Hello. This is my first fan fiction, so critical commentary would be great. This is just a series of scenes between Teddy and Victoire. This one takes place in Shell Cottage. The fic starts abruptly, but in that I am hoping to convey the spontaneity and lack of rational thought behind it. I am also not giving a lot of environmental description because of Teddy's supposed inability to see anything other than Victoire. ( )

Fumbling on the couch

They sat in silence watching the flames leap and sparkle in the fire. It was a comfortable silence, but Teddy didn't want comfort. In fact, he felt rather bold.

His constant need to touch her was almost always overwhelming, but now, watching the fire light flicker on her pale skin, he found he could no longer resist.

Leaning forward, he hoisted her bare feet on to his lap, forcing her to lie down on the couch. She glanced at him, gave him a small smile, but said nothing. Her skirt had risen slightly, showing more thigh than usual. Teddy resolutely ignored this, slowly beginning to massage her feet.

Victoire closed her eyes as the gentle, soothing motion f his thumbs on the pads of her feet washed over her. It took a minute as he moved to the arch of her foot to come accustomed to the ticklish feeling, but soon she was sinking deeper into the cushions. A soft sigh escaped her.

Teddy glanced up at Victoire's face. Seeing such a positive reaction, he decided to take things one-step further. Lifting her leg slightly, he lightly grazed her ankle with his lips.

She gasped, snapping her eyes open at the sudden sensation. He continued to lightly trace her ankle with his tongue, looking into her eyes for a reaction.

Victoire bit her bottom lip, considering, and then closed her eyes, relaxing again.

Taking this as reason to continue, he kissed and licked his way up her instep until he reached her big toe. Slipping this into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around it, watching her face. On inspiration he sucked, she inhaled sharply, and he sucked again. This drew a nearly contained moan from her, but he didn't want her to contain it. If she was enjoying herself he wanted to know about it.

The next toe seemed even more sensitive than the first, as she was now breathing very deeply and chewing on her bottom lip.

One by one he nipped and sucked her toes, occasionally lightly grazing the underside lightly with his teeth. He took his time, mapping each digit as though he could memorise her prints with his tongue. Quickly brushing his tongue down the other side of her foot, he nipped at her ankle, seeking attention.

Opening her eyes, she gazed in to orbs of an amber brown, pupils dilated and hinting at a wolfish gleam. He pointedly racked his eyes down her legs, still licking her ankle, then caught her eyes again and raised his eyebrows in silent query.

She nodded slightly.

Sitting up, Ted adjusted his position so he was better angled, kneeling on the couch. He crawled up along her legs to place a chaste kiss on her lips.

"Tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay?"


Resuming his place at her feet, he lifted up her leg and started to trace the underside with lips and tongue. One hand ran up and down her other leg in a continuous caress. Ted closed his eyes as he reached the back of his knee. He dipped his tongue into the crook, causing another sharp intake of breath. Spending some time there, he slowly moved on to her inner thighs.

Victoire was positively squirming the further up her thighs he went. Reaching the edge of her bunched up skirts, he nudged them a little with his nose, then glanced up. She still had her eyes shut, so he took this as a sign to continue.

They had never done this before. Sure, they had kissed, found the delights of each other's necks, and once Ted had gone so far as to give her collarbone some attention. But never this. Almost more arousing than doing this to her, Ted found great pleasure in the fact that she trusted him enough to let him do it. To respect her. The obvious fact that he was pleasing her made him heady.

Grazing her thigh with his tongue along the fabric line of her pants, Ted noticed two things: an oddly arousing smell was permeating his nostrils, and, unbelievably, there appeared to be a damp spot on her underwear. Unable to resist, he placed a quick kiss on her centre.

Victoire uttered an odd sound, the first so far. Her hands, wrapped in her skirt before now, grabbed two fistfuls of Ted's hair, but she did not move his head. She did not push him away.

Reaching up tentatively to curl his fingers in the waistband of her underwear, Ted barely had the presence of mind to ask, "can I?"


Licking his lips, he took that as a yes and slowly drew her knickers down her legs, a bit awkwardly when she wouldn't release his head to remove them further down her calves. Releasing them, Ted didn't realise he was breathing deeply until Victoire began squirming again, his hot breath against her centre.

Inhaling deeply, Ted flicked out his tongue against her clitoris. The hands in his hair gripped tighter. Bringing up a hand, he stroked a finger against the bud, barely touching. Parting her lips, he stared intensely before closing his eyes and leaning forward.

Victoire gasped as his tongue penetrated her, screwed her eyes up tight. He experimented a little, seeing how deep he could go, swirling his tongue around inside her. Retreating, he captured her clitoris between his lips and squeezed gently, flicked with his tongue, then sucked. The last drew a long moan from Victoire, and for the first time in minutes he looked up at her eyes. She glanced at him and smiled, a cute, shy smile. Teddy removed her hands from his hair and gripped them firmly in his own.

Lowering his head again, he dipped his tongue back inside her. He did this a few tines, then he thrust in deep, licking on his way out. Setting a rhythm, he penetrated her repeatedly. Her breath quickened.

Soon she was moaning on each exhale as he kept his pace.

Releasing his hands, she held his head still as she arched her back and moaned his name.


He wanted to go back and lick her juices, but she pulled him up to her face. She seemed at a loss for words, shaking her head slightly as she smiled. Reaching up, she captured his lips in hers. Maybe in desire to express somewhat how it felt, she thrust her tongue in his mouth in time to what he had done below. She could taste herself on his lips.

His obvious arousal pressed against her hip as he rested his wait on his elbows.

Ted wouldn't have objected to taking it further but while they had been kissing the clock above the mantle piece had rang out the hour. Knowing that her parents would be returning soon, Ted withdrew slowly, laying small kisses all over her face before sitting up. She sat up also, replacing her knickers. They sat in a slightly awkward silence.

"I'm uncomfortable."

"What?" Teddy looked at her with the beginnings of shame. Victoire giggled.

"No, no, not that. That was very nice." She blushed, took his hand. "I mean I'm wearing my underwear after..."

"Oh, right..."

"It's kinda wet..."


"Don't be," she leaned over and kissed him. "I'll be back in a minute."


A/N Okay, I wanted to show how trusting of Teddy Victoire is, but also how much he cherishes her. Hence Victoire doesn't do much. Hope you enjoyed.