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· Chapter 1: Bad Luck ·

There they were, in Keterburg. Why were they dawdling and not stopping Van? Because every heroic groups need to stop for a break. This stress was killing them.

"It feels good to take a break every now and then." Guy commented, walking on the winter town with the group.

"This is barely a break. We're merely passing time, considering we have no idea what Van is planning next; there's no reason for us to try to find out what Van is doing without any leads." Jade countered. Guy was about to counter back when a sudden loud sneeze silenced him.

"I-I'm freezing…" Luke stated, rubbing his arms with what seemed to be rapid speed.

"I told you to buy a jacket back when we were in Kaitzur!" Tear reprimanded him, but then Jade intervened.

"Oh, look. There's our inn." Jade pointed out, literally pointing at it. Luke perked up, shouting warmth as he ran to it at lightning speed, receiving odd stares from bystanders. Tear lightly smacked her forehead as Guy chuckled, seeing as Jade purposely did that.

Luke stared outside, looking at the snow through the window at the Keterburg Inn. He woke up, hearing a soft melody, but he could no longer hear it. He hadn't been able to fall asleep afterwards though.

"Luke…? Is there something wrong?" Luke turned to see Natalia, the proud princess of Kimlasca. She rubbed her eyes, looking at him with questioning eyes.

"Nothing. I thought I heard something earlier is all. I can't go back to sleep though. I think I'll go take a walk through; maybe it'll tire me out and I'll fall asleep again." Luke replied, grinning as he turned from the window he was looking at.

"It's really cold outside though… well, if you must… Just make sure to take Guy's coat. If you get sick, don't tell me I didn't warn you." Natalia said, crossing her arms and pouting.

"Haha, okay!" He laughed it off, leaving the small one person inn room they all shared, peeling Guy's jacket off the rack. He made sure not to disturb anyone. They only booked one room to preserve money. Tear and Natalia shared one bed, while Jade shared a bed with Anise, surprisingly. They just made sure to stay on the other sides of the bed, away from each other. That left Guy and Luke, who'd just slept on the ground.

Wearing a coat in Keterburg didn't help.

Luke was still freezing his ass off. Maybe this was a bad idea… The replica thought, turning back to enter the inn, which was not far away. He'd only been walking, what, 10 minutes? He was about to until he heard someone shout.

"Let him go!" It was a girl's voice. Luke, in worry, headed over to source. His eyes widened as he saw a child, in the hands of a monster who managed so make it into Keterburg. The girl who shouted it was dressed in blue and white, with long blonde hair. Luke tore off the coat, tossing it to the side. He grabbed his sword, running over, but paused as the girl pulled out two weapons; chakrams. She looked alert and tossed at the enemy. She only managed to slice an arm off. At least it was the arm that held the child captive.

The chakram she threw flew back to her, and she grabbed, and that was when Luke ran in. The girl looked surprised to see Luke suddenly fly in and defeat the monster with a quick Fang Blade Havoc.

"Th-thank you," She said, but quickly diverted her attention to the injured child, "Genis, wake up!" Luke walked over; the poor kid looked worse for winter then Luke was. He was wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt. The girl looked at Luke desperately.

"Is there an inn around here?!" She asked urgently.

"Y-yeah. I'll bring you there, c'mon." Luke said and grabbed her hand, pulling her up. He picked up the boy with one hand, running in the snow, the blonde-haired girl following after him. They arrived at the inn, pushing the door open as a small bell rang.

"I'm sorry for the trouble." The girl said, looking at Luke apologetically.

"N-no, really, it's okay," Luke replied, scratching the back of his head, "You really don't need to apologize."

"O-oh, okay, I'm so—oh I just did it again, didn't I?" Colette gushed, looking down, "Um, anyway… What's your name? I'm Colette Brunel."

"I'm Luke fon Fabre, nice to meet you, Colette." Luke introduced himself and offered his hand for a handshake. Colette obliged and smiled.

"Nice to meet you too, Luke. Thanks for saving me earlier. What were you doing… walking around in the middle of the night like that?" The blonde girl asked.

"I could ask you the same thing. I went for a walk because I woke up. What were you doing?" Luke asked, looking at her in the eye. Colette laughed nervously.

"I'm new around these areas, so I got lost and then we found a monster wandering around… Or more like, it attacked us first. My friend defended me, and then you came and yeah…" Colette explained nervously, giggling a little.

"Oh, all right, well, do you want me to stay longer or what?" Luke replied with another question.

"Oh, no, it's okay! You can go back to your own room if you want!" Colette answered, flailing her arms a little.

"Okay; I'll come back tomorrow morning to check how you are." Luke said, and smiled. He got up and Colette got up as well.

"Um, please at least let me walk you back!" Colette requested, and Luke scratched the back of his head and shrugged, smiling, signifying that he was okay with it.

"Your room is quite far away, Luke."

"Hm… This has nothing to do with the earlier statement, but Colette, I was just wondering, but what's a girl like you doing, carrying those swords on your back?"

"Oh, the swords wrapped in the fabric? They belong to my friend."

"Then why would you have them?"

"Well… He sort of disappeared, if you could say it like that."

"So you're holding them for him…?"

"Yep! I and my friend are looking for the requirements to bring him back."

"Oh… Sorry if it brought back any painful memories, by the way."

"Ah, don't worry! It didn't."

"Then what about your… Err… bracelet? It has a bunch of rings on it."

"Oh, those? They're a belonging of another friend. I only have 4 of them though. My friend has the other 5."

"Then that person isn't here too?"

"Yeah. Only she could really use these to its full potential because it's in her blood."

"Hm… Interesting stuff you have there. Anyway, this is my stop. G'night Colette."

"Good night, Luke!"

Everyone was enjoying breakfast in a circle, since the group had some leftover bread and other miscellaneous foods.

"By the way, Luke, who was the girl that you were with last night?" Jade asked, as if it were a simple question like 1 plus 1. Luke nearly threw spit out his orange juice that Anise went down and purchased for the group earlier.

"W-what girl!?" Luke asked, completely paranoid.

"Luke, you were out with a girl last night during that walk!? You never did return Guy's jacket either! Don't tell me you gave it to her!" Natalia shouted, standing up.

"Wait, you're all mistaken!" Luke shouted, flailing his arms.

"Heh, Luke, you're quite the ladies' man." Guy slyly commented.

"You're not making this better, Guy!" Luke countered, grabbing a piece of his bread and flinging it at him, hitting his poor servant's eye. He was about to get up and shout out to get everyone to shut up so he could explain, but then a sudden knock came to the door. Ion walked up to answer it, opening it to a blonde girl in familiar white and blue clothing.

"C-Colette!" Luke cried, seeing the girl at the doorway. Colette genuinely smiled while the rest of the group was eyeing/staring at her.

"Good morning, Luke! I thought you'd be hungry, so I thought I'd give you some of the leftovers from my breakfast. Oh, and Genis and I found that jacket you were wearing last night. It seems you forgot it. I finished washing and drying it, since I thought you'd want it back! My friend said he'd get our stuff and bring it here." Colette gushed, pointing at the small, leather bag that had food in it, while Natalia, Tear, and Anise turned to glare at Luke.

"You're mistaken!" Luke cried, getting up.

"Huh? Luke, did something happen?" Colette asked, clearly confused.

"Oh, so you helped Ms. Brunel last night?" Jade asked, looking straight at Luke, He gulped and nodded.

"All right… It seems I misunderstood the situation, Luke. I apologize." Natalia said gracefully, admitting her own mistakes.

"Damn straight!" Luke shouted. Tear was about to apologize until someone else knocked on the door. Colette looked up cheerfully and opened it, to see a small boy with white hair, clad in blue. He had a large, leather bag on his back, heaving traveling supplies in it. It didn't seem weigh him down much, it was merely the bulky swords on his back as well. Colette apologized and removed them, holding them as if they weighed nothing.

"Um… Well, I guess I'll be going now. Thank you everyone for your hospitality." Colette thanked them, nervously giggling after.

"Colette, which town are we going to next?" The boy asked before they both left the room.

"Um… How about we go to Kaitzur?" Colette offered and he shrugged, nodding as he stood straight and turned to leave. Colette lifted the swords onto her back and smiled, waving.

They were in Kimlasca territory now. They were headed to Baticul, stopping at Chesedonia first. They needed to visit Baticul, since the Tartarus was damaged in another attack by the Oracle Knights and God-Generals for an attempt to take Ion.

"There's Chesedonia up ahead!" Luke announced, running towards the town. The others followed, but the whole group paused when they saw what was happening. It was smoking…

"Now you see how futile your attempts are! Hand over those exspheres, and Martel's new body, while you're at it." The group arrived to see Colette and Genis and another blonde man.

There was something different though.

He had angel wings…

And so did Colette.

"Mithos, stop! Martel is already dead! You can't bring the dead back to life!" Genis shouted, holding his kendama.

"Silence! With that nuisance… the Eternal Swordsman trapped away, you can't defeat me!" The blonde haired angel laughed, taunting them.

"That's why we'll bring him back! He'll stop you just like he did last time!" Colette shouted, readying her chakrams for another full-on blow.

"Hmph… persistence. No matter; how will you fare, should I destroy his exsphere? Where will his soul go, I presume?" Mithos asked and Colette and Genis flinched.

"See how you try this!" Genis interrupted Mithos' little evil laugh and the child pushed himself into overlimit and began chanting, "I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder! Indignant Judgment!" The group watched in amazement as the white haired child casted Indignation, but what looked like a more advanced version. Following after the bolt of lightning, flew down a sword and what seemed like larger version of energy blast, effectively injuring Mithos fully.

"Why you… don't think you've won yet." Mithos said, clutching a bleeding wound. He flew back, up into the sky. He could beat them now, but, like any other villain, he needed that pretty climax.

"Whew… Thought I was a goner…" Genis said, panting. He turned to the side and paused, and Colette looked, following the same reaction. What Genis used was his secret and ultimate technique and there stood Colette, fluttering around with her Angel wings and there they saw Mithos fly off.

· Chapter 1: Bad Luck ·
· END ·

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