Sakura sipped her orange soda idly and sighed

This fic is sort of the dame flavor as Stripped Bare. A lot of the imagery is the same I think. I've been wanting to write this pairing for some time now and finally did it but it wasn't originally supposed to be a lemon. However, my perverse thoughts refused to remain unwritten so be prepared for some smut here people. If you don't like that kind of thing, abandon ship while you still can.


Sakura sipped her orange soda idly and sighed. She didn't know why she had let Ino talk her into coming to a club. The combination of loud music, sweaty bodies and scantily clad women made it place she's rather not be. Sakura could think of a dozen other ways she could be spending her time right now and all of them were much more productive than sitting alone in a vinyl booth trying not to go deaf while Ino was well on her way to getting drunk while hanging all over every man she found even remotely good looking.

That was odd. Last she recalled, Ino had announced that were going dancing, and so far, she hadn't left her seat since she arrived, taking it upon herself to be the official purse watcher while her blonde friend manipulated men into emptying their wallets for her.

Sakura scanned the crowd, looking for her friend in question. Through the blinking lights and the haze, she found her, cuddling up to one of the young shinobi who had recently joined ANBU. That figured. It was common knowledge that paychecks were large in the special ops unit and Ino had so graciously decided to relieve him of some of it.

Even though the kunoichi didn't approve of her friends antics, she couldn't help but be a little jealous. The blonde looked dazzling tonight in a purple fishnet top with only a black bra beneath and a black pleated skirt so short that Sakura suspected that if she bent over, any guy looking at her would be treated to a glimpse of her panties. The pink haired woman personally found the outfit a bit trashy but men seemed drawn to her and why shouldn't they be? Ino was all lips and hips, curvy in just the right places and was currently showing her tones legs and belly shamelessly. Secretly, Sakura wished she could be so bold, laughing carelessly and having no fears to opening up around new people. Ino knew how to have fun, how to relax. The most relaxed Sakura ever got was staying home for the night to treat herself to a bubble bath and the latest Medical Digest. It was a no brainer that Sakura was a far more accomplished kunoichi and medic because of her diligence but at the same time it was obvious her studious nature had taken its toll on her social life. She didn't feel comfortable in places like this. She was fiery and passionate when it came to personal ideology and short tempered and powerful on the battlefield. But when it came to social events, Sakura Hurano was best described as a wallflower with little inclination to change.

She glanced down at her own outfit, a simple black tank top that only showed a hint of cleavage and a barrowed denim skirt that Ino had insisted she wear when a search through her closet had proved futile in the way of clubbing clothes. The hem was fashionably frayed and a burst of silvery sequins adorned the front but the garment was far too short for Sakura to feel comfortable in, even though her friend had told her over and over that she looked fabulous.

She didn't feel very fabulous, not when in shoes with a measly half inch heel while the girls around her were strutting their stuff in sexy stilettos, and not when she was drinking a drink better suited for a child when everyone else nursed exotic looking cocktails.

She looked over the crowd again, searching for someone she knew. She had seen a few familiar faces that had come to her for medical treatment but most of their names escaped her at the moment. Everyone here was older than her Rookie 9 generation and she didn't associated with many people outside of the hospital.

A hollow, slurping sound indicated she had finished her second drink and she now had nothing else to occupy herself with.

Ino may hate her for it later, but Sakura was going home. She didn't need a place like this to remind her how pathetic her social life was.

She stood and made her way to the door, pushing her way through the crowd. Bodies pressed in on her from every side and it took some maneuvering to get the far side of the club. The door way was finally in sight when she felt a hand on her arm. Ordinarily, surprising her like that would have resulted in her breaking the offending hand as knee jerk shinobi reflexes took over, but she had been in close proximity with people all evening and so she calmly turned to see who was touching her and was greeted with a toothy smile. A smile that contained…fangs?

"I thought that was you," Kiba grinned, his smile warming her immediately. "I spotted your hair from across the room."

Sakura smiled back. It was a pity he hadn't found her sooner when she was all alone and sucking down artificial orange carbonation. Their daily routines rarely put them in the other's path so it would have been nice to catch up.

"You here with the team?" she asked lightly, glancing towards the door. Quiet and fresh air were almost within her reach.

"Naw, are you kidding?" the dog ninja chuckled warmly. "Shino's a deadbeat and Hinata would faint in a place like this. I just came to have a few drinks and to chill. How about you?"

"Ino dragged me here," Sakura said with a roll of her eyes. "I was just leaving actually."

Kiba seemed disappointed and when she tried to edge closer to the door he pulled her back.

"So soon? The night is just starting. Here, let me buy you a drink."

The kunoichi as about to protest and politely excuse herself regardless but he was already tugging her after him toward the bar and she found herself following, rather than cause a scene or have to yell at him over the pounding music.

The crowd only got denser near the bar so Kiba steered her towards the booth she had originally been sitting in which miraculously had not yet been occupied by anyone else.

"What do you want to drink?"

"Um…orange soda?" she said sheepishly, knowing that probably wasn't what he had had in mind when he said "drink."

She wasn't surprised when he arched an eyebrow at her and a smirk formed on his lips.

"Soda? No, I think you need something a little harder than that. Be right back."

He was off toward the bar before she could say otherwise and she settled back in the booth with a dejected sigh, wondering when she had become so adept at letting people walk all over her. She searched the crowd for Ino again but she was nowhere to be seen. Chances were she was either making out in a corner somewhere, in the bathroom, passed out or had accepted an initiation from one of her many admirers to go home with them. How Ino wasn't already the mother of five, Sakura would never know.

Kiba returned with a white drink for himself and something that looked orangish for her.

"Here, it's a screwdriver," he said, setting down the drink in front of her before taking a seat.

He immediately kicked back and raised his glass to his lips as he watched her take a tentative sip.

Well, it tasted orangy, only it burned like hell and Sakura swallowed with a grimace. She realized he had been watching her make funny faces and laughed.

"What is this?" she giggled, risking another taste.

"Orange juice and vodka," he answered. "Drink it down, it's good for you."

"I doubt that," she answered, feeling the burning liquid slide down her throat.

Kiba snickered, showing off pearly white fangs again.

"Don't believe everything you read in those text books of yours. A little booze now and then can be better than any medicine."

Now that they were seated, Sakura was able to look the shinobi over closely. His outfit was quite different from what he usually wore. The heavy black jacket was gone and in its place was a form fitting tank top that could have been dark brown or black. The black pants he wore were tight and both garments showed off his defined musculature. As attractive as his body was, Sakura was unfazed. She saw perfect specimens of the male body on a regular basis at the hospital.

His face however was much more intriguing. The family tattoos imprinted on his clear skin looked purplish under the club's shifting lights and his brown hair was delightfully disheveled as usual. His dark eyes were watching her with interest but what really caught her attention was that smile of his, accented by pointed canine teeth. Nobody had a smile like that except Naruto in Kyuubi form and he could hardly be considered attractive when on a homicidal rampage. She had seen Kiba in passing ever since they had been in the academy together but she had missed the transition he had made from boy to man. It was funny how they all changed as they grew up. She only wished she had done a little more changing. She still barely filled out her A-cup bras.

"And what would I need medicine for?" she asked, responding to his earlier remark, propping her elbow on the table in front of her and resting her chin in her hand.

Kiba's wolfish grin widened.

"For having a giant stick up your ass."

If Sakura had been drinking her drink at the moment, she probably would have spit it all over him. Instead, she was left sputtering, too shocked at his boldness to respond with biting words or an equally painful punch.

"Don't deny it. You know it's true," Kiba laughed, apparently having no sense of self-preservation at all. "You hide behind those hospital walls all day and stay at home at night. The only time anybody sees you is when they get hurt."

Sakura opened her mouth to argue but found she had nothing to say to that.

"I'm glad you're here. You could use a night out like this," he added between large swigs of his white Russian. "And I happen to know another cure for your condition."

"Oh really? And what would that be Doctor Kiba?" Sakura said irritably, not bothering to hide the sarcasm in her voice now that she had recovered from his previous jab.

Kiba set down his drink and stood abruptly, holding out his hand to her.


Sakura looked at his outstretched hand and then his face blankly.

"I don't dance," she said shortly.

"I know," he grinned. "Because it's fun and you don't do anything fun, but we're going to change that. It will be good for you."

Sakura wondered just when he had become the authority on what was or wasn't good for her and just continued to look at him irritably.

"I don't dance," she repeated.

Seeing she wasn't going to give in so easily he leaned forward so he could talk quieter without having to speak over the music.

"Come on Sakura," he persuaded, his voice warm and inviting as he searched her jade eyes with his own darker ones. "There's no need to be scared."

The kunoichi crossed her arms defiantly, making it clear she wasn't going to accept his invitation.

"I'm not scared," she huffed. "I just…"

"You just…?" he prompted.

"I…don't know how," Sakura finished lamely, turning her head away.

It was true. She had never really had the occasion to dance with all her training and studies taking up all her time, and the few times she had tried she felt awkward and silly so she had given up on the whole thing. She was sure that Kiba would laugh at her now but instead his hand found hers, tugging it away from its crossed position.

"Anybody can dance," he said firmly. "It's like breathing. It's natural. Just let your instincts take over and you'll be fine."

Sakura was about to tell him that she had no instincts when it came to this kind of thing, but she was already following after him to the crowded dance floor.

He sure was good at making her do things she didn't want to do. If Kiba every decided to be a ladykiller, women everywhere would be in serious trouble.

Once they were suitably immersed in the sea of dancing bodies, the Dog Nin released her wrist and turned to face her.

"All right Sakura, show me what you've got."

She thought she had made it clear that she didn't have anything but he didn't seem to care as he began to move to the pulsating beat. He made it look so easy, his body finding the rhythm instantly. She on the other hand felt awkward and out of place as she made a vain attempt to humor him. She moved stiffly with the music, feeling like a fool as she tried to coordinate her arms and legs in some semblance of dance.

Kiba was smiling. He was laughing at her! Did he drag her out here and humiliate her just so he could be entertained? Sakura's patience was wearing dangerously thin and she was ready to turn on her heel and leave him without another word when he stepped in closer.

"You're thinking too much," he said. "I've seen you spar with people and you're the most graceful thing that ever lived, but that's because you trust your instincts. Do the same now."

Sakura didn't know what he was talking about. Dancing and fighting were two different things. There was no enemy to fight, no weapons to deflect. Why would she need instincts to dance?

He clearly picked up on her confused look because he stopped dancing and reached out to her.

"Here, I'll show you."

Sakura quickly found herself pressed against him, her back flush against his chest and his breath stirring the hairs at the back of her neck.

"Kiba…" she began, squirming to get away, embarrassed and a little uncomfortable with their position.

"Chill out, just trust me," he growled, his lips moving so close to her ear that she could feel the warmth of his breath with every word. His hands came to rest gently on her hips and she stiffened, every ounce of her wanting to take the offensive and knock the man behind her into next week. She never let anybody get this close to her.

"Relax," he murmured. "You're much too tense to dance."

That was easier said than done, but Sakura forced her muscles to slacken and lowered her guard slightly, knowing he would feel the change against him.

"Good," he said. "Now, move how I move."

The hands on her hips guided her as he began to move his pelvis back and forth behind her to the beat. The pressure of his fingers kept them in sync and Sakura was suddenly feeling a little unsure about the way Kiba was moving behind her. Their pelvises were swinging back and forth in unison, staying in time with the music and though Sakura was moving with ease in a way that would have previously been hard for her, she couldn't help but feel like this whole thing was a little too…intimate.

"There you go," he breathed before she could think about running away from him. "See? It's not so hard."

The kunoichi maintained the established rhythm even after his hands left her hips and moved to entwine with her own fingers, taking them from where they hung awkwardly in front of her to stretch them straight over her head. He let his hands disengage from her fingers and slid his palms down her arms until he came to rest on her shoulders lightly. Sakura, who wasn't about to reach toward the ceiling all night, let her arms bend and loop loosely around Kiba's neck. She still wasn't sure about this but it somehow seemed to be getting easier. She could keep the beat now. The heavy base rumbling through her, making it nearly impossible to move any other way except in time with the steady throb and she wondered why she always had a hard time finding the rhythm when it seemed so obvious with Kiba.

"Good. Let your instincts lead," he growled against her ear and Sakura was suddenly aware of his body heat radiating against her. His hands were on her sides now, large fingers splaying over her narrow waist and urging her to move in ways that she had never explored.

She was a little unsure, but for the first time that night, she was beginning to enjoy herself a bit. The situation was strange and yet she found moving this way to be oddly liberating and soon forgot that she had come with Ino at all for the only thing she was focused on was Kiba.

With the vibrations of the bass rippling through her, she concentrated on relaxing and letting go. It seemed odd that she was letting this happen so easily for moments ago she had been so opposed to this but Kiba was a person she trusted and it was becoming more and more apparent that he was right. Maybe a drink and some dancing were doing her some good. It felt nice to not worry about anything but the sound of the music encompassing them and the slide of his hands over her sides. His touches simply guided her body in a series of movements. There was no promise behind his caresses, no desire for more, but somehow, she couldn't help but notice sensual undertones in what they were doing.

Kiba chuckled in her ear and she was about to ask him what was so fun when suddenly she was spinning away from him before returning, this time face him and she brought her hands up to brace against his chest in surprise.

"See? You can dance," Kiba smiled, lowering his head to speak against her ear.

Sakura rolled her eyes.

"But not very well."

Kiba's dark eyes looked down into hers as his hands found purchase once again on her hips and Sakura realized he had grown quite handsome somewhere along the line.

"Don't bring yourself down," he chided. "Just move. That's all that matters."

When she still looked skeptical, he wrapped his fingers gently around a slender wrist and guided it over his shoulder were it rested at the back of his neck. The current song blended into the next and the beat shifted to a slower tempo. Kiba's body adjusted accordingly and Sakura found she was able to follow him. Her hips kept time as his hand slid down her back and Sakura couldn't help but enjoy herself. It was nice to have a little human contact aside from holding the hands of sick patients or poking and prodding others during examinations. Kiba's touch was harmless and unassuming and so she let him run his hands over the back and sides of her black tank top.

"I don't think I told you how nice you look tonight," Kiba murmured, looking down at her with a sly smile.

"Thanks, it wasn't my choice," Sakura sighed.

"Ino?" he laughed, brushing a slightly sweaty wisp of pink hair away from her face.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"I ran into her earlier and she told me. Besides, that skirt doesn't seem like something you would normally wear, even though it makes your legs look fantastic."

Sakura narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Are you hitting on me?" she said sternly.

As nice as it was to be admired, she wouldn't tolerate cheesy pick up lines and empty compliments.

"That depends," he laughed. "Are you going to hit me for it?"

His good humor was contagious and Sakura found herself smiling in spite of herself.

"No, I suppose I'll let you get away with it, but just for tonight."

Kiba cocked his head and if he had had dog ears, Sakura would have sword they would have perked up.

"Oh really? What else are you going to let me get away with?"

"Don't push your luck," she frowned and Kiba laughed again, surprising her by wrapping her in a hug and nuzzling her hair with his nose.

"I'm glad I ran into you tonight. I'm having a lot of fun."

Sakura couldn't help but agree as he spun her out again.

The music changed and so did Kiba's movement. The pulse was lower, darker, and Kiba mirrored that in how he danced. His hands strayed to her hips once more and urged her to move with him but she gasped when his hands slipped over her rear and pressed her close to him.

She could feel his pelvis moving against hers rhythmically in a steady beat and for the first time she realized how similar the motion was to another act. Now his advice about using his instincts made sense. Kiba's whole clan was driven by a primal animal instinct so it made sense that when he danced, he was tapping into it even then.

"Kiba?" to said uncertainly, feeling the shift in the mood between them.

"Hmm?" he rasped against her ear. The hot air washing over her made a shiver run down her spine and she nearly squealed when the hand on her ass squeezed a little.

Although she was already sweaty from dancing, she felt her internal temperature spike as their bodies rubbed against one another. She wasn't sure what she was trying to tell Kiba but their dancing had definitely changed and she wasn't sure if she liked it or not.

His hands dipped lower to the edge of her skirt to brush against the back of her legs and for one moment, Sakura thought he was going to slide them underneath the material. But then the hands were gone and back on her waist and Kiba had a sheepish grin on his face.

"Sorry, I got kind of carried away."

For some odd reason, Sakura was a little disappointed that he had moved his hands because having them rest on her bare skin had felt quite good. She realized she had enjoyed him grabbing her ass and quickly ducked her head against his chest before he had the chance to see the blush warming her cheeks.

"Sakura? What is it?" Kiba asked, wondering why she was so shy all of a sudden when his sensitive nose picked a new scent out of hundreds of others. It was sharp and musky and positively delicious.

And it was coming from Sakura.

It was still faint but it was definitely there. Apparently his slip up had aroused her just a little. Kiba wasn't sure what to do. Sakura was practically untouchable. She never let anybody close to her like this at least from what he could see and he was pretty sure the only action she ever got were her own fingers, assuming she was even that kind of girl. Maybe she could use a dose of a third kind of medicine for her stick-up-the-ass condition, one he hadn't previously mentioned in order to keep her from murdering him on the spot.

Experimentally, he ran his hand over her ass again and she shivered almost imperceptibly, face still buried in his chest. Slyly, he took a step to the side, forcing her to follow him and spread her legs. He slipped his leg between her parted thighs and continued moving his hips to the beat, knowing full well that every motion was dragging his thigh over her center.

Sakura gasped and looked up at him with wide eyes. She was about to say something but he just pressed a finger to her lips gently to silence her while the other returned to her ass, coaxing her hips to grind with him.

Sakura would have almost certainly knocked him senseless if it didn't feel so damned good. The pleasant friction again her tender center was rapidly increasing the heat within her and something was coiling in the pit of her stomach like a spring being slowly compressed. She felt her panties grow damp and her blush deepened. Oh god, he must think she was some sort of slut. She ducked her head again, unable to look at him.

He heard her whimper against him and detected her scent growing thick and needy. She was shyly moving her hips in time with the beat, rubbing sensuously against his leg but to anyone else, it appeared they were still simply dancing.

She smelled amazing and was growing responsive, shivering as his hand caressed her neck and back. He could feel her wetness begin to soak through his pants and wanted to groan. She must be drenched judging by the heady aroma enveloping her and he found himself fiercely wanting to haul her off to a bathroom stall and do something about the bulge growing in his pants.

"Sakura," he whispered to her. "Are you ok?"

She nodded but didn't lift her head.

Gently, he entwined his fingers in her hair and pulled, forcing her to look at him and he felt his stomach clench at her flushed face and parted lips. She was panting heavily but not because of their dancing, and her green eyes were heavy lidded and clouded with need.

He had never seen her look so beautiful. He never had the desire to screw her senseless as he did now either.

But he wouldn't do that, not now, not so soon with a good girl like Sakura, but he knew she needed something more than just his thigh to grind on. He wouldn't leave her hanging.

"Sakura," he repeated, his voice low and raspy but still audible over the music.

"I…I'm hot," she practically whimpered. "Maybe I should go."

She brought her hands to his chest like she was going to push him away but he wouldn't let her slip from him so easily.

A predatory smirk formed on his lips.

"You don't really want to go do you? Your instincts are telling you to stay."

It was true. Ever cell in her body wanted her to stay with him, to keep feeling his hard body against her and that wonderful friction over her womanhood.

She didn't say anything but nodded shyly and Kiba chuckled.

"Don't be shy. I'll take care of you," he reassured, letting the hand not on her ass slide between their bodies as he removed his thigh. She whined at the loss but jade eyes widened as she felt his fingers brush over the soaked material of her panties.

"Is this ok?" he breathed down to her as his thumb stroked over her, tracing her slit.

Her lips parted in a silent cry as she shivered, the muscles of her womb contracting sharply at the contact, forcing that coiled spring in her to wind tighter.

"But…here? All these people…"

"I promise nobody will even notice. Just keep pretending like you're dancing."

It was true, everyone around them seemed totally caught up in their own world, but still, Sakura had never been touched this intimately in a public place.


"Shh. I have a feeling it's been a long time since you had one. You need one right now don't you."

Sakura didn't answer, too embarrassed to say it had been months since her last orgasm, but his finger rubbing maddening circles over her clit erased all thought and her hands fisted in his shirt desperately.

Kiba watched her heatedly as he felt the hard ball of tissue under his finger throb even through the fabric of her panties. She was completely soaked and her smell was overwhelming. He knew if anyone around them had a nose half as sensitive as he, they would pick up on her desire too but at the moment, Kiba didn't care. He was too caught up with rubbing her in ways that made her shiver and squirm against him, but very soon he grew tired of the fabric barrier separating them.

He slipped his finger under her panties a fraction of an inch and felt her tense. He met her lust filled gaze and whispered, "Is this ok?"

She nodded breathlessly but Kiba wasn't convinced.

"Sakura, are you sure?"

"Yes, just do it already!" she moaned and Kiba felt his cock twitch with his pants at the need in her voice.

Without wasting any more time, he eased his finger under her panties and straight into her molten core, groaning aloud at how incredibly wet she was. She was blazing hot and her inner muscles gripped him instantly and fluttered around him, making him imagine how exquisite she would feel if he had her in his bed, naked and spread wide for him.

"Wow…Sakura…" he murmured as he started to pull his finger out only to have her muscles suction him back inside. "You feel fucking amazing. You want this bad don't you?"

She didn't respond, just titled her hips forward in a silent plea for him to get on with it and he complied, building a stead rhythm that matched the beat throbbing through them. Sakura began to buck in time, sheathing his finger within her deeply on every other beat, but her thrusting hips could have easily been mistaken for a couple simply grinding to the music. It was her face that gave her away.

She was moaning softly so the music would cover up her sounds of pleasure, but her parted lips and eyes glazed with lust told Kiba just how much she was enjoying this.

He slid especially deep within her and let his thumb tease the swollen bundle of nerves above her opening and was immediately rewards with her crying out softly and clenching around him fiercely.

"You like that?" he growled, even though he already knew she did and continued to rub circles around her clit while stroking deep within her.

She was so wet he could feel drops of her moisture running down his hand but he wasn't about to stop, not when her scent was so overwhelming and her look of ecstasy so divine. The beat of the next song was faster and he matched the tempo, speeding up his pistoning fingers and making her whole body tremble against him.

"Kiba," she moaned, her voice raising an octave as she contracted tighter around him.

Her legs were shaking and she would be in danger of sinking to the floor soon when she could no longer hold herself up. Deftly, he pushed his finger in as deep as it would go and crooked it back toward himself as if he were beckoning her as his thumb continued to dance over clit.

Sakura managed to keep from screaming but her mouth fell open and her eyes drifted shut as she finally blew apart, the coil within her snapping and springing free.

Her breath was stolen away as feminine muscles contracted rhythmically, flexing along his finger as hot moisture leaked from her, running down her legs to leave sticky trails in their wake.

Kiba watched her with pride and fascination. She looked so damned gorgeous when she came and it was a pity that pretty face was most often seen by the infirmed when he was perfectly willing to spend time with her whenever she was free.

He had a nearly unbearable urge to dip his head and taste those parted pink lips but that would draw attention to them and besides, he wasn't sure if she would appreciate it. Instead, he just held her close, supporting her weight with an arm around her waist when her own legs gave out like he knew they would and stroked her back soothingly as she came down from her high.

When her eyes at last fluttered open, she smiled dreamily at him in a way only complete satisfaction could produce.

"Wow…" was all she could manage.

"Wow indeed," he smiled back, slipping his finger free from her blazing core and bringing it up to his face to examine. The digit was glistening with her juices and smelled overwhelmingly like Sakura. He couldn't resist the temptation and slipped it into his mouth, sucking it clean of her sweet nectar and loving how the act made her shy away in embarrassment. Her taste was amazing and he longed for more but he obviously couldn't drink his fill here. Even though he had promised himself he would take things no farther than bringing her to a single climax, he longed to have her in his bed and take his time with every part of the lovely medic.

"Sakura," he began, his voice even rougher thanks to his own desire. "If you're not busy tonight, there's more where that came from if you're interested."

Sakura's smile was abruptly wiped away and she stared hard at him, noticing how his eyes reflected the many colored lights shifting over the crowd. He was quite striking and undoubtedly handsome. He was skilled with his hands and probably other body parts too and she wondered what he would do to her if they moved to a location where he could make full use of them.

Then again, she had never been a one night stand kind of woman. In fact, she had never had one before and she wasn't sure if it was a good idea to start now with a man that could quite possibly end up on a mission with her some day.

But god, she wanted it!

"I…well, I wasn't planning for this to happen," she stuttered lamely. "I'm not like this, not really, and I don't want you to think…"

"I don't think you're a slut if that's what you're afraid of," Kiba said, swaying with her gently to the music as he held her. "I just want to have fun with you. We don't have to make it complicated. We can just…"

"Use our instincts?" Sakura finished for him with a smile.

"Yeah," he grinned, flashing her that canine smile once again.

"Ok," Sakura agreed, deciding for once in her life to have a little fun even if it meant doing something that might be wrong and a little naughty. "Lead the way."

Kiba didn't need to be told twice as he grabbed her hand and made a bee line for the exit and she laughed at his eagerness, loving the way it felt to be desired.

Neither of them noticed the blonde sitting at one of the booths, her mouth agape after what she had just witnessed, her empty martini glass dangling from her fingers. She never would have guessed that Sakura had the guts to go home with anyone tonight, let alone the youngest member of the Inuzuka clan. Then again, after his performance on the dance floor, Ino was sure Kiba could have his pick of pretty much anyone after proving how talented his fingers were. She had never seen Sakura make a face like that before.

With renewed determination, she headed toward the bar to see if she could coax another man into her buying her a drink. If she chose carefully, maybe Sakura wouldn't be the only one getting pleasured tonight.