Colonel Roy Mustang watched as the snow fell lazily from the sky. He hated the snow. It was just frozen water, and water was the opposite of his fire. That and it was cold, and if you didn't get it off while you were still outside, it would melt, and you would be wet.

Major Edward Elric loved the snow. It made the world look peaceful and innocent. It was cold, but when you got cold, you could warm again by snuggling with a loved one, or drinking hot cocoa. So what if you got frozen to the bone and then got soaking wet when it melted? It was fun.

Colonel Mustang loved working when it was snowing. It gave him something to do that didn't involve the horrible snow. He could stay warm and dry in his office. And his fire worked in his office.

Edward Elric hated working when it was snowing. It made him stay inside when all he wanted t do was go outside and run around in the snow. Or just watch the fat, lazy flakes fall to the ground.

Mustang hated Edward Elric. He was a nuisance. He was annoying.

Edward hated Colonel Mustang. He was a pompous prick. He was a jerk.

Roy loved Ed. He didn't know why. He just did. Ed was funny and endearing. Ed was smart and brave. But most of all, Ed was Ed.

Ed loved Roy. He hated that fact. But he still loved him. Roy was hot. Roy was wise. Roy was some one Ed wanted to know. But most of all, Roy was Roy.

Roy was watching the lazy snow fall, when Ed came into his office. He was covered in snow, and was soaking wet. And he was smiling. Roy smiled back.

I love you, you little brat. Roy said as Ed came closer.

Ed laughed. Finally! I was beginning to think I was wrong! I love you too you pompous ass.

Roy laughed now. And when their lips met, they didn't even notice Hawkeye or Alphonse come into the office.

You owe me ten dollars, Riza. Al said, giggling.

Riza grinned. Yeah, I do. I have some money in my office. What do you say we leave them alone?

Good idea. Al said as they left.