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- Chapter 1: An Uchiha's return -

Sakura Haruno walked down the streets of Konoha. She was on her way to see of course Tsunade. Sakura continued her walk to the Hokage tower as she thought of what Naruto had said to her yesterday over Ramen.

- Flash back -

'Sakura-chan... Kakashi-sensei said that he was informed Orochimaru was killed last week... and Sasuke-teme was on his way back to Konoha.' Naruto said, he had stopped eating to look at her as he spoke.

Sakura looked at Naruto. Sakura had changed over the past 6 years Sasuke had left. She had grown into her looks, becoming the most beautiful woman and ninja in Konoha and possibly Suna.

Her Pink locks were just as ever short perhaps a little lower then her shoulders. She had kept it short as a promise to her self, the promise was that she would become stronger. She had become much stronger then when she was a kid even more then she lets her self believe.

Her jade green eyes were still bright however they no longer held that spark all of Kohona were accustomed to when they were all younger, and every one believed that to be because her love ran off for power, to kill his only brother.

'Ah so he finally comes back to the village. A village he betrayed. He must have finally realized he can't beat his brother, no matter how strong he gets.' Sakura said, making Naruto wince at her cold tone.

' Sakura-chan...' Naruto said looking at her with a sad frown. She smiled at him and spoke more softly this time.

' Naruto, thanks for keeping your promise. Even though you didn't bring him back, hes back, and Konoha is happy that hes is.'

' But Sakura-chan....Aren't you happy that he's back?' Naruto asked. She shrugged.

' Yes Naruto. I am very happy.' That of course would be the start. The first lie she had ever told her friend and team mate.

- End flash back -

Sakura sighed, for the hundredth possible time in less then six minutes, as she sat in front of the Hokage her self, Tsunade

" Sakura, I guess Naruto told you the news?" Tsunade asked her student, as she took a drink of sake. Sakura simply looked up from her lap, at her teacher.

" Ah, I take that as a yes." Tsunade said and placed the cup on her desk gently.

" Sakura you won't be going on your hospital shift tonight you and Naruto will met the Uchiha at the gates and welcome him back," Tsunade paused. Her amber eyes staring straight into Sakura's.

" ...and Sakura you will be sent on a mission to Mist." She looked up at Tsunade confused slightly.

" Tsunade-sama?...Why Mist?" Sakura asked confused.

" I want you to go undercover as a doctor in Mist. We have heard that the Akatsuki are around the area. I'm sure you don't mind leaving the village with Sasuke coming back. Unless of course you'd like to stay?" Tsunade asked smirking, as she raised the sake to her lips once more, while watching her favorite student's eyes lower in determination.

" You'll be traveling with ANBU Hyuuga Neji. You two will stay in Mist for a month or less collecting information from the hospital, and in Neji's case, from bars. You will find anything and every thing on the Akatsuki as much as possible."

" If you find anything serous send a message to me right away got it? You will leave tomorrow because your ex-teammate will be here in a few minutes which of course leaves you ten minutes to get packed for your mission and tell Neji." Tsunade said slamming her sake glass to her desk.

"Shizune!" Tsunade yelled a blush on her cheeks from the sake most likely.

" Yes Tsunade-sama?..." Shizune asked peeking her head into the office doors

" More sake! " Tsunade yelled then looked at Sakura


Sakura sigh as she stood and gave Shizune a pitied look then left the Hokage tower, and went to her apartment. After her parents died from a rouge ninja attack a few years back, she has lived alone.

She packed her bags for Mist including her medical bag. She then headed off to The Hyuuga Estate, to Inform Neji on his upcoming mission with his ANBU captain. Yes, Sakura had become very strong. An ANBU captain. Sasuke would be proud, if he ever could be, Kakashi would be also.

Kakashi was sent on a mission a year ago and hasn't found that she has improved to ANBU captain yet, won't he be surprised.

Sakura just wished she would see Sasuke's face when he finds out shes a ANBU Capitan. She didn't want to tell him and make it seem like she was gloating about it. So she would leave that for Naruto to tell the two of them.

' Man I so want to see the Teme's face when he finds out were ANBU captain! ' Inner Sakura yelled in Sakura's mind. Six years and she had yet to get rid of the pest.

'I heard that...' Inner muttered. She ignored her Inner and found it best to do, so the pest would leave soon.


Neji watched as Hinata cleaned up the table they just ate dinner at, she was working quickly her long blue hair was flowing softly around her as she ran back and fort picking up plates from the table. Neji could almost laugh at her, but he was Neji, and Neji just doesn't laugh.

He knew that fool Naruto, and Hinata were going out and he didn't like it one bit, but Naruto was his friend not that he'd admit it in a court of law. He also heard from Tenten that the Uchiha traitor was returning to Konoha after killing Orochimaru with the help of Kakashi.

' I wonder how Haruno is now that Sasuke Uchiha is coming back. Not like I care, but Tenten brought it up. Lee, was of course, running around yelling nonsense about youthful Sakura blossoms and un-youthful Uchiha's.' Neji thought, but was interrupted from his thoughts, as he felt a familiar chakra at his front door.

' What is she doing here at this hour?' He thought as he went to answer said door.

Sakura Haruno stood at his door looking as beautiful as she always did. He wanted to smack himself for that last thought.

" Haruno-san what brings you here?" He asked as politely as possible.

" We, as in me and you, have a mission to Mist tomorrow. Meet me at the gates at four am sharp." She said and walked away. He stared after her.

She tossed the scroll over her shoulder, with perfect aim. He caught the thing one handed and looked back to the spot he last saw the kunoichi. The female had disappeared.

' Guess I have packing to do' He thought walking to his room.


Sakura and Naruto stood at the Konoha Gates waiting. Naruto in his orange clothes yet black also, and Sakura stood in a black long sleeved fishnet shirt, with a black t-shirt over it, and of course, black shorts under a red skirt. She wore her head band on top of her head as usual, and she stood there bored.

" Sakura-chan. You have a mission tomorrow with Neji? For a month!?" Naruto asked / yelled at her.

" But, but, Sasuke-teme is just getting back!" He said whining. She sighed and ruffled his hair, which was hard because he was a good eight inches taller then her. She was about five feet four.

" Naruto, I know. I'm sorry, but this mission is important. I have to go." She lied. She frowned, but then broke into a grin as she saw Kakashi and Sasuke walking slowly toward the gates of Konoha. Kakashi reading his pervy book and Sasuke's hands stuffed in pockets looking as bored as ever.

Sakura scoffed as her eyes landed on the Uchiha, but ran and hugged Kakashi tightly. The copy-ninja blushed slightly not very noticeable with that mask but his ears were pink, so it showed.

" Sakura..." He said hugging back while smiling. Sasuke's eyes were slightly wide as he took in the eighteen year old girl's appearance. Her soft curves, and raw beauty.

' She sure has changed, probably just her looks. She's probably still weak.' Sasuke thought and tisked as he turned away from the two just to come in contact with a blur of orange, as something knocked him off his feet.

" SASUKE-TEME!" Naruto yelled happily hugging his ex-teammate tightly, knocking the air out of the seventeen year old.

" DOBE" Sasuke hissed out angrily at his blond best friend. Naruto stood grinning like a fool at Sasuke.

" Let's go get RAMEN! KAKASHI-SENSEI! SASUKE-TEME! SAKURA-CHANNN! " Naruto yelled and ran off to get Ramen, of course.

" Sakura how have you been?" Kakashi asked as he ruffled the girls hair. They were walking slowly toward where Naruto ran off to.

" Fine Kakashi, and how was your mission a success?" She asked earning a look from the Uchiha, and a chuckle from the sensei.

" Ah, yes. It was a success. I'll have to give my report to Tsunade later." He said smiling his lone eye crinkling happily.

" Sakura." One word her name. She looked back at the Uchiha.

" What?" One word returned. Sasuke looked surprised at her cold tone he ignored it.

" Annoying" He said, she narrowed her eyes. Kakashi winced.

' Oh not good Sasuke, you've done it now. ' Kakashi thought worried for the boys safety.

" Teme" She replied and walked off. Sasuke and Kakashi stared after her wide eyed.

' What the-... teme? How dare she! Wait... Sakura just called me a ...what the heck? ' Sasuke thought confused.

' What? No violence? I must have been gone longer then I realized.' Kakashi thought then both him and Sasuke started after the pink haired girl.

- End chapter -

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