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I can't believe he is actually giving into to me. His kisses all over my body felt amazing. I managed to let a moan escape from my mouth, and then I blushed as I realized that the only thing I was wearing were my underwear.

He was slowly removing my underwear as my bedroom door flung open. I screamed and covered myself with a blanket. When I looked in the doorway I was expecting Charlie to be standing there, but to my surprise it was Jake and Keshia.

The Talk!

(Still Christmas break)

Bella's POV-

"JAKE DON'T YOU KNOCK!! GET OUT!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "I'll be down shortly. I knew my face had to be beat red. Jake left the room, but I knew as soon as I went downstairs, he'd give me a lecture about this.

"I should've of never let this happen. I'm so sorry Bella!" Edward apologized.

"Edward, I wanted this…well I didn't want Jake walking in on us, but I'm glad you let in a little."

We both were too embarrassed to say anything else, so we just hurried and got dressed. I pulled my hair back into a sloppy bun before heading downstairs. Keshia was sitting on the couch watching Jake pace back and forth while he was waiting for me to come downstairs.

"Jake, you really need to learn to ring the doorbell or knock before entering someone else's house."

"I just stopped to see Charlie and he told me that you were home and just to go right in." Jake said rebutting my statement.

"Fine, but Charlie only gave you permission to enter the house not my ROOM!! You STILL need to KNOCK!!" I was beyond the embarrassment now, I was furious.

"You shouldn't have been doing what you were with him!" Jake was mad, but not raising his voice at me.

"Jacob, you have no room to talk, we've done more than what they were doing in her room." Keshia spoke up. I could feel the embarrassment creeping back up to my face. I didn't really feel comfortable with having this conversation at all.

"Keshia, hush up now. They don't need to know what we do at home…"

"Just as you don't need to know what I am doing in my home." I interrupted his sentence.


"Jake, I don't want to hear it! We are done having this conversation." I turned away from him and dragged Edward over to Keshia. "Keshia, this is my boyfriend Edward Cullen. Edward this is Keshia."

I left Keshia and Edward in the living room so they could talk and get to know one another, while I took Jacob out into the kitchen to talk.

"Jake, you have no authority to talk to me the way you were in there. I'm nineteen, old enough to make my own choices. Even if you don't like the choices I make, you still don't have the right to add your input. You're my friend, not my brother or father. So stop acting like it."

"I'm sorry Bella." He sounded ashamed. "Would you like to introduce me to your boyfriend?" I gave Jake a hug and grabbed him and drug him back into the living room.

"Jake this is Edward Cullen My boyfriend, Edward as you can guess this is Jacob my best friend."

"Nice to finally meet you Jacob." Edward said as he extended his hand out to shake Jake's hand.

"I wish we could have meet under better circumstances than this." Jake said, "But it's nice to meet you."

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