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This will be mostly set in the marauders time. This chapter is some of what Tonks remembers and the marauders relationship with her as a child before getting into the story.



"You sure you guys don't mind babysitting Dora with me?" Sirius asked two of his best friends.

"No why would we? I mean it was either this or going birthday clothes shopping with Peter, and we all know his mum hates us." Remus replied.

"I can't believe he still goes clothes shopping with his mum!" Snickered James, ringing the doorbell to the Tonks house.

"I can!" Sirius added greeting Ted Tonks with a hug when he opened the door. They all had a silent chuckle at this and offered their own greeting to Ted.

"I'm just waiting for Andi to finish getting ready and we'll be gone, Dora's up there with her." Just as Ted offered this information the unmistakeable pitter-patter of tiny feet and a thump sounded from the top of the stairs. Seconds later Andi descended them carrying a certain blue haired little girl.

"Siweus!!" She squealed wriggling out of her mothers arms and wrapping her own tiny ones around Sirius' legs. Laughing slightly Sirius bent down to pick her up.

"Hey little Dora! How about we let your mum and dad get out of here so we can have some fun, huh?"

"Bye-bye mummy, bye-bye daddy." Said Dora leaning over to give each respective parent a kiss on the cheek.

Sirius carried Dora into the living room after listening to the 'don't let her list' from Andi . Sirius just waved her off with a shrug saying, "Come on Andi how hard could it be?"

He plopped down on the sofa, James beside him and Remus taking the armchair on the other side of the room.

"Lets play horsey!" Exclaimed Dora excitedly.

"You wanna play horsey?" asked Sirius. James and Remus getting into an animated discussion about their last prank on Snape.

"Yep!" confirmed Dora, nodding her head enthusiastically.

"Are you sure?" Teased Sirius.

"Mm hmm!" Replied Dora.

"Oh alright then!" Sirius said dramatically, getting onto his hands and knees and waiting for the plonk of Dora's weight onto his back, she didn't disappoint, and neither did he, he began crawling around the floor acting like a horse with Dora squealing in delight every time he 'bucked'.


45 minuets later and Dora had all three boys worn out. They were now having 'resting time' as they had called it and Dora was beginning to get bored and Dora and bored were a bad combination.

Sirius and James were playing exploding snap and Remus was reading a book, None of them were paying attention to her! Then an idea struck, she could see James' wand sticking out of his back pocket from where she was sitting beside him.

Wands were usually fun to play with, but mummy and daddy told her not to play with wands. They got really mad when she set the kitchen curtains on fire that time. That was just once though surly it wouldn't happen again, and mummy wasn't here right now, how could she get mad at her?

Carefully Dora slipped James' wand out of his pocked and slipped out of the room without their notice. Quite a feat for the clumsy 4 year old! She opened the front door but when she heard striped barking, next door neighbours dog, she forgot all about the wand and started to play with the small dog.


Remus looked up from his book to see his friends deeply engrossed in a game of exploding snap. So engrossed that they had forgotten all about the sole reason for them being here, to watch a certain mischievous small child.

Remus cleared his throat and when this failed to get his friends attention he just dove right in saying, "Where's Dora?"

"Hmm? Who?" Mumbled Sirius.

"Dora, you know the little girl your supposed to be watching as if your life depended on it…"

Suddenly Sirius' eyes widened as he looked frantically around the room. "Why are you guys just sitting there?! Help me! Prongs you search the kitchen, Moony you take upstairs, oooooh Andi's gona kil- NOOOOOOOOO!" Sirius stopped in the middle of the doorway eyes fixed on the open front door.

The three boys raced out the door just in time to see Dora waving the newly rediscovered wand at the dog and giggling.

"Hey my wand!" Exclaimed James as they ran forward.

"You let her get your wand?!" Said Sirius angrily.

"Forget that! Nobody has noticed yet by the looks of it but I'm pretty sure BRIGHT ORANGE is not a normal colour for a dog! Grab it and the girl and let's get inside quickly! Remus reasoned.


"We've been at this for an hour now how in the name of Merlin are we going to get this dog back white? Someone's going to notice its missing soon, we'll be done for dog-napping! Moaned James.

Dora giggled happily as they once again failed to restore its natural colour, it had already gone through a variety of colours, none of which being white. Dora was glad, white was boring!

She was currently curled up in Remus' lap watching the other two boys desperately trying to fix the poor animal. They found it a necessity to keep her with one of them at all times as they were running out of time before Ted and Andi were due home and couldn't afford to clean up any of the messes she could possibly make.

Finally after another 20 minuets and an exclamation of, "YES! In your face dog!" from James they had him back to his original colour. The problem was they now had only 5 minuets left to get Dora to bed. She was ment to be in bed hours ago! Sirius sent James and Remus to bring the dog back while he took Dora upstairs to get her changed into her pyjamas and into bed.

He had just tuned to leave when she startled him by asking, "Are you mad at me Siwieus?"

He looked down at her big green eyes that looked to be shining with tears in the soft glow of her night light and told her, "How could I be angry at someone who is exactly like me? Think you could do me a favour though, little Dora?" she nodded her affirmation. Pretend to be asleep when your mum and dad come up to cheak on you, you don't want your favourite cousin to get into trouble do ya?"

"OK Siwieus. Night."

"Night Dora."


They had barely sat down sat down when the door opened and Ted and Andi walked in.

"How was she?" inquired Andi with a slightly knowing smile gracing her lips.

"Great! An absolute angel!" Said Sirius convincingly, with the other two nodding in agreement.

"Really? So she didn't by any chance do anything to the neighbours dog then?"

"What no, why would you even ask that Andi?"

"I saw two of you putting it back into their garden about 2 minuets ago. And she seem to have a knack for getting that poor dog into some sort of trouble." She smirked.

"That girl is going to make a great marauder some day!" Exclaimed James.

"One of the best." Sirius added, "one of the best."