Hi darlins,(lol...) this is the result of a bored as hell Otaku, who found herself awake at 3 am a couple nights ago. If you find some screwy grammer, I apoligize, but I wrote this at about 3 in the morning and was just a little out of it. Lemon is contained, but its not as good as it could be, I was lazy . , also, Yaoi warning, and a good deal of sap. Review please

Sasuke's mangled body slammed against a tree trunk, after tripping over another god dammed root.

"Dammit to hell" Sasuke murmured under his breathe

He finally let his body slump against the tree that he'd crashed into, allowing himself a short rest. His shoulder still ached from the fight with that dammed blonde Naruto.


Sasuke felt a twist of guilt in his stomach, he looked back in the direction he came, but shook himself out of it, he needed to keep going, to beat him. Sasuke closed his eyes, letting the image of the blonde fade from his mind, only to be replaced by another image, one that our little Raven couldn't get out of his head.

"Its hate…. I HATE that one…." Sasuke whispered trying to re assure himself.

Sasuke struggled to his feet again, pushing the image out of his mind. He started walking again, still in a slight daze, allowing his feet to take him where they did, which he assumed was to Orochimaru, to power.

"Ugh…." Sasuke groaned through gritted teeth, as he realized where following his god dammed feet had gotten him.

He looked through the gates of the village where he lived; Sasuke had gone straight there, not to Orochimaru, but here of all places.

The raven gritted his teeth in frustration, and turned to leave, but his feet stopped, not allowing him to leave.

"Fuckin move you stupid things" Sasuke muttered to no one in particular, seeing as it was about 2 in the morning and no one was likely awake, except...

Sasuke laughed at his own foolishness but gave up on forcing his feet to move, and sat down against a pillar of the gate

Black lidded eyes fluttered open, and a groan escaped lips, as the redheaded jinchuriki sat up. He'd just phased in from yet another god dammed day dream about that fucking Uchiha boy.

"Damn him…" Gaara whispered looking down, to see, big surprise, his pants bulging with a now hard errection. He sat up, and got to his feet, slipping of his pants and wandering towards the shower to take care of his… problem.

"…. Stupid Uchiha…." Gaara mumbled as he stepped into the shower, letting the hot water cascade down his body.

Gaara reached down and began to stroke and coax his errection, wanting to get this over with, the first time wasn't so bad, but now it was just annoying, after it became so frequent. The redhead sighed as he finally released and his errection relaxed. He stepped out of the shower and wrapped a black towel around his waist.

Opening the door, he said to the room, "next time I see that Uchiha, I swear I'm gonna…" before he could finish his sentence a voice that sent shivers up Gaara's spine interrupted him.

"You'd do what?" the voice paused, and none other than the raven haired Uchiha that had plagued Gaara's dreams stepped out of the shadows.

Ringed eyes winded, as Gaara felt his heart speed up, "Uch-Uchiha…."

The said Uchiha only smirked in response; Gaara finally got a hold of himself his eyes narrowing into a glare, "why are you here? You left Konaha, shouldn't you be with that… Orochimaru"?

Sasuke slipped off his perch on the window sill. "That doesn't matter…Gaara…I came here for you."

Gaara's eyes widened, he didn't know what to say. Hell, he didn't even know how he felt. Part of him hated the Uchiha, for several reasons, and half of him… well… he didn't know what that part of feeling was, but it wasn't hate.

While the redhead was lost in thought, he was oblivious to Sasuke walking up to him.That is until he felt hands wrap around his waist and a chin set on his shoulder.

Gaara stood in shock, not sure how to react, he didn't dislike it, but it felt different, but… it also felt good.

Sasuke's voice broke Gaara out of his dazed state, "Gaara… I need you… before I go…" Gaara glanced behind him, to meet eyes like he'd never seen before in the Uchiha. Eyes that were filled with… a look of caring.

Gaara had seen this before, but never directed towards him, Sasuke looked down at him, his eyes questioning. "Gaara… will you…?"

Gaara then did something completely out of character, he leaned up and planted a firm kiss on the Uchiha's lips, once he pulled back, he smirked, almost smiling, "does that answer your question"?

The raven didn't need anything more than that, luckily for both of them, Gaara's bed was right behind the redhead, because no sooner had those words left his lips, he was pushed down onto the sheet's being kissed roughly.

A tongue licked the top of Gaara's lip, and Gaara allowed it to enter his mouth. It hungrly explored every crevice and corner of his mouth, causing slight moan from the redhead.

Sasuke smirked at this new sound that came from Gaara, emotionless cold Gaara. He pulled away from the kiss, and leaned down and whispered in the Shukaku hosts ear, "Gaara… you're going to be mine, and I'm going to be yours, but… tomorrow… I'll be gone."

Gaara's eyes widened, as each of the words hit him, he closed his black ringed eyes. Several moments later, he opened them nodding, "I understand… Uchiha."

Gaara leaned up, and sealed his words with a kiss. Sasuke's lips broke into a smile, and he kissed Gaara, the kiss turning hot and fiery involving tongues and much moaning.

As both pulled away, Gaara looked up at Sasuke, "what… are you planning Uchiha?"

Sasuke… Sasuke grinned, "well… first, I'm gonna fuck you so hard that your ass is sore for months after tonight , and then I'm gonna do something your never forget" the last part was whispered in his ear at such a seductive level, Gaara found it almost unbearable.

Sasuke felt something brush his leg, realizing Gaara was already getting hard, he smirked and teased Gaara.

"Getting excited already?"

Gaara felt his cheeks heat up and he glared at the Uchiha, "shut up." His only response was a playful rub of his hair. Before he had time to react, he felt Sasuke's body lifting off his and stripping down to only boxers. Gaara of course, only had his towel. Gaara's eyes darted over the raven haired shinobi's body, taking in every beautiful detail.

Sasuke lowered himself over Gaara, sliding his hands down the sides of his body until he reached the towel, and off it came. Gaara felt red spreading across his cheeks again as he lay completely exposed below the Uchiha.

"Gaara… you're… beautiful…." Sasuke murmured…Gaara's face flushed even redder, but he reached up and slipped the Uchiha's boxers down revealing the rest of the Raven to him.

"And you equally so, Uchiha…" Gaara said to him, after a few minutes of taking in the sight

Sasuke shook his head, but not to disapprove anything. "Gaara… its time we did this, I'm not sure how much longer either of us can wait" he said this glancing down at both of them, fully erect and straining. Gaara returned the look, and nodded, "then start."

Sasuke did that almost smile thing again, and lowered himself down. Gaara gasped as he felt something warm and wet envelope his cock. Sasuke began to suck, causing Gaara to moan in pleasure, Sasuke liked the reaction, so he began to tease the redhead, licking sensitive areas and gently biting the tip of the erection. Several minutes later, Gaara was panting, and Sasuke looked up at him, and he began to bob up and down, Gaara moaned and managed to stutter out, "Uch-Uchiha… I'm…" he didn't have time to finish his sentence as it got lost in a loud moan as he cummed into Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke took all of it, and swallowed a good deal, but he climbed up and kissed Gaara, making him taste himself.

After pulling back from the kiss, he actually smiled this time, "Now it's your turn to work". Gaara smirked and flipped the boy over, so he was now on top, he got right down to business, sucking, biting and licking Sasuke's cock, causing moans of pleasure to radiate from the Raven below him. Gaara kept pushing Sasuke, to make more and more sounds that few to none would even think that he would make. Without warning, Sasuke's moan morphed into a scream as he cummed, straight into Gaara's mouth. Gaara returned Sasuke's favor, giving the raven a taste of himself.

Sasuke had decided he was tired of being uke, so suddenly Gaara found himself under Sasuke yet again, but this time, he was on his stomach. Gaara knew what was coming.

"Gaara… your going to get finger fucked for a while, just to make sure your ready for me." With these words, Sasuke plunged a finger into Gaara's hole, causing the redhead to hiss in pain, Sasuke added another finger, and then another, searching. Amidst the hisses of pain, Gaara let out a small low moan of pleasure, Sasuke had found his spot.

Sasuke seemed to have a knack for hitting that spot every time he entered. Gaara's moans echoed around the room, and soon, Sasuke deemed him ready for the real thing.

"You ready Gaara, I'm sure that you will never forget this." With that, he positioned himself at Gaara's wet entrance and slowly entered the Kazekage to be. Gaara hissed loudly as the pain hit, and Sasuke slowly went in and out, adjusting him to it. Suddenly Sasuke felt a hand close around his wrist and Gaara glanced up at him, his eyes lusty, but filled with fire.

"Stop treating me like a wimp and hurry up Uchiha…" Gaara said in a firm voice. Sasuke smirked in amusement and did as he was asked speeding up and hitting Gaara's prostate, or his sweet spot every time. Gaara's moans, accompanied by Sasuke's occasional moan where always present, Sasuke moaned as his climax came dangerously close, with a scream of Gaara's name, accompanied by Gaara moaning Sasuke's own name, Sasuke released his seeds into Gaara. Withdrawing himself, he flopped down next to Gaara.

"So… was that something you will never forget? Eh Gaara" Sasuke said with a contended sleepy smile of his face.

Gaara nodded, finding the ability to smile. Sasuke scooted closer and wrapped his arms around Gaara, pulling close to him. Sasuke gave Gaara a last kiss, a gentle, truly loving kiss. As the two pulled away, Sasuke spoke, "Gaara…. I love you." Gaara felt himself smile again, "I love you too…. Sasuke" Gaara spoke, finally using the Uchiha's first name to address him. Gaara settled himself in the arms of his Uchiha and Sasuke tightened his grip. Gaara soon drifted into a rare sleep, feeling safe, and too tired out to do anything otherwise.

The next morning, sunlight streamed through the window rousing a very sleepy redhead, who sat up and rubbed his head. Then he remembered events of last night, only to find himself alone. In the corner of his eye, he spotted a note on the pillow,

Save last night

We fought the break of dawn

Tomorrow, I told you I would be gone

Today I will be gone

But I'll never leave you

As he read this, he became aware of a cold metal against his skin, and he picked it up his palm, it was an Uchiha crest, engraved with his name and on the back it said

One day I'll be back

I love you