Written for the naruto_contest com at lj since they are doing something cool this week. The last line of the previous entry must be the first line of the next.

The Things We Do For Friendship

"Don't worry, I'm scared too," Sai whispered so Sakura wouldn't overhear. Although they had volunteered to taste Sakura's cooking, they hadn't realized just how lacking she was in the domesticated skills department.

Sai's response wasn't the most reassuring thing Naruto could have heard as he stared at the mysterious burnt substance on his plate. He swallowed nervously and picked up his chopsticks.

"Enjoy," Sakura beamed, looking adorable in the cooking apron she had tied over her normal shinobi attire, but Naruto and Sai both knew that smile could be replaced by a fist hurtling at their faces if they did anything to offend her.

Together, the boys dipped their chopsticks into the burnt mass and broke off a piece, finding it to be astonishingly orange inside. Perhaps the substance had been sweet potatoes at one time before Sakura got a hold of them.

Shutting his eyes, Naruto raised his chopsticks to his lips. Although his brain warned him that if he knew what was good for him, he would put down the chopsticks and walk away, his adoration for Sakura spurred him on and he opened his mouth and placed the products of her cooking endeavor inside.

To say it was bad would have been an understatement, and Naruto struggled to fight his gag reflex as he swallowed. Beside him, Sai did the same, although years of cultivating his poker face in ROOT proved advantageous.

"So, how is it?" Sakura asked hopefully, oblivious to their pain.

"Wonderful," Sai managed, giving her his patented smile. Naruto could only nod in agreement, hoping he wasn't turning green because he suddenly felt quite ill.

"Great!" she exclaimed, heaping even more of the horrible stuff onto their plates.

Naruto inwardly groaned.

All of this had to be good for at least one date, right?