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Chapter 1 – Introducing Uzumaki Narumi!


The alarm clock blared in her ears that morning.


She groaned and rolled over in her bed, keeping her face buried in her pillow. Reaching towards her alarm clock she began to grasp around blindly for the infernal thing without much luck.


It just kept ringing and ringing. And then there was a click, as a new hour began.



"Dynamic entry!!" - came the enthusiastic yell of the man of the house, and barrelling through the door came a man in his late twenties. He flew towards the girl's bed, landing on top of her. She yelped, cursed and rolled off her bed, taking her quilt cover with her.

Rising from the tangled mess of covers, she glared heatedly at the immature 'grown up' crouching on her bed with a crazed grin on his face. She got up, letting the covers drop around her ankles,

"You bastard! How can you just attack me like that when I'm not ready? I'm barely even awake here!" she yelled at him.

The man with jet black, bowl-cut hair with incredibly thick eyebrows and a tan laughed merrily, "Its morning, Narumi! Time to get ready for the first day of your youthful freshmen year at Konoha High School! Right on!" he explained.

Uzumaki Maito Narumi widened her eyes at his explanation, and her blue eyes darted over to look at the alarm-clock which had fallen to the ground at Maito Gai's over-the-top wake-up call. She picked it up in her hands.


She looked to Maito Gai sourly, "You could've let me lie in for ten minutes..." she grumbled at him.

"'Early to bed, early to rise.' It's going to take you ten minutes to wash, ten minutes to dress, ten minutes to get breakfast, and then it'll take you twenty-five minutes to get to school. Start now and you'll have fifteen minutes to spare!" Gai told her, counting off the tasks with his fingers. "Now get into that bathroom!" he added, pointing to the open door to her bedroom.

"I'm going, I'm going! Crazy..." Narumi grumbled, making her way out of her room past Gai, "Of all the weirdoes in the world... I had to get adopted by this freak." She thought to herself as she wandered to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, Narumi was washed, dressed, and heading to the door with an onigiri at hand. Gai came out of his room dressed in a tracksuit jacket, green shirt and bottoms, a whistle tied around his neck with a string. He noticed Narumi on her way to the door and yelled,

"Narumi! Wait for Lee-kun; he said he'd walk you to school today so you knew where the high school was!" he said, raising a balled fist to the fifteen year old.

Narumi looked over her shoulder and shook her head,

"What? No way, am I going to walk to school with your mini-clone!? I promised Sasuke I'd walk with him, anyway." She said and Gai raised his eyebrows.

"Ah Sasuke is it? The Uchiha boy? Fine, fine. Then Lee-kun will accompany y-" he was cut off when Narumi grabbed her school bag and left their apartment, slamming the door shut after her.

He heard the faint voice of Lee calling Narumi, and the obnoxious shouting of Narumi as she refused to walk with him. This was followed by frenzied foot-steps. Narumi was running away from Lee again.

Maito Gai sighed and grabbed his bags, went over to the door, opened the door and greeted the deflated looking Lee who stood outside his door.

"Lee-kun, do not worry! Narumi does not think poorly of you, she only wishes to walk with her friend, the Uchiha. You're a great kid, I assure you." He said, patting Lee's shoulder roughly.

"Oh, Gai-sensei I know that! But it's fine. I have my eyes set on bigger and better things after all!" Lee said, clenching his fists and staring determinedly into space, "O' fair Sakura-san! I will win your heart even if it kills me!" he thought.

"That's my boy! How about I give you a lift to school??!" Gai asked.

"Sorry, Gai-sensei, but I have recently learned that my love takes the public bus to school. I wish to meet up with her and travel with her." He said to Gai, bowing his head apologetically.

"No! It's fine. Good luck! I know you can do it, you have the power of youth with you!" Gai said, giving him a thumbs-up gesture and grinning toothily.

"Gai-sensei, thank you! I appreciate your support!" Lee saluted.

"No need to thank me. Just go, go and win her heart with your masculine charm!" Gai said, pointing off into the distance.

"Yes, Gai-sensei!!" Lee said, and with that he took off towards the flights of stairs to pursue his teenage-crush.

Meanwhile, Narumi was well on her way past the bus-stops and was jogging lightly towards her high school (the location of which her senpai's had described for her last year). She was dressed in her newly acquired school uniform, a green and white sailor-uniform top with green skirt, a leaf-shaped symbol emblazoned on the sleeve of her left arm. Her medium length blond hair was tied into two loose pony-tails (with thin, dark-red hair-ties,) that hung over her front, just passing her shoulders.


My name is Uzumaki Maito, Narumi. Actually, it's just Uzumaki Narumi, but ever since I was adopted by that psycho of a foster-father the second surname is obligatory, or something like that. I'm fifteen, going on sixteen this autumn, and as of now am a freshmen at Konoha High School.

It's been a busy spring break for me, what with Maito Gai taking me up to his training grounds with Lee to 'keep me in youthful shape', so I haven't been able to see my friends once over the holidays. The most I've been able to do was chat to Kiba-kun over the phone. Sasuke wouldn't pick up his damn cell-phone but really, that didn't surprise me much.

I can't wait 'till I get to see my mates again! I gotta admit you can come to miss Kiba and Sasuke when you haven't seen 'em for a while. I never thought I'd miss Mr. I-have-a-stick-up-my-rear, and Mr. Look-at-me-I'm-awesome. Heh.


Narumi grinned, and slowed down slightly to catch her breath, her brown-leather book bag clutched in her left hand. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a familiar face.

"AH! Shika!" Narumi said loudly, grinning at the teenager with his dark-brown hair tied back into a short but neat pony-tail. Nara Shikamaru let his beady black eyes move up to examine Narumi, and he smirked slightly.

"Hey Narumi." He greeted, waving his hand slightly before pocketing it again in the pocket of his own high school uniform, which consisted of a black jacket with white trims and black trousers. He wore an olive green, cotton shirt underneath it.

Narumi went over to him, holding her bag behind her with her arms crossed slightly,

"Fancy meeting you here! What're you waiting around for?" Narumi asked Shikamaru, looking around for any sign of other friends of theirs he might be meeting up with.

"Waiting for someone," Shikamaru shrugged.

"Who?" Narumi asked, her mouth shaping an 'o', "Is it Chouji?" she asked. Shikamaru rubbed the back of his neck, his cheeks turning slightly pink,

"Nah! Chouji's getting a lift into school today from his dad." He answered, and hesitated, "I'm waiting for Temari. She made me promise to walk her to her school." Shikamaru said, looking away and muttering something about her being late and that her school was on the other side of town, practically.

Narumi grinned foxily, "Ohhh, I see now!" she said with a chuckle.

"You see what?" Shikamaru asked, glancing back at her briefly.

"You finally listened to what I kept telling you over and over again in our last year of middle school. Way to go! You did confess to her, right?" she asked.

"You're so troublesome," Shikamaru sighed wearily, his cheeks getting redder; "Yes, I did. Are you happy?" he asked Narumi.

"You bet I am! I mean, Temari-senpai can be a bit cold sometimes but you two are like, a match made in heaven!" Narumi said, leaning in towards Shikamaru.

"Whatever." Shikamaru said, almost whispering.

"Oi! Shikamaru-kun, sorry I was running late. My little brother needed help finding a text-book." a female voice said, and a girl with golden-blond hair tied into four separate pony-tails, and oceanic-blue eyes walked towards the two freshmen. She looked to Narumi, "Ah, Narumi. Good morning." She said, tipping her head lightly and smirking at her.

"G'morning, Temari-senpai..." Narumi said, nervously glancing at the older girl.

She was dressed in a dark green blazer and chequered dark-blue and green knee-length skirt, with a white shirt underneath and a red-ribbon tied around her neck under the collar. (This is Temari's school uniform. She goes to different school to Narumi, Shikamaru and the others, as do Gaara and Kankurou.)

Shikamaru looked from Temari, to Narumi, and cleared his throat abruptly,

"Uh... Narumi. You're alright with this, aren't you? With me, and Temari?" he asked his friend. Narumi looked to Shikamaru quickly,

"Of course, I'm fine with it! But why are you asking me??" she asked, grinning weakly at him. Shikamaru rubbed the back of his neck,

"Well I know you and Temari never really hit it off to well, and I don't want you to feel pressured to suddenly warm up to her or anything. You're my friend, and believe it or not, your opinion does matter to me. I need to know you're okay with this." He said to her.

Narumi stared at Shikamaru, her cheeks going pink.

Temari snorted, "Well, I don't care either way if you choose to accept me as Shikamaru-kun's girlfriend or not." She said; just to let Narumi know her opinion.

"Temari..." Shikamaru said tiredly to her.

"Thanks for asking me about it Shika! It'll take some getting used to, seeing Temari-senpai around more often in our group, but I'll eventually be fine with it." Narumi said, grinning widely at Shikamaru.

Shikamaru smirked at her, and nodded,

"That's good to know." He admitted.

"Narumi! This is where you were..." a male voice came within range this time, and the two girls and one boy turned their heads to the newest arrival.

"Sasuke!!" Narumi gasped loudly.

"Could you have said that any louder?" Sasuke said, rolling his eyes as he joined them, "'Morning Shikamaru... And Temari-san." He acknowledged the other two.

Temari smirked, "Still sore that I kicked your butt at tennis last year?" she asked, chuckling amusedly. Sasuke ignored her, and turned to Narumi again,

"You were supposed to pick me up a few minutes ago, from my apartment. And all this time you were here, chatting it up with Shikamaru and his girl?" Sasuke asked her.

"It was just a few minutes, Sasuke. Don't be impatient!" she said, sticking out her tongue at him. Sasuke merely grunted,

"We've got twenty minutes to get to school, now. Let's head out. Are you coming with us, Shikamaru, or do you two need 'alone time'?" Sasuke asked.

Shikamaru waved his hand, "Nah! You go ahead." He said absently. Temari grabbed his arm and linked it hers with a smug grin,

"Shikamaru-kun is walking me to school." She informed Sasuke.

"Whatever. I don't care," Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and didn't look at her, "Narumi, let's go." He said to Narumi, who nodded, and followed him as he began to walk away. She looked over her shoulder to Shikamaru,

"Don't play hooky, Shika. I don't care how troublesome school is for you!" she said to him with a grin. Shikamaru rolled his eyes,

"Yeah, yeah." He mumbled, and proceeded to be walked away by Temari.

Narumi turned to Sasuke and skipped a few steps to get up beside him. She looked up to him, as he kept his line of sight steadily trained on the path in front of him.

"So, how was spring break for you, Sasuke?" she asked, hoping to strike up a conversation.

"Same as usual," Sasuke replied shortly.

"Ah, boring then. I see." Narumi shrugged, and Sasuke grunted, "Well, wanna know what I did over the break??" she asked Sasuke. Sasuke didn't reply for a minute, and then he answered,

"Since you're gonna tell me anyway... Go for it." he answered, not really sounding interested.

Narumi grinned, and put her hands behind her head, her book bag dangling behind her head, "Gai-chichi took me and Lee-senpai up to his family's mountain lodge for the whole week. He had us go through near back-breaking training, and had us on a diet of gruel. It was disgusting, heh-heh! But, I managed to survive!" she said, and glanced at Sasuke.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted.

"Awww, aren't you glad to know I'm still in one piece?" she asked him.

"I'm ecstatic." Sasuke answered plainly. Narumi pouted,

"Oh, and I totally believe you. Jeez, Sasuke you have a heart of ice sometimes! Anyway, I can't believe I managed to get reception on my phone from up there. I managed to get a hold of dog-boy a few times, but... You! You turned off your phone didn't you!!?" Narumi shot him a playful glare.

"It's the perfect way to avoid listening to your voice." Sasuke shrugged and Narumi protested, "Kidding! Sakura managed to get a hold of my cell-phone number so I kept it off to avoid listening to her voice." Sasuke added.

Narumi grinned instantly, "Much better! Man, but how did she get your number?" she wondered out loud.

"I don't even want to know how she did," Sasuke grumbled, scowling. Narumi laughed, and prodded Sasuke's shoulder roughly,

"Don't worry. Now I'm here to save you from your swarms of fan girls, you don't need to face them alone anymore!" Narumi said. Sasuke rubbed his arm,

"Hn." He shrugged, and the conversation continued on 'till they got to school thanks to Narumi bringing up many a random subject.


This is Uchiha Sasuke... One of my first, and best friends. We met in pre-school, just like I met Inuzuka Kiba, too. As long as I've known Sasuke, he's always had a bit of a pride problem. It took me a while to get him to open up to me, but since I did he's been my closest pal. But, there's a bit of a problem with me being Sasuke's best friend... and that's all the unwanted attention it gets me from his fan club, which include two of the most annoying people I've ever met.

Haruno Sakura, and Yamanaka Ino.

Sakura actually used to be my friend a couple of years ago, but that was before Ino got to her head with all these rumours that Sasuke and I are... blech... 'going out'! I mean, come on, Sasuke's my friend! And he's not that good looking.


Narumi glanced up to Sasuke, who was oblivious to her gaze. He raised his hand and ran his slender fingers through his fine, dark hair, and gazed up to the sky with his deep, onyx eyes. Narumi looked away and pretended to be watching the cars go by on the road beside him.


Okaaay... So maybe I'm lying. Sasuke is good looking. But I'd never, ever fall in love with a guy like that!! After all, I need a guy who's warm and will always be there for me. Someone who cares about me! That was if I was interested in dating right now – which I'm not!

And besides... I never, EVER want to become like all those girls who fall head-over-heels for him if he even sighs! Seriously, that's just pathetic!

I will definitely NOT fall in love with my best friend. EVER.


"We're here." Sasuke muttered beside Narumi, and Narumi looked to where Sasuke was looking.

Before them were the concrete columns that were the gates into Konoha High School. The outdoor grounds consisted of fresh green grass, with cherry-blossom trees planted in rows along the path-ways that snaked across the grounds like an easy-to-solve labyrinth. Also, a few park benches scattered here and there.

And beyond the outdoor grounds stood the large, seemingly-golden walled building that was Konoha High School.

Narumi breathed out in awe, "Wow!! Sasuke, this highschool is like a palace or something, don't you think? Tenten-senpai's description really didn't do it justice at all. And check out all the cherry blossom trees!" Narumi said.

"Please don't indirectly remind me of her." Sasuke grumbled.

"Whoops!" Narumi grinned cheekily, "C'mon! Let's get inside. I'll bet Kiba-kun's already here, since he had an early morning paper-round to do." Narumi grabbed Sasuke's arm and began dragging him towards the building.

"Let go." Sasuke said sharply, trying to tug his arm free.

"No way!" Narumi laughed.

"They will see you." Sasuke warned her.

"Those dumb fan girls can see whatever the hell they want!" Narumi retorted, "Come on!" she said again, pulling him along.

Sasuke pulled himself free of her grasp, pocketed his hands and smirked to her annoyed expression. He then walked straight past her and towards the building,

"I'm not waiting for you, Narumi." Sasuke said, his tone slightly teasing.

"Graah! Sasuke, wait for me!" she gasped, and jogged after him. "Jerk!" she called after him, and Sasuke ignored her comment.

"Damn it, where'd he go? This is just great," a teenage boy groaned, rummaging through his locker frantically for the missing 'object' in question. After a few moments of searching, he stepped back and ran his fingers through his short, messy brown bangs with an irritated frown planted on his face.

He was around the age of 15 to 16, and had sharp eyes. His cheeks had red-fang like markings painted on them, as if he were a tribal warrior. It was a family thing really, and he thought it made him look tough. Underneath the black of his school uniform he wore a baggy dark-red shirt, and tied to a black string around his neck was a small, white canine tooth, probably from some kind of wolf.

"The headmaster is going to kill me, once he or she finds out..." he grumbled to himself sorely, and was snapped out of his contemplation by a familiar voice.

"Oi! Kiba-kun, g'morning!" the obnoxious greeting came, filling the halls.

Inuzuka Kiba instantly grinned, forgetting his 'problem at hand', and turned to face Narumi as she ran towards him. He barely spotted Sasuke following up her entrance wordlessly.

"Naru!" Kiba nearly barked, and pulled her head under his arm, playfully scrubbing her head, "I haven't seen your face in ages! How was your survival training in the mountains? You seem to be in one piece, still." Kiba said. Narumi laughed and pulled out of his loose hold, fixing her pig-tails that had been messed up by his 'head-scrub'.

"Glad to know somebody cares." She shrugged, "It was pretty cool. I feel a hundred times stronger. I'll bet I can pin you easy, now!!" she said.

"How much are you willing to bet?" Kiba snorted. Narumi pouted at him,

"Are you implying that I'm an easy win or something? I'll kick your ass!" she said, punching his shoulder.

"Weak!" Kiba laughed, "500 yen says you'll not be able to pin me." He bet.

"1000 yen says I can!!" Narumi shot back.

"It's a date!" Kiba smirked.

"Very funny!" Narumi said sarcastically.

"'Was worth a shot." Kiba shrugged.

"Can we please get to class, now?" Sasuke said impatiently, frowning at his loud friends. Honestly, it was like they were doing it on purpose. His fan girls were sure to hear those two and assume they'd find him there too, which they would. He didn't need that right now, not on the first day of school.

"You ruin all the fun, Sasuke!" Kiba rolled his eyes, and slung an arm around Narumi's shoulder, "Well, to the classroom, then. I came in early to find out what our classes were since I had that early-morning paper round anyway. We're in classroom 1-B." He explained, walking Narumi off. Sasuke silently followed again.


Inuzuka Kiba, my best friend since the age of 5, and he's always been a real great friend to me. We lived in the same neighbourhood and met at the local park. Kiba's family are really in tune with dogs - their family runs some sort of dog clinic in their own home. Sometimes I think Kiba and his family can talk to dogs, 'cause it seems like they always know just what's wrong with them, like a sixth sense or something. Whatever it is, it's a wicked talent!

Kiba and Sasuke have always had some sort of rivalry with each other, especially in sports. (Sasuke's on the tennis team, and Kiba's on the football team.) So they're sometimes at each other's throats, sorta, but most of the time they just tease each other vaguely. No matter what, they're my good friends.

And of course I'm always the one to break them up! 'Cause that's what friends are for!


"Oh, and Naru?" Kiba suddenly looked down to Narumi who was still thinking. Narumi's gaze snapped up to look at Kiba, giving him a lop-sided grin,

"Yeah, Kiba-kun?" she asked.

"I think Tenten-senpai and Neji-senpai were looking for you. They seemed kinda mad..." Kiba said, trailing off.

"Oh crap! They're actually mad at me for that??" Narumi thought to herself, letting her eyes go wide. "Th-they are?!" Narumi asked.

"Yeah. Something about a prank. Wanna fill in the blanks for me?" Kiba sent Narumi a knowing smirk, "What did you do?" He asked, as if he knew already, anyway.

"Ahh! It's nothing really! Everything I did was in their best interest. C'mon, let's get to class!" Narumi exclaimed, jogging ahead of her two male friends.

Kiba looked at Sasuke, who shrugged.

"Playing match-maker again, ah, Naru?" Kiba thought, and laughed to himself, going to catch up with her. Sasuke just let them go. You got nowhere by rushing. Actually, since when did Narumi rush to get to class??

A teenage girl with short pink hair slouched down in her seat with a deep sigh, looking frustratedly at the chalk board at the front of her classroom with her emerald green eyes. She was hoping she could start off her first day as a freshman nice and easy, but the gods had not been with her when he showed up at her bus-stop.

"When will he just get that I don't want to go out with him. He's so not my type... And those eyebrows—Ugh I don't even want to think about it!" she shivered, and hugged her arms.

"What's eating you, forehead?" came a teasing female voice.

"Not today, Ino-pig..." Haruno Sakura groaned, burying her face amongst her arms.

Standing beside her, her friend and rival Yamanaka Ino looked down on her with her trimmed eyebrows arched with amusement. Her long, blond hair was tied back into a neat, flowing ponytail, and her cerulean blue eyes glittered in the morning light.

"Sakura-chan... Tell me what's up? It can't be that you're nervous about a new term, you're like the brainiest girl I know!" Ino said and Sakura shrugged; Ino smirked, "Or is it that you're nervous about how you're going to get him to favour you over yours-truly. It'll be pretty tough; I can understand why you're like this." She said smugly.

Sakura raised her head to glare at Ino,

"It's got nothing to do with Sasuke-kun. And stop acting so smug about it!" she retorted, "I'm actually just worn out, because he was waiting for me at my bus-stop today." Sakura said, frowning and looking ahead again.

"Eh? Who?" Ino asked her.

"Ugh... Lee-san," Sakura answered tiredly. Ino grinned,

"Oh I get it now. Hee-hee!" she laughed lightly. Sakura growled,

"Not funny, Ino," Sakura said.

Suddenly a few of their other female classmates began squealing happily and Ino and Sakura knew just what that meant. Sakura shot up from her desk, pushing her chair back, and raced to the front hoping to beat her rival there. Into the classroom came Sasuke, Kiba and Narumi. Narumi instantly got in front of Sasuke and posed as a barricade, blocking the onslaught of five of Sasuke's fan girls, (Sakura and Ino included).

"Back off, vile beasts!" Narumi exclaimed, making frantic waving motions.

"Narumi, get out of the way!" Sakura snapped at the blond girl. Another person entered the room, ready to dispel the impending chaos with a wave of his hand. He stared blankly at the possible cat-fight-to-be through his messy silver locks, then decided to do his job.

"Okay that's enough, everyone. Let's all settle down, and find a seat. I'll start with the register. If anyone wants to do otherwise, let's just say you don't want a detention on your first day being on your personal record now, do you?" he asked the students, and in what seemed like a flash, everybody rushed to grab a seat.

Sakura resumed her seat in the second third row back, second column from the left, Ino being two seats to her left (next to the window), and a large, light-brown haired boy in between them, discreetly snacking on some chips. Behind Sakura, sat a silent boy wearing a black hat, and shades; his hands were laced together in front of his lower-face. Kiba took a seat at the front, dead in the centre, and confidently slouched back with his arms crossed; he looked sceptically at the laid-back looking teacher before him. Narumi sat at the front to Kiba's left, and Sasuke sat at the very back, next to the window, he like the silent boy with his hands in front of his face.

As for their teacher, he was in his late twenties, one would guess. His thick, silver hair covered his left eye, and he wore what looked like some sort of surgical face mask over his nose and mouth.

"Maybe he's on quarantine or something??" Narumi guessed, but she was probably way off. Oh well!

The silver-haired guy cleared his throat, and lifted his clip board and mechanical pencil, "Okay, so my name is... Hatake Kakashi. You will call me 'Kakashi-sensei'. I've just started as a teacher here but I assure you I have ample experience as a teacher. And... That's all you need to know. Now, the register, if you'll cooperate." Kakashi said, and proceeded with calling out the names in alphabetical order.

"Well he's an interesting one at least..." Narumi thought absently; she glanced at Kiba, who was looking sceptical still. Narumi quietly laughed, "Kiba-kun probably thinks they picked this guy off the street or something-" Narumi was caught off when a knock at the door came.

Kakashi glanced towards the door through the corner of his eye, "Come in." He said evenly, and the door slid open. "And you are?" Kakashi asked the new arrival.

There stood a rather tired, and annoyed looking Nara Shikamaru. He grumbled to himself, then answered,

"Nara Shikamaru, sir. Sorry I'm late. I got... held up." Shikamaru hesitated while thinking up his excuse, "Damn Temari, her school really was on the other end of town." He thought to himself.

"Nara Shikamaru, huh... Well, I'm in a good mood so I'll excuse your tardiness just this once," Kakashi ticked off Shikamaru's name, remembering the briefing he'd gotten on this guy by the school's mathematics teacher. 'A genius,' was what he had called him.

"Take your seat, there, in front of... Yamanaka-san?" Kakashi said, glancing at Ino. Ino nodded, and Shikamaru went over to take his seat.

Kakashi put down his register, and looked across his first batch of students with a placid expression. They were a unique bunch all right. This would be an interesting year. He grinned invisibly, "Well, let's begin shall we?" he asked them.

...to be continued!
NOTE- Well, it might just be my lack of confidence when it comes down to starting off a new story, but I thought this first chapter sucked. O.o' I'll let you be the judge, then. And a translation note; 'chichi' is basically another Japanese way of calling one's 'father'. Narumi didn't like the idea of calling Maito Gai, 'Otousan'. xD;