Trust is like a vase... once it's broken; though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.


I'm not upset that you lied to me; I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Buffy burst through the door of the computer lab. She spotted Willow kneeling in the middle of an incantation circle, candles around the circumference, the novice witch's eyes were closed and she was chanting. Not wasting a moment Buffy came in for a running tackle of her friend, spilling candles to the floor as she forcibly broke the ritual that was being used to hurt her friends.

"AAAHHH!" Willow Screamed as she crashed to the floor. "Buffy what are you doing?"

"Stopping you from killing Cordelia and Xander," The Slayer snapped back.

"I'm not killing them I'm saving them, I heard Cordelia talking to Giles this morning, She's being used to summon something called an Orochy Makia demon. So see I was right they are possessed!" Buffy stared at Willow her mouth agape, Willow started to feel hope, now Buffy would see why they had to do this, she would help her rebuild the circle and finish the spell, now…

"You Idiot!" Buffy said in revulsion, the peaces falling into place in her mind, Willow must have walked in on Cordy and Giles in the middle of talking about Orochimaru and had warped it to fit what she already believed. Her mind flashed back the incident last week when her mother had been dating Ted, the man who turned out to be an evil serial killing android, if this was the way she had sounded when she had tried to tell people about something being wrong with him then she could see why no one had believed her. "I already know about what you're talking about, though you apparently don't. Cordelia's curse mark has been hurting her, she was scared that this meant that Anko's old teacher, Orochimaru, could have been brought into existence by the spell on Halloween, and since he was a psycho she talked it over with Giles and he promised to look into it, your stunt almost killed the only two people who have even the slightest chance of stopping him if he is even here!"

"They weren't in any danger, I made sure of it, I combined the demon banishing spell with a memory removal spell and a surgery spell to remove the demon infected parts of their bodies replacing them with healthy ones. So as you can see I thought of everything." Willow said smugly, really this was getting stupid just who did Buffy think she was talking to; she wasn't an airhead like Harmony? She was the kind of person you could trust to think of the little things and come up the right plain.

"You didn't think of everything." A voice called from the door, the two teens turned to see Ms. Calendar a pale and sweaty Cordelia leaning against her, Giles was holding up a bloody Xander behind them, Willow gasped as she looked at the victims of her spell. Ms. Calendar continued, "You failed to think of what side effects of mixing these spells would be, and what would happen if they were not in fact possessed, the results of mixing three high-powered spells, one of which wasn't doing anything caused them to merge into one spell that ripped at their mind, body, and soul, if Buffy hadn't stopped you or Cordelia and Xander been any weaker they would have been driven mad before being torn limb from limb."

Willow seemed to shrink inward as her mentor told her just how badly she had miscalculated. But Jenny was not finished, "When I agreed to teach you the basics of magic it was with the understanding that you would exercise restraint and wisdom to use these powers, but you seem to think that magic is a free ticket to change the world as you see fit, it's not you stupid little girl! Even if you ignore the attempted murder you just blundered into, what you were trying to do is the magical equivalent of rape! But you are young and foolish, so I'm not going to ask Giles to use his magical contacts and have a coven bind your magic so you never harm another person again, but until I think you have learned your lesson, you will not be learning magic from me, you will not be allowed to borrow my books or supplies, and if I find you so much as levitating a safety pin, I will come down on you so hard you will think the world is ending!"

"I'm Sor-ah," Willow began but she was unable to continue as a long senbon needle hit her in the neck causing her to collapse, the shot was perfect, designed to immobilize the target from the neck down without causing any permanent damage.

"Hurts, doesn't it?" Cordelia said, her hand still extended, "Having your body turn on you, not having control of what has been yours since before you were born, this is what you did to us Willow, I for one don't want to hear your apologies, you can't just say sorry and pretend this never happened you can't hide from this. You know I once told Harmony that you were worth ten of her, well I was wrong, Harmony may be a self absorbed airhead but you are a self absorbed monster. What in the world gives you the right to change my body and soul to fit your idea of what's right?" She leaned down and twisted the needle out of the young woman's neck.

"I thought you were possessed, you've changed so much; I was just trying to put things back the way things are supposed to be." The young witch said weakly.

"And what gives you the right to decide the way things are supposed to be?" Said Xander in a weak voice, "You were told by experts that we weren't possessed but still you had to do it, it was more important that you where right than what would happen to Cordy or me, that's not what friends do so we are no longer friends and if you ever do something like this again I'll kill you, so help me God." With that he shook off Giles then turned and walked out of the room.

Cordelia looked over, "Willow, if you ever come near me again for anything none slayer related, well my snakes need meat." With that the Kunoichi vanished in a cloud of smoke.

Buffy looked over at her friend anguish on her face, the Slayer's adrenaline was starting to bleed off and it was replaced by a jumble of conflicting emotions and thoughts, "I don't know what to say Willow, you may have had good intentions, but what you did…, the way they looked…, I thought they were going to…, I need some time to think about all this." With that she too left.

The red haired teen turned towards the adults, Giles had been silent for all this, now he spoke in a quiet disappointed tone of voice that cut Willow to the bone, "Willow I don't know what to say, I know the call of the Dark Arts is strong," Willow started to interrupt, but Giles pressed on. "It was the Dark Arts Willow, to change one's mind to fit the way you think it should be is a crime of the most fowl kind. But even if you had only tried to remove a demon from them I would still be disappointed that you clearly have no faith in Jenny or I; Buffy, Cordelia, Xander, and you are very important to us, do you really think we would have allowed Cordelia and Xander to keep their abilities if we were not shore that they were in no danger?"

Willows said nothing but the fact that she could not look him in the eye was all the answer needed. In truth the thought hadn't even occurred to her. Slowly Willow left the room for the long trip home.

AN: so here it is, the fall out of Willow's choice begins; this was a hard chapter for me to write as Willow my least favorite character on Buffy. She never gets the blame for anything she does, the Fluke, Xander got all the blame and she got away scot free, she was pushing Faith away from the group from day one, even when Faith was just trying be friends, and finally her "Addiction to Black Magic" was is really nothing of the sort. She manipulates each member of the group at one time or another to get her way long before she turned to magic; I believe that Willow was addicted to the power to change the world the way she saw fit. So my rants all seemed to start from there, so I had to step back and make it more about this one time than her personality did I do that?

AN 2 Preview: I have gotten into a bit of a Religious / Philosophical kick lately, which is starting to spill over into my writing as a result my next Buffy probably will be a crossover with Star Wars: Old Republic. It will deal with Revan and the Exile and members of their team's, and I'm going to make it a Trio empowerment story, I have one idea ready and am open to ideas for the other two, talk to me.