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Hidden Things

The Bearded Ladies screamed out their wordless lyrics from the wireless. The sun was setting, giving the unlit room a nice, soft light. The room was vividly coloured, bright green curtains, red walls that you could barely see because of all the posters and paraphernalia. Teddy lounged on his bed, staring at the moving quiditch players above his head. Victoire sat with her back to his bed, shuffling sheets of parchment on the floor.

"How's that homework coming?"

"About as well as your chaser skills."

"Pretty well, then."

"Pfft." She threw her quill at him. Her golden hair was spilt across his chequered duvet. Rising to his knees, Teddy leaned his forearms behind her head and began playing with her hair.

"You know what's great about finishing school?"

"Sigh. Let me guess… No homework?" This was not the first time he had started this conversation.

"No, I got something even better."

"No uniform?"

"Nah, I actually liked the uniforms. Blue suits me."

"It clashed with your hair."

"Not all the time." He picked up a strand of her hair and brought it to his nose. "No NEWTs."

"Yes, yes. I've already seen your 'freedom dance'." At this he got up and gripped her hand, pulling her into a standing position. Twisting his hips, he began to dance to the music, coaxing her to do the same. "No! Teddy, stop!" He spun her around and she giggled. "C'mon, I need to study."

"But I'm here." A new, faster song came on with a crazy bass beat. Teddy began to move wildly, head banging in a parody of metal fans. Victoire laughed at him, beginning to move slightly. She bit her lip shyly when he came up behind her and pressed his chest to her back, forcing her to lean on him. Nudging his hips against hers, he encouraged her to move with him, slowly, despite the rapid beat of the song. She giggled again and spun around, pushing him away, a little embarrassed at the intimate position. Unperturbed, Teddy jumped at her and began to tickle her furiously.

Falling on to the bed laughing, they continued until the song ended and the CD reached its end. The room was suddenly silent but for their heavy breathing. Victoire was on her back, her hair in disarray. Teddy was on his side beside her, looking down. He couldn't resist kissing her in her ruffled state. Pulling back, he watched her blush, and then kissed her again, longer this time.

Teddy's eyebrows shot up when, uncharacteristically, Victoire deepened the kiss, brushing his lower lip lightly with her tongue, seeking entrance. Suddenly, Teddy felt bold again, like that day a week ago when he had tasted her. Leaning on her a little bit, he drew his hand down from her hair, slowly edging his way to cupping her breast, giving her plenty of time to call it quits. Her top was thin, and he could feel her nipple harden. He felt a strong surge of pride, but quickly forgot his triumph when he felt Victoire begin to play with the hem of his shirt.

Thumbing his shirt up a little bit, Victoire quickly brushed the skin of his stomach. When he didn't pull back, she became braver and pushed his t-shirt up enough to place her whole hand against him. His stomach muscles clenched. She moved her hand as she felt him tense, exploring the new skin. Her other hand had rested lightly against his shoulder, now it moved up to clasp the back of his neck. Teddy changed the rhythm of the kiss, his tongue penetrating her mouth in a rhythm that caused something to coil in her belly.

Teddy pulled back a moment to breath. "I can take it off, if you like". She nodded. Rising to his knees, Teddy pulled off his shirt. Seeing her watching him, he suddenly felt nervous and leant down to distract her with a kiss. He needn't have worried. Victoire ran her hands up and down his back, occasionally brushing a hand over his chest or stomach. The third time she did this her hand touched his nipple, and he gasped, pulling a way.

"Did I do something wrong?" Her voice was laced with nervousness, even as she breathed heavy.

"Uh-uh," he dived down again to take her mouth, shifting her hips until they rested under his own. Victoire could feel his arousal pressing against her groin, and was startled by how much pleasure it gave her. Impulsively, she brought her hands to his hips and pressed him closer, which brought a nearly contained groan. Wanting something she couldn't define, she wrapped her legs around his waist, which brought him closer, this time making her arch her back a little bit, looking to press against him harder.

Catching a breath, Teddy looked at her, a little dazed. He buried his face into her neck and mumbled: "I am so into you." Victoire giggled breathlessly, hugging him tight. Not wanting to lose the mood, Teddy kissed her neck, open mouthed. Victoire 'mmm'-d appreciatively. Kissing his way to her collar bone, he snuck his fingers a little under her shirt. She wiggled a bit, causing his hand to go further. Finding it difficult to worm his fingers under the tight material, Teddy tugged the shirt gently, silently asking. Pushing him away, Victoire seemed to scrutinise him for a moment. Sitting up, she motioned for him to look away, then whipped off her shirt. "Keep your eyes closed." Teddy complied, and was turned back towards her quickly, where he was urged to continue his ministrations on her neck.

Lying on top of her, suddenly there was so much soft skin to discover. Trying to take a peek at his shirtless girlfriend, she repeatedly foiled his attempts by pressing his face to her skin, too shy to have him see her yet. Giving up, Teddy began to map her skin blindly, licking under her collar bone. Cupping her breast, he kneaded it softly, gently, unsure if it would hurt her. Brushing a thumb over her nipple, Victoire pushed herself instinctively against his palm and groin. Teddy ground his hips into hers reflexively, and they both gasped.

Cupping her shoulders, Teddy pulled her forward, then ran a finger down her back, tapping the clasp of her bra. Victoire shrugged shyly, and Teddy began to work it off. This time Teddy felt pure skin, and he leant down to take one nipple in his mouth. Sucking, Victoire moaned softly and lay back down, taking him with her. While Teddy focused on her breasts, Victoire squirmed against him, spurning him on as her hips writhed against his own. She ran her hands down his back, finally settling on his hips and sneaking her fingers under the waist band of his low-slung jeans.

Teddy began to grind his hips into hers steadily, unable to help himself. Her hands on his hips helped him. Victoire's under wear felt damp and clingy, and she wondered if he'd take them off her again, maybe, hoping he would even as she wondered how far this would go. She knew he would stop if she wanted, and the room began to smell of sex. She didn't want him to. He felt amazing against her, all hard and warm and soft. He was covered lightly in sweat now.

Teddy was wondering how far she would let him go with what little cognitive thought he had left. She felt so good, and she was letting him do things he had only dreamed of doing. Catching her unawares, he sat up and got his first real sight of her naked torso. His breath caught in his throat, and he couldn't help himself when he leant down and dipped his tongue in her belly button. Grasping her hips, he tugged on her jeans, kissing the exposed skin. Victoire's hands gripped his hair in anticipation, looking forward despite herself.

Yanking her jeans down, Teddy rubbed his nose up and down her inner thigh, breathing her in and feeling himself throb. Adjusting his trouserd to sit more comfortably, he pulled down her under wear and settled himself between her legs. Pressing his face into her curls, nuzzling her. Using the tip of his tongue to open her, he began to lap at her at a steady face, quickly causing her to writhe and sigh, which delighted him.

Licking and sucking at her clit, he gently pressed a finger into her. She exclaimed lightly at the new sensation, and began to tense as he moved his finger in and out, still sucking her little bundle of nerves. The steady rhythm brought her to her release, and Teddy pulled his finger out as her inner walls clenched, wanting to taste her.

When her body relaxed, he rose up to meet her lips. Victoire nudged him out of the cradle of her hips and reached down to brush his member tentatively. Hearing him groan, she pressed harder, causing him to buck. He stopped kissing her as she rubbed her hand up and down, focusing on the sensation, clenching his eyes closed as he tensed. Victoire watched his face, thinking how wonderful he looked so in bliss, hoping he thought her the same.

Teddy rose his hips and then pressed against her hand harder, completely mindless now. He was softly moaning in the back of his throat.

Then, like the sound from hell, someone knocked at the door

"Viccy? We're going for lunch. Tell Teddy to get ready and meet us down there in ten." They heard Bill walk away down the hallway. Teddy collapsed on top of Victoire and groaned in severe disappointment. Wiggling out from underneath him- which didn't help him- Victoire hurriedly dressed while Teddy was still face down on the bed. She giggled sympathetically when he rolled over onto his back and she eyed the bulge in his pants. After throwing his t-shirt at him, she opened the window, trying to rid the room of the smell of sex before her dad came back. Teddy made no move to dress.

"One of these days, I'm going to have to return the favour," she said coyly. Teddy groaned, shutting his eyes.

"You go on ahead. I'm gonna lie here awhile." With that, he plopped back on the bed and covered his groin with a pillow.

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