Summary: Edward has left on a hunting trip, he's going high up into the mountains to get some good hunting done. He will not be back for a few hours. He believes everything will be fine while he's away. Oh, how wrong he is. Set after Eclipse.

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Night Alone


"Hmmmm, let me see. What should I make tonight for dinner."

Charlie was working late tonight down at the station and Edward and his family had gone on an extra long hunting trip into the mountains. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had this whole house to myself. I liked the quiet of it. Of course I loved being with Edward more but this was a nice second.

"Fish, no, fish, no, more fish, defiantly not." I said exasperated.

I swear Charlie spends WAY to much of his time fishing with Billy. I don't mind the whole Charlie not being home, because I used that time to be with just Edward. (no Alice or her make overs, just Edward) I could certainly use less fish, though. I had already made it into eggs, pasta, hamburgers, ravioli, and SO many more. Oh, and don't ask about the cookies, they didn't come out right anyway.

" Oooo, finally something without scales and fins."

Wow, impressive. Looks like last week when I told Charlie that I hadn't made pasta with pesto and walnuts in while, he went out and bought the ingredients. Well this was a nice surprise. I'll have to thank him tomorrow, I thought.

I was humming softly to myself while I waited for the water to boil for the pasta. I was currently upstairs in my room changing into my favorite T-shirt and sweats. Alice would have gone crazy if see saw me right now. She's a psychic and yet somehow she didn't notice that when she was cleaning out my wardrobe there were two empty hangars. Oh well, I was glad she didn't. While changing I was thinking about what I was going to do this evening. I know that they were having a 'Stradust' special on TBS tonight and 'Stardust' is one of my favorite movies of all time. So I think I'll watch that. Then afterwards, I think I might read Wuthering Heights. While watching the movie I can make popcorn and bring down my comforter to snuggle up in. Maybe I can also…….

I never got to finish that thought though because right then I head a low creak. I cocked my head to one side. Must be the wind against the house, I reassured myself.


I jumped. " Oh, the water must be ready." Dammit Bella, control yourself.

I ran out of my room and down the stairs. I only stumbled on the last step and quickly recovered. I walked into the kitchen and opened the bag of penne noodles. I poured the bag into the now steaming water. I grabbed the stirrer from the utensils drawer and headed back over to the stove. I was about to start stirring before the noodles started sticking when I heard another low creak. I knew where it was coming from, too. The noise was coming from the living room. I decided to ignore it for a while. Then right before I was going to drain the pasta.


Okay, now I was really freaking out. I decided to go get Charlie's 9millimeter hand gun from it's drawer. Just to be safe. After I came to live with Charlie he showed me how to use it in case of emergency. I had to say, I was very skilled in how to use it. Charlie said he wouldn't take any risks with my safety. I pulled open the drawer where the gun resided. It wasn't in there.

I felt my breathing become heavy. Charlie always left the gun in there. Last Thursday I saw him take it out to clean it and put it back. I ran to the phone and was about to dial the station when I felt something move behind me.

" Don't you dare scream or I'll blow your head off."

My breathing hitched. The voice was hoarse and very stern. I didn't recognize the voice, so this man didn't know me personally. That, though was probably not what was worrying me the most right now.

With my back still to the man I said slowly in as a calm a voice I could manage, " Tel…tell me who…who you are."

He laughed wickedly in the disgusting voice he had, " That doesn't matter. NOW turn around slowly."

I complied and met face to face the gun the man had, had against my back earlier. The man holding it was not very pleasant looking, but I knew in an instant that I would never be able to over power him. He must have been around 40 or so years old. He had stubble around his face and had scraggily looking hair, that was dark brown and gray. He didn't bother with a mask like they do in the movies. He wore a flannel plaid shirt. Odd, what man wears a flannel shirt to enter another's house. He did have over the flannel shirt a long black thick heavy coat though. It was winter here in Forks so we had the heater on in the house, so it was beyond me why he hadn't fainted yet. I surely would have. I kept asking myself if Alice had seen this happening. Because if so, then Edward would come to save me. What am I talking about, of course she saw this. 'Alice sees everything'.

" Now walk into the living room and sit down SLOWLY."

I again did as he asked.

" Do you have a cell phone on you?"

" Ummm, yes."

" Hand it over, I don't want you contacting anyone to tell them I'm here."

I took my new iPhone out of my pocket and gave it to him.

" I knew it!" he exclaimed as I handed over my cell phone to him.

" That boyfriend of yours is rich, good choice." He said it as if the only reason I was with Edward was his money.

" He's not my boyfriend, he's my fiancé. And I love him very much."

" Hmmm fiancé, huh? So then where is your engagement ring?"

Oh, no. I couldn't let him see Edward's mother's ring. It was pretty clear that he was here to rob the house when only the helpless little girl was home alone. So maybe my nights alone where not such a nice thing after all.

Edward's mother's ring was very simple and marvelous, yet also very expensive. I did only one thing. That though, would only get me in more trouble.


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