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Several hours later, and many miles away, Gaara slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the dim light. He shivered slightly, his back cold from contact with a stone of sorts, and he tried to pull away instinctively. Only was able to move a few centimeters before he felt himself stopped, he became aware of cold metal around his wrists. He looked around; the room was dim, lit only by candle light. The light bounced off the stone walls, and Gaara shivered again, someone had removed his shirt, leaving only his loose pants designed for heat to keep him warm. He closed his eyes trying to remember what had happened.

"Forgive me…Gaara"

Gaara's eyes shot open, 'Sasuke' he thought with a mix of feelings. He closed his eyes again, "so…that's how it is…" he murmured.

"Yes. Now you pay for that trust" a cool voice spoke as Kabuto stepped out of the shadows, not looking at Gaara.

Gaara narrowed his eyes and spoke calmly, though his voice was cold, "what is the point of all of this"?

Kabuto glanced at him, smirking in a mocking manner, "The Akatsuki is after you, they want the power of Shukaku, if they become more powerful, lord Orochimaru would have them as competition so he decided to take you out now, and not risk it."

Gaara's stomach twisted in rage, he was still just another thing, and they were only interested in Shukaku. Still, he didn't respond looking down, seeming to consent to defeat.

Kabuto scoffed and walked out of the room, the iron door slamming behind him. Gaara just hung there, his head void of thoughts. Hours went by, seeming like days, only did Gaara notice this when the light coming thought the small window faded.

"Its night…?" Gaara's eyes drooped again, but a face at the door made the redheads eyes shoot open. Sasuke was looking through the bars, his face was…. sad. Gaara tried to look angry, but Sasuke's eyes were filled with such sadness, he glare melted almost instantly.

The door started to creak open, but slammed shut quickly, as if the person opening it made the decision to stop, "running away Uchiha…?"

Gaara got no answer, but slowly the light spilled into the room as Sasuke creaked the door open once again. The raven haired shinobi didn't look at him, until the door was fully closed and the only light was moonlight streaming through the window.

Teal orbs met midnight black ones as the two ninja stared at each other, not saying a word. "Gaara…" Sasuke finally murmured breaking the painful silence. Gaara looked at him steadily, "what do you want Uchiha"? He had tried to make his voice angry, but it came out almost sad. Sasuke clenched his eyes shut, unable to look at Gaara, "…………I'm sorry" he murmured after a long silence. The redhead scoffed, "That doesn't change anything."

A heavy blanket of silence filled the room, and Sasuke slowly opened his eyes and turned his gaze onto the redhead. Gaara turned his head away and closed his eyes. Then a voice much closer than he imaged spoke, "yeah…but this will." He felt the metal around his wrist release and an arm catches him as he fell from the wall; the redhead slowly opened his eyes, and found himself staring up at his raven haired lover. The arm lowered away, and Gaara's heart fell at the sudden loss of contact. The raven haired Nin tucked the key away in his pocket then spoke.

"Get out of here Gaara-san. Now."

For a few moments, the red haired Kazekage was unsure of what to say or do. "I said now" Sasuke's voice was completly serious.

Gaara looked Sasuke straight in the eye, "this…this won't be the end, and you know that Uchiha…Orochimaru won't just give up. He'll make someone else come for me, and…who knows what will happen to you…" Gaara's voice lost its shakiness, "don't think I'm just going to leave you to that."

The raven's lips formed a smile, "Gaara…it's the only way…that you can be safe, Orochimaru wouldn't risk sending someone other than me." The other boy looked away, but Sasuke set his cold hands on Gaara's bare shoulders, "look at me Gaara."

Slowly, the sea colored eyes made their way to the raven's face, followed by the whole face. Tilting the redheads face up, Sasuke and Gaara's lips danced upon each others for a moment before the raven haired shinobi broke the kiss.

More silence surrounded the two, "do you ever plan on coming back Uchiha…?" Sasuke's eyes found only the floor, "I'll come back…I made a promise, and this one, I won't break."

A sudden flash of movement caught the raven off guard as he was pressed up against the cold stone wall. Gaara looked at him steadily, "look me in the eye and say it."

Slowly, Sasuke raised his black orbs to meet Gaara's, he spoke in a firm and honest voice, quite unusual for the ex leaf ninja, "I'll come back, just for you."

Closing the already scant distance between the two, the raven stole the redhead's lips again. Without objection, Sasuke let Gaara pull the two bodies against each other. Gaara reached up to wrap arms around Sasuke's neck, but Sasuke threaded his fingers with Gaara and pinned his arms above his head. A slight gasp escaped the Kazekage's lips as two…somewhat sensitive body parts pressed up against each other. The other ninja took his chance and Sasuke's tongue invaded Gaara's mouth. Surprised Gaara immediately took action against the invader, after a few minutes of tongue battle, the two broke this kiss in the need of the stupid thing called air.

While the two panted for a while, a smile broke the Kazekage's lips. "You'd better."

Not letting go off Gaara's hand, Sasuke led him quietly down the halls, upon reaching a small exit, Sasuke dropped his hand.

Sand hit the two like a wave as they stepped outside, "sand is 10 miles due North" Sasuke spoke as he pointed in the correct direction. Without warning, as Sasuke seemed fond of doing this, he pulled Gaara against him. Gaara looked up at him, trying his hardest not the smile, "yes?"

"I promise you, I'll be back before the year is out". Giving up, Gaara smiled, "I'll hold you to that, otherwise, I swear I'll hunt you down." Leaning up, Gaara kissed Sasuke one last time, "see you soon, Sasuke."

A smile played on the Raven's lips as he disappeared into the waves of sand. The redhead started towards Sand, but stopped looking back, all his eyes found was bare sand.

Another smile graced his features, and he closed his eyes

"You'd better keep your promise Sasuke."


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