Dangerous Business

Dangerous Business

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Dedicated to Zenbon Zakura

-Chapter Two-

Space and Introduction Part I

I might have not known it, but my feelings of hatred unraveled themselves in the darkness of my heart after all these years of hardships. This darkness, called 'loneliness', I can not possibly hide. My expression tells wise; but nonetheless, I am lonely and sad. I had everything my heart desired objects and such. But these feelings, I long for love, the warmth of a companion and a truly reliable acquaintance. I had love, I lost it, it went away.

As much as Lavi would want his cool back, he couldn't help but stare at the humongous mansion that belonged to none other than his best-friend, Yu Kanda. Kanda, who could've sworn to herself that she saw Lavi twitch a few times, couldn't help herself but smirk at the very least to see his surprised face. That will show him to underestimate her! Kanda just chuckled at this as Lavi looked at her for the umpteenth time wide-eyed and then back at the mansion, the car, and the six servants.

The servants, as Kanda had told him from the long ride, are just at the mansion during everyday of the week except for the weekends, a.k.a. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They wore black and white uniforms, three females, two in her twenties, and another in her fifties. The females wore long white aprons that reached to their knees and white stockings. There were laces in the back to keep the work outfit tight so that it wouldn't bother them. The traditional ribbon was also around their waist from the apron. Other than that, it was like what those maids wore in the 1990's.

The male servants, Lavi noted, two were in their twenties, muscularly built and the third servant, or rather, butler was a very old geezer, probably in his fifties as well. They wore butler outfits, a.k.a. suits with the traditional 'tail' in the back of their jackets (?).

Today's Thursday, so tomorrow's the day they all get a break, Lavi realized. The redhead smirked to himself; he can actually take advantage of this. Kanda, noticing that Lavi was acting his old self again, knocked him on the head several times until a reaction was given. Kanda sighed, with the pervert around; this was going to be awfully frustrating to get used to comparing to her usual comfortable lifestyle. Before Lavi could ask what she was thinking, Kanda beat him there.

"You were spacing out, just trying to help." With that said in a much superior voice and a smirk to go with, Kanda stepped into the big doors of the mansion. The mansion was in a peaceful surrounding, a beach was near Lavi could tell, by the salty smell of the sea surrounding the peaceful, and yet kind of busy atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere that surrounds Malibu in a way, but they weren't in Malibu, they were in France/Tokyo (Author's Note: Sorry for this interruption, but I don't know which country they should live in! .). The mansion it's self wasn't like the other mansions', it was HUMONGOUS. The roof had hard red tiles, with the classic white paint for the color of the mansion. The windows were lined row by row, and column by column. 'Yu really outdid it this time' Lavi smirked to himself. It had about 5 floors, including the attic, and had about 10 rooms every floor, but the Bookman apprentice wasn't exactly sure due to the turns of the towers, porch, balconies, and extra corridors. The floor was marbled with the finest black marble made in France and the bathroom was filled with porcelain made sinks and other things. There were so many staircases and columns that the two exorcists had passed by that the Bookman apprentice could bet that Kanda must've been lost once or twice herself here. Lavi was so in awe, he didn't notice that Kanda had walked on, going to the west wing of the mansion. But Lavi had to admit, the mansion had a welcoming atmosphere and the nicest scent, it smelt of flowers and gardens and perhaps something more.

"Pick up your' things, I'm showing you to your' room." Kanda called out as she kept walking, purse in hand and shoulders broad.

When Lavi made it into the west wing of the mansion, the servants were back at their quarters, doing work. Kanda was leaning on the metal frame of the door way, she had this smirk on her face the taller exorcist noted. Lavi shrugged it off and decided to start a conversation.

"Nice mansion, Yu-chan." Lavi said with a foolish grin written all over his face.

"You better watch it, because I have security EVERY where." Kanda growled out. Lavi began to sweat and turn pale even though the air conditioner was on as Kanda gestured him to follow her. Being VERY obedient this time, Lavi didn't say anything. Finally Kanda stopped at a door way on the 3rd floor in the very edge of the west wing, or rather the part of the tower of the designer mansion with a balcony attached to it. "Here's your room, baka usagi…"

Perhaps Kanda was saying it too bluntly, or perhaps it was just Lavi's view of the mansion that was so grand that he couldn't help but only to gape at his "room" dare he say it…

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