Property of the A.I

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Note: My 1st story. This is a slash between O'Malley and caboose. During his stay inside caboose's mind, O'Malley becomes frustrated at being unable to control caboose, so he decides on a different approach for control.

Chapter one: Watching

" Caboose! Pay attention!" Caboose snapped out of his thoughts and look up at Church who was glaring at him.

"Sorry Church. Don't be mad at me." He replied. Church sighed.

"Caboose. Have you been sleeping alright recently? Because you keep falling asleep during the day." Church asked.

"I like to sleep." Said caboose with a smile.

"Yeeeah. Sure whatever. Listen, you're kinda slowing me down today. Why don't you take a nap or something." Church shrugged.

"But church! If I go to sleep He'll get me."

"Whose he caboose?"

"I don't know."


"Okay Church!" Caboose said cheerfully, as he ran off back into the base.

"Idiot." Church muttered to himself. Picking up the sniper rifle, church looked in to it at the red base to see the pink one, the orange guy and the one called Simmons talking. "God! Don't those people do anything else other than talk!"

In the blue base

"Time for sleep time," Caboose put on his bunny-printed P.Js and jumped into bed. "GOODNIGHT TUCKER!" he shouted, knowing that tucker's room was next door.


But caboose had already drifted off to sleep. The only thing he remember was the familiar deep voice in the back of his head say: Goodnight Michael.

In caboose's mind…….

"I like girls." said caboose's mental image of tucker randomly.

"Suck it Tucker! Just go away and leave my best friend Caboose alone!" The mental image of Church snapped. He turned to Caboose who was starring aimlessly ahead at his mental image of Blood gulch. "Hey caboose, buddy. Are you okay? Those back-stabbing bastard reds didn't upset you did they!? I'll kill them!"

"Calm yourself Church. I just would like to be alone for awhile." Caboose stood up from the roof of the base and jumped down. The Spartan proceeded to walk towards the caves.

"Kay Caboose. You're the boss. Come back soon though. Tucker's too stupid to talk too!" Church yelled to him. Caboose sighed, it had been 2 days since the other for the outside world tried to recruit the red team against him. The blue soldier had no idea who this other was; he had often seen the newcomer at the corner of his eye, but when he tried to catch a glimpse of him, he had gone. Whoever this other was, caboose was sure that the newcomer wanted him dead.

The blue Spartan continued walking, but something was making him uncomfortable. Caboose was beginning to get the feeling he was been watched by someone. Despite hoping that it was church following him, caboose knew that it was the newcomer. This was another habit of the other; it was obvious that he enjoyed watching the blue one as he made his way around the gulch; Caboose knew he was there because he often gave his position away with Maniacal laughing.

Caboose uneasily stopped for a moment then sprinted towards the caves and disappeared down one of the dark passages. Moment later and figure in grey armour jumped down from his hiding place and stared towards the tunnel the blue Spartan had just ran into. The A.I Omega, smirked to himself as he calmly began to head into the cave after Caboose.

"Muhahahahaha. Run if you can Michael J. Caboose. But know this: You will not make it out of those caves again without a least a little…. Scarring." O'malley grinned before making a quick note to himself to tail Caboose more discreetly. The A.I entered the tunnel and inhaled sharply. His grin widened; that little blue private was afraid. "Fear, it smells so sweet from you caboose." He murmured to himself. As Omega advanced, his sharpened sense of hearing picked up caboose's rapidly beating heart and heavy breathing. O'Malley laughed. "Try as you might Michael. I will find you. You can run from me, But you will never hid."

Too be continued….

Note: This is my first short so be kind plz. I'll update it when I can. Soo, who thinks Caboose will wake up? And who thinks O'malley will catch him? I need some ideas for the next chapter so send them in k?