Hey everyone, this is my first drabble and I know you're waiting for a Stripped Bare update but I wrote this for a contest entry. I promise I'll get back to writing my chapter right away! Until then, I hope you enjoy this.


His Toy, His Tool

She was his, and he would make sure she knew it.

He was no fool, he knew she loved Naruto. The lavender eyed heiress always had, but her bloodline limit was too precious to squander on offspring of that blonde idiot. It was Sasuke's duty to recreate the Uchiha clan, and Hinata and her byakugan would produce strong shinobi.

She had shied away from all of his seduction attempts and so he had used his Sharingan, reworking her thoughts and feelings until she believed she loved him. They were married shortly thereafter, Naruto smiling at the wedding, never knowing the Hyuuga had loved him.

He had taken her that night, rough and hard, focusing on his own pleasure. She had cried despite the jutsu he had placed on her that made her body hot and needy. While taking her from behind she had sobbed out Naruto's name, hands fisted in the sheets.

It appeared that memories of the heart were stronger than those of the mind and even the power of the Sharingan could not erase them completely.

He had been furious. She was his toy. His tool. Throwing her onto her back he had forced her to watch him slam into her over and over, making her back arch in pleasured pain.

She would forget about everything but him and obey his every word. He was now her master and she would do well to remember it.

He impregnated her that first night, but continued to have her every night, reminding her brutally that she was his and his alone.

Their baby was due any day now, her stomach distended and round, but as soon as she returned from the hospital, he would start all over again. She would like it for she was under his control.