The name of the game: Love potion

Disclaimer: I don't own Death note or Harry Potter (yup, I just needed a bottle of the Weasley brothers' famous love potion). I do own the plot though. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Once again, Misa was on one of her long walks across the streets, Rem Following close behind her. It was her favorite part of the evening: the sky was red, colored by the shy sunset and its rays were reflected on the tall skyscrapers' windows. Misa liked red so much, it was her second favorite color after black.

"Ne, Rem?"

"Yes, Misa?"

"Light-kun avoided me again today. I honestly love him, but he looks like he prefers spending time with that weird detective, L, instead of me"

"It seems so…I warned you about Yagami Light" Rem answered

"Am I not good enough for him?"

"You are every boy's dream, Misa. Yagami is just weird. I don't think he can actually love someone"

"What? But that would be so sad…I want Light-kun to love me eventually…"

Rem sighed. That was the 20th conversation about Light that day (AN: talk about obsession;)) )

"Misa, have patience"

"Wait!" she clapped her hands. "I know. He will love me if I give him L's name, right?"


"Rem. That day, at Light-kun's University, you saw it too, didn't you?"


"What is it?"

"Misa…are you sure you want to tell him L's name now? He will not need you anymore"

"If I do, I'm sure he will finally fall in love with Misa-Misa"

"Okay then. It's L"

"Excuse me?"

"First name: L. Last name: Lawliet"

"He has a letter for a first name? His parents really lacked imagination, poor guy" she laughed. "Thanks, Rem!" she blew a kiss towards shinigami. "Off we go!!!"

Misa was running on the streets as if for dear life. She entered the HQ with no difficulty and ran straight at her precious Light-kun that was STILL handcuffed to L.

"Light-kun, Misa-Misa has something for you" she said, clinging to his arm.

"Not now, Misa"

"But…" she pouted. "Misa wants you to love her more…Misa did something for you to make you love her more"

Light had an instant flashback of the moment the met…Misa will find out L's name so that Light-kun will like her more…

Light smiled at her and asked L for some privacy. He whispered to L that he needs five minutes to get rid of Misa.

Once he was free, they went into the hall. She hugged him and whispered "L Lawliet" into his ear.

Raito's eyes widened at the strange name.



"Of course" Light mentally slapped himself. Rem would do anything for Misa.

"Misa's been thinking…tomorrow it's Valentine's Day (AN, Okay, if the timing is wrong in the manga, please bear with me) and we haven't gone out for a while, so…"

"Misa, I can't. Please, understand this"

"But Light-kun…" she pouted.

"I'm sorry"

He walked away and reentered the room. Misa fell down and started to cry. Rem tried to soothe her.

"Nothing changed" she said between sobs. "I thought…"

"Misa…let's go"

"That's all he needed me for. He can throw me away now"

"I won't allow him to live if he does that" Rem said. "Come, Misa, Let's get you wash your face and then into bed. You have an important shooting tomorrow."

Meanwhile, Light, now having the missing piece of information, contemplated the various ways to kill L, and wondering what would the right time be.

L watched on the monitors as a crying Misa made her way out of the building. He brought the thumb to his lips and lowered his head. Amane Misa from Happy Sweets really was his idol, and, although he suspected her of being the second Kira, he couldn't bring himself to see her crying.

Misa was on the streets again.

'Yagami Light will never love me, I know now. He didn't even kiss me this time. Time for plan B'

She clutched into her hands the tiny bottle of water-like liquid labeled "Weasley brothers' love potion nr. 9"

'It gets stronger in time, doesn't it? I wonder how strong it will be tomorrow, exactly six months after I found it. I guess Light-kun will love me after all' she chuckled.