Preview Chapter for One Night, One child

Raven sat in her room, eyes closed tightly as she thought about the call she had just gotten. It had been about a month since the night on the rooftop and what had happened afterwards. Finally she managed to catch her breath and shake her head. She couldn't tell Beast Boy...

"I'll have to leave the titans..." She murmered and nodded, standing up. The month with Beast Boy had been wonderful, though they never talked about what had happened, saying they had gone to fast but were together now and that's what mattered. Raven walked to her door and slowly made her way to the living room,
happy to find that only Robin was there.

"R-robin...I need to talk to you." Raven said almost as soon as she walked in.

"What is it Raven? Did something happen?" RObin asked, immediatly walking over to her as he saw that she seemed a bit distressed. Always being protective over the titans, especially Raven, made him worried at anything.

"In a way...Robin I'm..I have to leave the titans." Raven said quickly, though it pained her to even say it.

"What?! Why!?...DId Beast Boy do something!?" Robin almost shotued, halfway between worry and anger.

He did something...a month ago. Knowledge said in her mind but Raven ignored her distracting emotions.

"N-no it's not his fault. Robin please don't ask questions...I'm sorry." Raven said softly, wrapping her arms protectivly around her stomach.

"How long will you be gone Raven? You can't leave us!" Robin exclaimed then noticed her arms and frowned.

"I don't know how long...I have to Robin!" Raven replied, looking at the ground and Robin sighed, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"If it's for the reason I think then fine..." Was all he said, then looked at her briefly for a moment before walking out of the living room. He had never been good with situation's like that and now was no exception.

(Okay i know it was short but it's supposed to be! it's only a preview! woot woot!)