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Love notes and Teddy Bears

Raven's happy?...

"No Beast Boy, you cannot use my books as footstools..." Raven said upsetly, quickly pulling one of her black bound books from under his feet.

"Buuuuuut Raven! How am I supposed to play video games without my feet up!?" Beast Boy whined loudly.

"You could always play then with your feet down..." Raven retorted and stiffled a laugh when he attempted to glare at her. "Beast Boy, Don't glare. It doesn't suit you." She said, then picked up the book she had been reading and started to head off for her room.

Beast Boy attempted another glare before rubbing his head and turning around on the couch. "Hey, then what does suit me!?" He asked in a mixture of amusement and sarcasm.

"Usually, falling on your face." Raven replied and gave a rare laugh as she walked down the hall and the door closed behind her.

Just then Cybrog walked up and plopped on the couch next to him and Beast Boy did just that. Falling off the back of the couch, he quickly stood up with a red nose. "DUUUUUDE!" He exclaimed upsetly, rubbing his nose untill it was green again. Cyborg only laughed and stole the video game controller, starting to play and the next hour was just like any other day, playing video games and pigging out, but Beast Boy was thinking of a way to get back at Raven. He was still thinking as night fell and finally gave up, walking to his room and kicking the door open. A loud hiss sounded followed by a growl. "Not tonight Sockie i'm not in the mood!" Beast Boy shouted, only to hear the thing whimper and walk in in time to see a large pile of clothes slither off. He only shook his head and laid down, closeing his eyes and attempting to sleep.
SUddenly though, his eyes popped open. "I know just what to do..." He said with a laugh and grabbed a piece of paper, starting his trick.

The next morning Raven awoke like she always did, standing and stretching then quickly dressing. After running a brush quickly through her hair she went to the door but stopped. On the door was a folded note, with To Raven scribbeled on the front. "I wonder..." She said softly, showing a rare moment of curiosity as she picked the note up and began to read.

'Dearest Raven,
I have watched from afar for to long and have finally decided to announce my love for you. Though it may only be on paper, I just couldn't live with the fact that you didn't know any longer. You don't acknowledge my exsistence,
but I am here and waiting just for you. I will talk to you like this for now, and maybe someday in person. I am someone you truley don't know.
From: Teddy Bear'

Raven was genuinly puzzeled as she read and re-read the note over and over. Though she was suprisingly happy, thinking that no one would ever like her, she was also confused at who it was. "It can't be someone in the tower because they said I don't know them..." She shook her head in the confusion but set the note on her bed-side table and stayed content with the fact that she wasn't hated by all. Humming to herself she slipped out of her room and to the living room.

Beast Boy walked into the kitchen groggily and rubbed his eyes. He had been up all night trying to think of the perfect thing to say in the fake love note but it was all worth it when he saw Raven flitting around happily, if he was not a bit amazed. The others were just stareing at her in awe, though Starfire seemed to be enjoying the new happiness. Beast Boy only laughed and told himself once again it was the perfect prank. 'Send a few notes, make her think she's in love then just stop sending them...' He had told himself last night, not thinking something like that could every really hurt her, since she was always so emotionless. Finally he decided that he should play along and stared at Raven for a moment.

"Raven, Why are you so happy?! Oh no, the evil, tofu hateing robot cows came last night and ate your brain didn't they!" Beast Boy shuoted,
jumping onto the stool he sat on.

Cybrog only conitnued to stare, shakeing his head. "Man that's the stupidest thing I ever heard, but it makes more sense then this so..." He said in awe.

Starfire giggeled brightly and floated in a circle around Raven. "And then we must do the gossiping and go to the mall of shopping and put the earth clips in our hair and the magazines of fashion.." She rambled on, talking none stop about things to do. Raven only nodded, agreeing to every thing.

Robin watched her and shook his head. "Either Beast Boy's right or she's sick..." He said, thinking that the only thing.

Cyborg's hand turned into a saw and he grinned. "Brain surgery!" He shouted, standing.

Raven turned and glared at him before her happy stature replaced it quickly. "Relax guys there's nothing wrong with me. Can't a girl be happy?!" She asked, looking at them all then giggeling, yes giggeling, at their expressions. "Okay then, Starfire and I are going to the mall!" She then excalimed and Starfire shrieked happily, grabbing her hand and flying off with her.

Both Cyborg and Robin looked at each other for a moment then turned to Beast Boy. "What did you do!?" They asked in unison. Beast Boy gave an innocent smiel and shrugged. "Who says I did something?!" He said upsetly, pouting.

Cyborg rolled his eyes and poked Beast Boy in the chest. "You did something to her man..." He said before shakeing his head and walking off.

Robin eyes him suspiciously but only sighed and followed after Cyborg.

Beast Boy jumped up, did a victory dance and grabbed a plate of Tofu eggs. "Best prank ever.." He said triumphantly then took a bite.

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