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» Chapter 4: Ravage «

Aston observed the Rheairds with explicit curiosity.

"Little missy, are these from the Dawn Age or something? I've never heard of it." Aston asked, stopping.

"I'm not sure yet. That's what father and I had assumed, but we don't have a concrete answer." Presea replied and Aston nodded.

"I'll see what I can do!" Aston replied, and turned around, grabbing a box of tools. He was itching to take apart the Rheaird.

"Aston, could I help as well!?" Guy exclaimed, and no one was shocked by the Fon Machine buff's behavior. Aston nodded and Guy ran over to help like a giddy child drooling at a candy store. Presea bowed in thanks.

"I will remain on this continent until the work has been done; most of the time, at least. I may have to leave occasionally." Presea announced, and Aston nodded, but also a little unsure.

"That's all right, but are you sure? I don't know how long this will take." Aston replied, but Presea shook her head.

"Yes. I will need those as soon as I can, so I believe it will be best to remain here." Presea replied, and Aston shrugged and Presea left. Luke and the others, minus Guy, followed suit, seeing as their business was done.

They walked, Presea aware, but inattentive to their presence. They paused as a man ran into the town.

"Great… we're out of firewood." A man said, walking past them. Presea immediately perked up, and caught the man.

"You are in search of firewood?" She asked, and man nodded.

"We're making some more weapons, but we ran out. With all the monsters crawling out there now, I don't know if I have the guts to get more." He said, scratching his head.

"If I retrieve the wood, would you give me a payment? I work as a lumberjack."

She said, but the man and Luke's group was thoroughly shocked.

"You, a lumberjack; aren't you too young?" He asked, but Presea shook her head.

"I am capable of doing this job. Please allow me to. Upon traveling, I've run out of gald; my current amount will not last long. That wouldn't do me well." She explained and the man shrugged.

"Your choice, but if you get hurt, I'm not at fault." He said and Presea nodded, satisfied. Without going to even gather materials, she dragged her axe towards the entrance.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Natalia called and the others followed.

"What is it?" Presea plainly asked, but the others were amazed at her dull replies.

"You can't just go into the wild like that! You're a child! Furthermore, from what I've seen, there are no trees growing here." Natalia scolded Presea, and she nodded.

"I'm capable of fending for myself and am aware of the lack of nature here. I will go to the Padamiya Continent and bring the wood back here." Presea talked about it like it was the most obvious solution… which it was sure as hell not.

"Nonsense! I can't merely let a child wander out like this! And how do you intend to bring that wood over?" Natalia's noble blood was taking course now.

"I will drag it. If you wish to accompany me, I don't mind, but I cannot pay your fees; this job will pay, and I can only afford a one-round trip ticket." Presea replied, and before Anise could even object, Natalia spoke.

"All right, we'll accompany you!" She announced, and Anise practically fell on the floor, but the Fon Master Guardian knew it was not her place to argue with the Princess when she was in her noble stage.

The group was stunned.

Why were they stunned?

They watched a 12-year old chop down a tree… in a single slice.

And she was cutting trees… more trees.

She cut them all in a single slice.

"That's most likely enough." Presea said, not even breaking a sweat as she looked at her heap of trees. Patiently, she began to orderly line them, and when finished, she stood to the side and began chopping off the tree branches. It was an odd sight, really.

"She's… pretty strong." Anise mumbled.

"Can she carry all of that on the ship…?" Luke asked himself. Finishing chopping, she began to tie the load together with a thick rope she'd borrowed from the ship. She tied both the end and beginning and then tied a handle to the ropes. Presea grabbed hold and hauled the wood across the group.

"Whoa, Presea, I can carry that!" The red-headed, or orange, scion grabbed hold of the handle. The pink-haired lumberjack knew the outcome, but she released her grip regardless, and watched as Luke failed to pull the wood. He pulled, and shouted, "Where's Guy when you need him!?" Anise opted to transform Tokunaga and help pull, but it didn't really help. Natalia even ran up with Tear, which moved the hunk of lumber!

It helped move the wood… by maybe an inch or so.

"What an amusing scene." Jade commented cheerfully and the two Nobles, Luke and Natalia, gave him a glare.

"You help too, Jade!" Luke commanded, but the Colonel shrugged.

"I'm old and my joints ache." He concluded and the two nobles only opted to stare at him more, before Presea sighed. She fixed the scarf she wore around her neck and came up to the group and began pulling the hunk of wood. Everyone fell over due to the sudden shock of how light the weight of the wood became when they were pulling so hard.

"Oh, welcome back you guys!" Aston replied as he looked up at the rag-tag group. They grinned nervously as they entered, having already delivered the wood. Most of them were still shocked that Presea dragged all that wood by herself all the way to the man who asked for it; granted that she was worn out, but she wasn't going to collapse in the road like Ion might.

"Have you guys seen the fon machine?! It's great; it has so much technology, I've never seen anything like it before! And the box that can hold it! It's pretty big and yet it can practically shrink it or something for compact carrying!" Guy gushed on, running towards them; his eyes were filled with stars. He was certainly happy for one.

The two nobles and the Malkuth Colonel made a move to give a witty comment, if it weren't for the screaming outside. The group, shocked, ran outside. It was not the Oracle Knights like last time though. They were oddly dressed and the group never saw them before… they were also led by a man with pointy ears…

"Rodyle," Presea shouted as she pulled her axe out, ready to battle the man.

"Ah, Presea, I've found you," He laughed tauntingly and offered a hand to her, "Now return, child."

"I will not return to your side, Rodyle. I have made that mistake once; I refuse to repeat it." She replied maturely. He seemed like an enemy, so the group was already in battle position. They didn't intend to let what once happened in Sheridan repeat; they felt a tinge of guilt regarding it, with so many in Sheridan dying for them… The group shook the memory from their heads and looks at they were surrounded by these soldiers.

"Oh, but who do you think released you from your exsphere?" Rodyle asked with a dark smile. Presea narrowed her eyes in resistance.

"Simply because you freed doesn't mean I owe you anything. Furthermore, you did so of your own free will. You should have been aware of the consequences." Presea answered and Rodyle glared at her, but the young girl did not flinch under his gaze.

"You little… conceited human!" He pointed at Presea and his soldiers began to assault her. The group then began to start assisting Presea as well. The soldiers weren't very strong, but they shouldn't be underestimated. They offered a fight, with so many at once, but before they could continue, Rodyle called them off.

"That was only a warning if you continue to defy us, human; we've begun creating ranches here," Rodyle gave a sadistic smirk and Presea's eyes widened, "I'm sure we'll see more results like your pathetic sister. What was her name…? Oh, that's right, her name, Alicia." Presea felt rage overcome her rational thinking. How dare you… speak of Alicia in such a manner…! Presea thought as she paused, tearing off the scarf. The group watched a spark of red light brighten at her collarbone. It was seconds later they realized what it was; an exsphere, no, a Cruxis Crystal.

"You cannot speak of Alicia in such a manner!" Presea's anger was stimulated and she was like a monster when upset. She ran up, swinging her axe in the direction of Rodyle. The half-elf expected her anger, but he hadn't expected her to be that angry. With narrowed eyes, he leaped back. He held another dark smile as he pulled out a jewel.

"I'm sure you wouldn't want to attack as long as I have this in my possession." He countered her attack with mere words and rendered Presea powerless; between his two fingers as a blue jewel.

» Chapter 4: Ravage «
» END «

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