So here it is. The first story that I'm uploading on and it's a premiere of some kind. As I wrote in my bio I'm not new to writing but new to putting my stories online. See my account if you want to know more:)

Great many thanks go to Remember. She knows why. I can only repeat over and over again how much I adore her and her writing. If you've not read her story "Ink on a Page" yet, DO.IT.NOW. Then you may come back and read this chapter.

A warning: This story is flowing over with music. It can be found in almost every chapter and I most often than not will tell you in the authors note at the end of a chapter where you can find some of the songs (mostly youtube) You don't have to listen to them as I know that every person likes other music. But I would like you to keep in mind that the pieces are kind of a soundtrack for this story. I've written it while listening to them, they inspired me and for this I'm grateful.

Roux Barcelone

Disclaimer: in my bio.

Last Waltz


"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

Søren Kierkegaard

Kind Reader-

You are now holding a book in your hands that I've written in the progress of the last year. I have had the honour to get to know most of the people mentioned in it and so have been most delighted when one of the protagonists gave me permission to write their story.

Not many of those who are described in this tale are still living but even if they are not with us anymore they will always be remembered by those who loved them.

I hope you can find as much pleasure by reading this book as I've had writing it.


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This book is dedicated to my beloved oldest sister who has always been there for me and my siblings.

She was our light and our anchor, a role model who shaped our characters and encouraged us to use our abilities as best as we could. And although all of us went out into the world going our respectable ways we all would return to her at some point or another.

She is missed by those who knew and loved her.

Cassandra we will never forget you.

….Chapter I "A night at the opera" is waiting for you…