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Walter's POV

Driving to work this morning this was the last thing I was expecting that's for sure.

After being followed sense the highway by a convertible I hadn't thought anything of it until they pulled into the road that only went to my work. Pulling over before the security check points the convertible pulls over alongside me.

As I was getting out I heard an ear splitting scream. Turning towards the sound which was coming from the occupant of the convertible which I just know realized is pink. An awful bright pink...very girlie.

She starts running at me. Not normally in this position I just end up standing there.

"Oh my GOSH Your...Your..." she screams.

"Freaked" I reply not knowing what else to say...okay so I could only squeak at that point give a guy some credit.

"No!"still screaming not at all calming down, continues to talk/scream."Your Walter! ILOVEYOU!"

Now I'm officially freaked out that this person knew my name and declared her love to me. I stutter "Uhhh...ye..." I end up just nodding.

Finally she stops hopping and gapes at me like I'm a beach god or something. Tired of waiting for her to speak for about three minutes I prompt her, "Umm your?" Okay so pathetically. I'd like to see you do better!

"I'm your biggest fan!! I LOVE YOU!"


"You know me, From? How?" I'm clueless at what to say.

"Your Walter/Technician! I LOVE YOU who doesn't? Sign this please!!" she shoves a napkin and a pen at my chest.

"Uh, sure." I'm skeptical and definitely scared.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..." she kept repeating but I seemed to have blocked it out as I signed badly.

"Here" is all I can get out handing it back over.

Jumping up and wrapping her arms around my neck she hugs me...really...tight...She leans back and plants one on my cheek. I barely register a flash of a camera. 'Ah man I'm in my jump suit is all I can think...'

"Bye!" she screams waving before running off. Leaving me standing there. Blinking.

After she the mysterious girl had driven off I got back in my car and drove through the check points.

Trailing down the hall I ran into (literally I might add) Major Samantha Carter. Nearly falling over but getting caught by the Major I come out of my daze.

"Sorry ma'am, Thank you ma'am."

"No problem Walter. You okay you seem a little out of it?" I'm touched she cares, it's who she is...

"I'm fine ma'am thank you, just had a weird encounter." very weird

"Does it have something to do with" I see her gesture to her cheek and then mine "That?"

"Huh?" I rub my cheek seeing red lipstick on my fingers, a little surprised. "Oh! Uhh...yeah..."

"I'm not going to ask" she chuckles (I'm glad your not thank you!) "See you later Walter" with that she strolls back down the hall. I swear I saw her smirking.

"Have a nice day ma'am" I semi-shout after her.

Shaking my head I walk on to the control room for my shift trying to pretend that this morning never happened.

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