking past his cell suddenly stop and turn to look in more closely.

Once he was sure that it was indeed the same boy that had helped him the night before, Bruce Wayne practically dragged Ethan Bennet into the detective's office.

When Ethan turned to look at him a questioning look on his face, Bruce swallowed hard.

"Why was that boy arrested, he doesn't look to be more than fourteen?"

Ethan hesitated for a moment before seeing Bruce's earnest expression.

"He's sixteen actually, homeless. One of the uniforms drug him in for having a wallet that didn't belong to him. Seems he's a bit of a pickpocket."

"What's his name?"

"He refuses to tell us, only reason he told us his age was so that we didn't try him as an adult."

Bruce looked at Ethan in confusion for a moment before asking.

"You didn't seriously believe that he was over the age of eighteen."

"No, but that tact has worked before with other children, threaten them with something worse than we can actually do and they tend to fold on us. Giving away details they didn't really want to give away."

"Look Ethan," Bruce paused. "Could I try and talk to him, I'm not saying I'll get anywhere with him, but I'd like to at least give him a chance to talk to someone."

"Thinking about taking in another stray Bruce? Where is Dick anyways, usually he follows you everywhere?"

Bruce sighed and pinched his nose again as his head gave a warning throb.

"Dick…has decided that he wishes to become a police officer, he has joined the police academy. And just so you know, yes I do blame you."

Ethan winced seeing all the signs of a migraine and judging from the resigned expression on Bruce's face he had, had it for a very long time.

"Sorry, Bruce I know how much you wanted him to go to college but its not like being a cops a terrible career, and unless he chooses Gotham I can't imagine he'll see much action."

"He's actively insisting that they send him to Bludhaven, have you seen this place. The crime rate there has nearly tripled in the last five years. Murders on the street in broad daylight, corrupt cops, and drunken government officials. Is the boy crazed?"

Bruce visibly shook himself removing all traces of stress from his face and body language before making an about face.

"Shall I go speak to the boy than?"

"God." Muttered Ethan. "Sometimes I wish I could do that. Other times the very idea frightens me."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry glanced up when a shadow fell across his seated form, only strict control stopped him from doing a double take.

Take away the suit, and add long hair and a goatee, and the man in front of him could have been his Godfathers twin. But the thought quickly passed when he looked the man directly in the eyes.

While Sirius's eyes had been haunted they had still twinkled with laughter when resting upon him. This man's somber expression would have been a temptation for Sirius to play some sort of foolish trick or prank.

And where Sirius had been whip thin, bone and muscle all that was left behind after his stay in Azkaban.

This man obviously worked out on a regular basis and was also well fed. His entire body seemed to exude the health that Sirius had lost.

Suddenly Harry hated this man, almost more than anyone he had ever hated.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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